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What Is a Responsive Web Design?

Web designing is important to be able to create a website that is both attractive and functional. That is why many businesses hire web design Singapore agencies to do the job for them. These website design Singapore firms are experts in creating eCommerce websites that can attract buyers by just looking at the design. However, what is most important is that the web design Singapore business is able to create a responsive web design. 

A responsive web design isn’t just any ordinary website design. It is more than a website design Singapore trend, contrary to what most people think. In this article, we’ll talk about what a responsive web design is. We will also tackle the basic principles of a responsive web design and why we need it for an eCommerce website.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is defined as the process of creating a website design that will respond well on any device. This means that whatever screen size is used to view the web page, the responsive web design will easily morph to that size. This type of design will enable users to seamlessly navigate the website on any electronic device. This is essential nowadays because most consumers use their smartphones in viewing their web searches. Therefore, a responsive web design will give the user a good optimal experience while visiting the website. 

The basic responsive web design principles

Principle #1 – Fluid grids

The first principle in a responsive web design is fluid grids. Fluid grids work just like any other design grid. The difference is that the fluid grids use relative units of measurements. This enables them to resize based on the screen size the website is being viewed. This is more preferable because a typical web design Singapore grid uses fixed measurement units. This has the tendency to distort the webpage if viewed on a smaller screen.

Principle #2 – Responsive media

Web design Singapore companies use multimedia elements such as images and videos to make the website more engaging. For that reason, it is also essential that multimedia files are resizable. Thus, this makes responsive media a basic principle of responsive web design. There are web design Singapore developers integrate image dimension directly on the CSS stylesheet. However, this will result in a fixed measurement of the dimension making it unresizable.

The best way to create a responsive media is by using a max-width property. A good web design Singapore developer knows how to use the max-width property. Typically, they set it at 100% to ensure that the multimedia files will not exceed their allotted dimension space on the web page.

Principle #3 – Media queries

Media queries is another basic principle of a responsive web design. This is also used in multimedia elements but it is more specific than responsive media. Media queries is a process of gathering data to help them identify the screen size and load the appropriate CSS styles. 

However, there are cases that media queries will not work. That is because there are devices that cannot determine the website’s width. In this scenario, a viewport meta tag is used. The viewport meta tag will either give an initial scale of height or a width value that is set to 1. This can be further explained to you by an experienced website design Singapore team.

Why need a responsive web design?

Reason #1 – Better website usage

A regular web design will force visitors to zoom in and scroll in all directions just to clearly see the content. This type of web design will easily tire the visitors. As a result, they will not get the best user experience and switch to a more user-friendly website. That won’t be the case if the website has a responsive web design. 

A responsive web design will help the visitor navigate the website with ease. They can transfer from one page to another with the web contents still intact. As a result, visitors tend to stay longer on the website and enjoy the content that it offers. Therefore, it is best recommended to hire a good Singapore web designer to do this for you. 

Reason #2 – More mobile-user visitors

Most of the world’s website traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices. These mobile devices come in various screen sizes. With the help of a responsive web design, your website can morph into any screen size without distorting the web page and its content. Furthermore, consumers nowadays use their mobile phones to make purchases. That is why businesses need website design Singapore experts who can create a responsive eCommerce web design. That is so that consumers will not move out of the website. 

Reason #3 – Faster loading time

The biggest issue about incorporating multimedia in a website is that they make the web page loading time slower. As a result, users get annoyed of waiting and will cause them to leave the website. However, if the website has a responsive web design, that will not be a problem. A responsive web design will not only load the pages fast but also let the users view the images and watch the videos with ease.

Reason #4 – Higher conversion rates

An eCommerce website should not be only getting lots of web page visitors. They should also be getting lots of online buyers. A responsive web design can turn visitors into buyers. That is because a responsive web design can make the web pages mobile-friendly. Thus, consumers will have no problem in filling out forms and responding to call-to-action articles. 

Reason #5 – Higher SEO ranking

A well-designed website is not profitable if no one can see it. That is why SEO ranking is important. To get a high ranking on search engines, a website should be responsive. After all, website responsiveness is one of the factors search engines use to rank websites. Thus, make sure that your responsive web design also includes SEO-friendliness.

Want a responsive web design?

Based on what you have read, a responsive web design is important in any type of website. This is so that many visitors can access your content and products even on their phones. As a result, you will be able to get the conversions you want for your website. Do you want your website to have a responsive web design? Adolet can help you. Just head to our contact page to learn more.  

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