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Best Web Development Events to Learn and Get Support

Web development events might just be what you need to ramp up your professional development. Many web development conferences out there are a valuable way to improve your skills, expand your network, and advance your career. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for web development professionals will rise by 13 percent between 2020 and 2030. With this projected growth, now is the best time to join the best web development events to help you achieve your career goals.

What Are Web Development Events?

Web development events are organized by tech companies and institutions to promote web development, discuss new ideas, and contribute best practices to the web development field. To meet these objectives, different events take place in-person and virtually, such as meetups, conferences, and competitions. Below are two highly common types of web development events.

Web Development Conferences

Web development conferences are events that typically last between a day and a week. The best web development conferences focus on a theme and often happen recurrently since they’re in-demand. They can also happen online and in a hybrid format to encourage a broader audience. In a conference, attendees usually pay for a ticket and learn from industry experts.

Web Development Meetups

Web development meetups let web developers and industry professionals come together and discuss their topics of interest, such as website applications or security best practices. These are smaller meetings that offer web developers the opportunity to have in-depth conversations. Meetups are more intimate gatherings than conferences.

Benefits of Attending Web Development Events, Conferences, or Meetups

Many web development events include workshops, hands-on learning activities, interactive presentations, and even research presentations. In addition to the learning experiences you’ll get from participating in web development events, you’ll enjoy many opportunities to network and meet other professionals in your field. The following are some of the key gains you’ll have.

  • Fast-tracks your professional development. In events, experienced professionals and veterans share their insights about their day-to-day. The exchange of ideas elevates everyone and develops your career and the entirety of the web development profession.
  • Keeps yourself updated on the latest trends. You can see where the industry is at right now and where it is going. All the latest developments and trends are at the center of every event to help everyone better understand them.
  • Grows your network. Attending events gives you plenty of ways to connect with your peers. Plus, you can learn of new opportunities and network with key industry figures. You’ll get exposure to the best companies and may even find your dream employer.
  • Gives you a source of inspiration. You’ll get to know the success stories of the industry and be inspired by their journey. You can learn about the latest developments and technologies, and be amazed by how they can change the world radically.

Best Web Development Events, Conferences, and Meetups: 2022 List

Event Dates Location Type of Event Registration Fee
Gatsby Conf March 2 – 3 Online Conference Free
The Big Elixir March 24 – 25 New Orleans, LA Conference $499
Devnexus April 12 – 14 Atlanta, GA Conference $400 – $725
React Conference April 18 – 19 Miami, FL Conference $599 – $899
An Event Apart April 18 – 20 Online Summit $325 – $950
PyCon US April 27 – May 3 Salt Lake City, UT and online Conference $100 – $1200
C++Now May 1 – 6 Aspen, CO Conference Registration is not open yet
{Future}Stack May 17 – 19 Las Vegas, NV Conference $499 – $899
JS Nation Conference June 20 Online Conference $90
Dutch PHP June 24 Online Conference Free

Best Web Development Conferences, Meetups, and Events in 2022: Details

If being active in the professional community and participating in web development events is one of your goals this year, read below to learn about the best web development conferences in 2022. They are the world’s largest tech conferences offered in multiple locations. Virtual conferences also make it really easy to benefit from these events and meetups regardless of location.

Gatsby Conf | March 2 – 3

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: Free

Gatsby users come together in this virtual event to enhance their skills with one day of conference talks and full-day workshops. Gatsby is a framework for building and deploying headless websites. You’ll have many networking opportunities with fellow developers and hear about all the new upcoming feature releases first. Upon registration, you’ll be automatically eligible to win raffle prizes from brands building with Gatsby.

The Big Elixir | March 24 – 25

  • Location(s): New Orleans, LA
  • Cost of Registration: $499

The Big Elixir will feature a dozen talks on the Phoenix LiveView library in the Elixir programming language, as LiveView gains popularity for its tools for web development. Web developers who specialize in Elixir and attend this event will be one step ahead of the competition.

Devnexus | April 12 – 14

  • Location(s): Atlanta, GA
  • Cost of Registration: $400 for early bird group two-day pass, $425 for early bird individual two-day pass, $695 for group three-day workshop/conference pass, $725 for individual three-day workshop/conference pass

Known as the largest Java platform conference in the US, Devnexus lets IT professionals meet backend and full stack engineers who are masters of their craft. It’s a three-day conference that starts with a day of hands-on workshops, followed by keynote presentations. In this event, you’ll deep dive into the developer tools and web developer technologies needed to build web applications.

