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Types of Online Teaching Jobs in 2023

Ever since the pandemic hit and completely rattled the way the world functions, our norms and lifestyles have changed entirely. Just like everything else, the education system has also seen a 180-degree flip in order to adapt to the new normal. 

Distant learning through online teaching was the only form of education that was available to learners across the globe for the most part of 2020 and it seems like the strategy is here to stay. Ninety-eight percent of institutions in the US have shifted their on-site classes online. 

If you have been planning to venture out into online teaching jobs and make some extra cash, now is the best time to do so. 

Eight Types of Online Teaching Jobs You Can Do

Elementary to High School Online Teachers 

There has been an increase in demand for online teachers for elementary schooling up to high school, especially since K-12 school systems have made a shift and embraced online schooling to cater to the unprecedented circumstances caused by the pandemic. 

To become an online K-12 teacher, you need at least a bachelor’s degree and some prior experience in teaching. Positions for online teaching can be achieved either directly through government entities or companies that are under a contract with the school system. 

You don’t have to necessarily be employed in order to become a K-12 teacher. There is always an option to become a private online tutor for K-12 students. 

Online Admissions Consultant 

Almost all students applying for college struggle through the application process and the majority of them choose to hire an online admissions consultant to help them through.

An online admissions consultant guides the student through the process of applying to college, aiding them in writing high-quality admissions essays and helping them meet deadlines. 

In most cases, to become an online admissions consultant you need experience working in an admissions committee. 

Online College Teacher 

More online college courses are being offered now than ever before. While some choose to be still stuck in the ‘brick and mortar’ phase, others are choosing to be entirely online. This, along with the current circumstances, has shown a drastic shift to online classes. 

Naturally, the change in dynamics of colleges has resulted in more demand of online college teachers to teach the enrolled students. 

In most cases, an online teaching job at a college requires, at least, a master’s degree. 

There are quite a few variations of online college teaching that you can get into apart from becoming a basic online college teacher. 

You can become an online college teacher’s assistant, part of the online faculty, or an online course instructor.  There is also the option of becoming an online foreign language or ESL college teacher. 

Online Tutoring 

Becoming an online teacher doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be associated with a school or a college; you can simply become an online tutor of the subject you are an expert at. All you need is a webcam, video calling software such as Zoom or Skype, and an online platform such as SoFlo Tutors, where you can apply to become an SAT online tutor.

Woman tutoring online.

The requirements depend entirely on what you plan on teaching. If you plan on becoming an online tutor for college students you’ll need to have a minimum of a master’s degree in the subject you desire to teach. If tutoring high school students is what you have in mind, a bachelor’s degree would also do. 

Even if you are a teacher by trade and employed in a school or college, you can make some extra cash by tutoring online during the evening or during the weekends. 

Online Teacher’s Assistant 

If you think that becoming a full-time teacher is a little overwhelming at the moment, but would still like to put your teaching skills to use and make a little extra cash, registering as an online teacher’s assistant could be a great idea. 

To become a teacher’s assistant at the university-level you will need at least a master’s degree. You are simply required to answer questions posted by students and provide them with a little extra help in regards to their coursework. 

Online Teacher For Corporations 

Another great online teaching opportunity is becoming a virtual trainer or teacher for a company to train or teach their new employees, especially remote workers. This can be quite a challenge so large companies tend to hire specialists rather than just handing over the task to HR. 

Due to the current circumstances, most corporations are in search of online teachers that can train their newly recruited remote employees online.

Applying for an online teaching job at a corporation could be a great idea right now as the demand now is higher than before. In addition, there are quite a few different types of jobs in this sector. Online teaching jobs for corporations include becoming a trainer, instructional designer, online tutor, and professional certification instructor. 

The requirements for the job vary, but, in most cases, you must have professional experience in the sector that you plan on teaching in. 

Online SAT or ACT Tutoring 

Ever since the pandemic hit, high school students have become more drawn toward online SAT and ACT tutors in order to prepare for their tests. 

Man having remote prep session with a student.

If you scored well and have a strong understanding of these tests, you can apply to an SAT and ACT online tutoring company and start making some extra mone

You are simply required to work with students on a one-to-one basis, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and guide them through their test preparation. 

Online Writing Coach 

Writing skills are a necessity no matter what your profession. Unfortunately, these skills are not taught as well as they should be in high schools and colleges. 

If you have a degree in English along with good teaching skills, you should definitely consider becoming an online writing coach. 

The job description of an online writing coach is to simply help students and clients brush up on their writing skills through virtual means. 

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