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A Five-Step Web Design Process for Optimal Workflow

When designing a website, one of the key objectives is to have optimal business workflow and achieve more with less. And to realize that feat, you must first engage in intelligent planning for the project and break it down into smaller feasible steps for successful execution.  Though different web designers have different approaches to their work, there are absolute minimums that

Front End vs Back-End Web Developers: Which Developer Job Is Right for You?

In today’s economy, you need web development to make your voice heard, your brand seen, and your objectives fulfilled. But you cannot do any of this without knowing the differences between front end vs back-end web developers. Basically, front end developers work with the parts of a website that users see, whereas back-end developers work under the hood to keep the

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Three Levels of Don Norman Emotional Design: Why Designers Should Understand Them

Don Norman emotional design theories teach us about how designers create products that impact people’s feelings and willingness. To be an excellent designer, it is not enough to learn how our users react, but we must understand why. Why are some users entertained by our services, while others are not? Why do some people share their good experiences while others do

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Learn JavaScript: Take the First Step to Become a Web Developer

Every time you view a website that shows you more than just static text on the page, you can assume that JavaScript is playing a part. By learning JavaScript, you can create everything from interactive maps to 2D and 3D graphics or pop-up videos.  This programming language is the framework that holds up most of the colorful, entertaining world of the

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Freelance Web Developer Salary: How Much Does a Website Designer Make?

For any business, new or old, a website is an essential tool to reach customers. A business is represented by its website, and it is important to make a good first impression. With businesses eager to expand their online presence, many are making websites their top priority.  This is where web developers come in. A web developer’s job is to create

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The Evolution Of A Company’s Digital Transformation

While most companies have a web presence, many tend to underestimate its importance. Soon, they end up with an incredibly outdated one that fails to communicate effectively the company’s message to its prospects. Just as fashion and house trends constantly change and evolve, so do websites and the needs of their audiences.  An outdated website will fail to satisfy its audience,


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