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What Is Coding Used For? A Programming Primer

As technology grows increasingly relevant in our daily lives, more and more people are choosing to gain programming skills. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 15 percent increase in computer and IT jobs over the next decade. But if you are new to the tech scene, you might be asking yourself: what does coding do? What is coding used for in different fields? 

This article will discuss the purpose of coding to help you understand why it is so important in careers throughout the tech industry. We will discuss what you can do with coding and what languages you should focus on depending on your professional goals and interests.

What Is the Purpose of Coding?

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With coding, you can do everything from processing huge amounts of data to creating attractive and functional websites.

The purpose of coding is to provide computers with instructions on what actions to perform and when to complete tasks. This set of instructions is what allows programmers to create programs like websites, computer games, and mobile applications.

What Is Coding Used For?

Coding is used in nearly every field of technology, but that doesn’t mean that it is always applied in the same way. We will discuss what coding can do in various specializations below to give you an idea of how diverse coding skills can be. 

Web Development

In web development, the purpose of coding is to create a functioning and interactive web page that connects seamlessly with backend servers and databases. This requires two unique skillsets. Front end developers focus on the user-facing portion of the website while backend developers take care of the server side. Full stack developers are capable of doing both. 

JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are coding languages used for websites, especially by front end developers. These languages allow developers to create the structure of a website and add interactive elements like icons and various forms of media. Whether you pick up your developer training via self-study or a coding bootcamp, you will likely start with these three languages. 

Mobile Development

Coding performs similar tasks in mobile development, though developers in this field focus on applications that run on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Coding languages like Objective-C, Swift, Java, and C++ allow mobile developers to create apps that work on a wide range of devices and operating systems. 

Game Development

What you can do with coding in game development is constantly expanding as technologies grow more advanced. The exact languages and skills you use will depend on the operating system and type of game, but coding can be used for everything from making a character move to generating entire worlds. 

C++, C#, JavaScript, and Java are coding languages used for games, but this list is not exhaustive. If you want to create games for Apple devices, you will likely need to learn Objective-C and Swift. 

Database Engineering

The purpose of coding in database engineering is to design, operate, and maintain databases that are capable of storing large amounts of data. Companies depend on data to stay informed about their clients, the market in general, and how to create and improve needed products and services. Databases keep information organized, stored, and secure.

Perhaps the most important programming language used by database engineers is SQL, which allows programmers to insert, delete, modify, and retrieve data. Gaining familiarity with C++, Perl, PHP, and Python can also be helpful in this field. 

App Development

According to Statista, the number of mobile apps downloaded worldwide in 2022 exceeded 250 billion. Behind each of these apps is a team of developers that created the code required to make these programs run. JavaScript, Kotlin, C++, and Python are among the top coding languages used for app development.

In app development, the programming languages you will be using vary depending on the operating system. Swift and Objective-C are coding languages used for iOS apps, while Java, Kotlin, and C/C++ are coding languages used for Android apps. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence allows computer programs to simulate human problem-solving and creativity. Coding is an essential aspect of artificial intelligence in various ways. For example, Python is one coding language used for AI because it allows programs to quickly analyze large amounts of data. Scala, Lisp, and Java are additional languages that developers use to allow computers to learn independently. 

Cyber Security

In cyber security, coding is used to analyze patterns to identify hackers, solve security vulnerabilities, and quickly detect security breaches. Developers often attempt to hack their own programs and systems to identify potential weaknesses, which requires languages like C++. Some additional languages used by cyber security professionals include Java, Python, and SQL. 


Robots are designed to perform specific functions, which requires a set of detailed instructions in the form of source code written by programmers. Without coding, robots are unable to interpret information and respond with the right task. C++ is a coding language used for robots, along with Java and Python. 

Virtual Reality

What coding can do in virtual reality is still being explored, as this is a relatively new technology, but it is an essential aspect of recreating environments in 3D. Coding is what allows computers to generate 3D images and it enables users to interact with these simulations using special equipment. According to Statista, JavaScript, Python, and Java are the most common coding languages used for VR.  


Blockchain is a system for recording information that is especially difficult to hack or change. Coding allows programmers to interact with the Blockchain ecosystem, such as by connecting their applications to blockchain networks. Python, JavaScript, and Clojure are common coding languages used for Blockchain projects. 

What Is Coding Used For in Everyday Life?

Coding is used for countless aspects of everyday life, from electronic devices to cars and traffic lights. Smart TVs, calculators, and many other forms of modern technology use internal coding systems. In just a few weeks of practice, you can master the basics of your first coding language and improve your understanding of how the devices you rely on function. 

What Is Coding Used For? FAQ

What is medical coding used for?

Medical coding is used to translate patient records into information and data that insurance companies can easily analyze so they know how much to reimburse providers. It is also used to gather information about new treatments and procedures. 

What are the benefits of coding?

The benefits of coding go beyond the ability to create websites and applications. Developing in-demand coding skills can help you progress in your career, as well as improve your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

What is the most used programming language?

The most used programming language among developers is JavaScript, according to the Stack Overflow annual survey. Other languages that top the list include HTML/CSS, SQL, Python, and Java. HTML/CSS is the most common language among complete beginners. 

What is the easiest coding language to learn?

Some of the easiest coding languages to learn include HTML, CSS, and Python. Python is one of the most used programming languages in a variety of fields and is accessible to beginners because of its simple syntax that reads like the English language. 

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