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Top Five Tips for Working Remotely

If you’re lucky, you’ve been allowed or even encouraged to work from home during the pandemic. It is potentially lifesaving and wonderful; however, by now, you might be struggling with balancing your work and home life, or worse, floating aimlessly through your weeks still wishing and hoping for an end in sight.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an end in sight, and it’s time to find a way to make the most of your newfound work-from-home life. These five tips from Bootcamp Rankings will help you survive and thrive through the remainder of the pandemic.

1. Set a schedule

You’ve probably been given this advice countless times in your life, but there’s a good reason. Working from home or not, routines are essential for productive lives. If you feel like you’re floating aimlessly around, a schedule might be just the thing that anchors you to the here and now. 

Not only do schedules help you manage your time more effectively and work more efficiently, but they can also reduce anxiety and build self-confidence.  Start by setting a sleep routine and stick to it, even on the weekends. Budget your time to include breaks within your day, along with a beginning and end to your workday.

2. Workout every day

You might not be ready to step back into your gym, and that’s okay! However, a regular exercise routine is critical to your physical and mental health. If you’ve still been putting off getting back into a physical exercise regimen, the start of your new schedule is an excellent place to begin.

Your work-from-home day can accommodate your exercise routine as well. Simply work out before or after work or squeeze it in during one of your breaks. Exercising and getting your blood flow might do wonders for avoiding that 3 p.m. crash that seems to hit even harder at home.

3. Create a workspace you love

Like working out, if you’re putting this off, now’s the time to stop. Working on your laptop at the kitchen table might have worked for the first couple of months. However, as time goes on and we’re still no closer to getting back to the office, it’s time to create a legitimate workspace for yourself.

Not only will you be happier, so will your family. Not to mention it will make setting boundaries, something we’ll talk about in a bit, much easier. Not only should you designate a work area for yourself, but you should also make it somewhere you enjoy being. Natural light, some meaningful wall décor, or even a houseplant can go a long way in making you feel happier in your workspace.

4. Maintain a balanced diet

It’s time to get back on the exercise wagon, and time to get your nutrition back on track. You’re not alone if when your exercise regimen fell off, so did your nutrition. However, you’ve probably noticed a difference in your mental and physical health.

It’s no secret that proper nutrition is key to feeling great and keeping a clear mind. So along with your new routine, your new workspace, and starting an exercise program, click back into your balanced diet.

No one is saying you can’t snack, but make smarter choices for your snacking habits with protein snacks, and make an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables with every meal. You’ll feel much better. 

5. Set boundaries and stick to them

Lastly, but arguably the most essential tip, set boundaries. One of the biggest challenges of working from home comes in setting boundaries – not only with bosses and coworkers but with yourself. Your workday tends to bleed into your home life if you lack clear boundaries. So, when you set your scheduled beginning and end to your workday, stick to them. Work can wait until your scheduled work time. Enjoy your home life in the meantime.

Working from home is a blessing, but sometimes even the biggest blessings can come with their challenges. Working from home is undoubtedly one of those blessings, but following these tips – implementing a schedule and setting a clear workspace with clear boundaries – will help you stop feeling like you’re aimlessly floating through COVID life and start making the most of this time.

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