React Conference | April 18 – 19

  • Location(s): Miami, FL
  • Cost of Registration: $599 for early bird ticket, $899 for regular ticket

The React Miami Conference is held at the Miami Beach Convention Center within the eMerge Americas Conference. Over the course of two days, you can learn from 20 speakers with American Sign Language interpreters. Industry leaders from around the world will share the latest in React, JavaScript, and Web3. Registered attendees will have access to both the React and eMerge Americas conferences.

An Event Apart | April 18 – 20

  • Location (s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: $325 for one-day pass, $650 for two-day pass, $950 for three-day pass

An Event Apart is a UI conference for developers looking to know more about web design. The conference covers topics like digital design, UX, content creation, and coding. There are 15 sessions with experienced industry leaders ready to provide deep insights. This is an online event for a diverse audience who are digital professionals in the tech industry.

PyCon US | April 27 – May 3 

  • Location(s): Salt Lake City, UT and online
  • Cost of Registration: $100 for student and online only, $400 for individual, $700 for corporate patron online only, $1200 for patron in-person

PyCon is the largest yearly gathering of Python users produced by the Python Software Foundation (PSF). This year will be a hybrid event and a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of it wherever you are. 

The conference offers tutorials, a job fair, a main conference, and breakout sessions. With all these activities lined up for learning more about Python, this will be a memorable experience of networking and socializing for web developers.

C++Now | May 1 – 6 

  • Location(s): Aspen, CO
  • Cost of Registration: Registration is not open yet

The main venue for the C++Now conference will be the Aspen Center for Physics. The program hasn’t been confirmed, and registrations haven’t opened yet. However, if you’re a developer specializing in C++, this is a perfect event for you as it’s known to beef up its program with C++ activities in the past. Just keep on checking for updates on their announcements page if you plan to attend this event.

{Future}Stack | May 17 – 19 

  • Location(s): Las Vegas, NV
  • Cost of Registration:  $499 for super early bird until April 1, $699 for early bird pricing until April 30, $899 for regular pricing

The {Future}Stack event is mainly sponsored by New Relic, a San Francisco-based tech firm. The event will have engineers and developers share their insights and best practices for building and running great software with data. You’ll be able to improve your observation and critical thinking skills through the insightful sessions and research presentations. 

JSNation Conference | June 20

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: $90

The conference offers online workshops, talks, and discussions on the programming language of JavaScript (JS). Through this event, JS developers all over the world will get ideas on how to grow their careers. You’ll also learn more about applying the best industry practices. The live event will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on June 16, while the online streaming will happen on June 20.

Dutch PHP | June 24

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: Free

The Dutch PHP Conference is a tech conference focused on mobile and web development related to PHP programming. This year, it will be a free virtual experience, where global speakers will share their insights. Developers of every level who build for mobile browsers will benefit from brushing up their knowledge through this event.

Should I Attend Web Development Events in 2022? 

Yes, attending a web development event this 2022 will be a good chance to learn and be inspired professionally. These conferences and meetups will give you the opportunity to develop ideas, network with other professionals, and get to know industry trends. Many events are now delivered either completely online or in a hybrid format to ensure professional development for all.

Bootcamps are another learning path where you can get similar benefits from attending events. With bootcamps, you don’t just master skills from hands-on training, you also get to network and learn from your peers. So, if you want a more rigorous learning experience, bootcamps are a great option.

Web Development Events FAQ

What happens in web development?

Web development is the process of developing websites and web applications. Web developers design and code web applications to meet client requirements. The process of developing websites also involves designing, testing user experience, and maintaining websites.

What are the types of web development?

The various types of web development include full stack web development, front end web development, and backend web development. 

Is web development in demand?

Yes, web development continues to be an in-demand IT field that is expected to grow over the next decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for these professionals will rise by 13 percent between 2020 and 2030.

What is taught in web development?

Learning web development usually includes HTML and CSS for the design and layout of websites. Web developers also extensively use programming languages like JavaScript, Java, C++, and Python.

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