The 10 Best JavaScript Bootcamps of 2024

JavaScript is an essential tool if you want to become a web developer. According to the 2023 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, JavaScript is currently the most commonly used programming language. The best JavaScript bootcamp programs cover all the real-world knowledge, hard skills, and the tools you need to get a job in tech in under one year.

While some JavaScript online bootcamps focus entirely on JavaScript, most schools include it in a larger curriculum that covers a comprehensive full stack education. In some ways, the best place to learn JavaScript is in a bootcamp, where you’ll also have access to extensive career services as well as hands-on training in the specific skills employers are looking for. Learn all about the best coding JavaScript bootcamps here.

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The 10 Best JS Bootcamps

Because JavaScript is so popular, it is covered in most software development bootcamps, but that doesn’t mean it is a priority in every one. We have gathered a comprehensive list of the best coding bootcamps to take a look at if you are hoping to become a JavaScript expert. Below are our top picks for the best JavaScript bootcamps in 2024.

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Flatiron School

Flatiron School’s software engineering program is one of the best JS bootcamp options for a reason. The school is well-known in the bootcamp space for providing quality education. You can gain practical JavaScript skills and jumpstart a career in 15 weeks.

Flatiron School Key Information
JavaScript Programs Software engineering
Locations Online, Denver, New York
Cost $17,900
Financing Options Upfront payment, private loan, installment plan
Start Dates June 12 (full-time) June 26 (part-time)

With a wealth of different programs and full-time and part-time options, Flatiron School is the best of the best. Their mentors and instructors can teach you what it takes to become a real-world web developer. They can help you build your JavaScript portfolio, create projects, and open different career paths.

You can submit your application online, land an interview, and take some JavaScript prep courses in no time. Flatiron School’s career services include one-on-one coaching and its alumni have gone on to work at companies like Microsoft, Kickstarter, Intel, and Apple.

Fullstack Academy logo

Fullstack Academy

If you want to attend your JavaScript bootcamp online, Fullstack Academy is a school to check out. It is a great place to learn JavaScript because it offers top-rated software engineering courses with flexible scheduling options.

Fullstack Academy Key Information
JavaScript Programs Software Engineering
Locations Online
Cost $19,811 (full-time)
Financing Options Upfront payment, scholarships, personal loans
Start Dates June 12, July 31 (full-time)

Fullstack Academy’s software engineering bootcamp has a focus on JavaScript and its uses in the real world. Fullstack Academy frequently updates its courses and curriculum according to the needs of the tech market.

Not only can Fullstack Academy teach you JavaScript fundamentals, but you can learn other programming languages like CSS, HTML5, and Ruby on Rails. Their full-time program takes place over 16 weeks, and their part-time program is 28 weeks.

General Assembly logo

General Assembly

General Assembly is a diverse coding bootcamp located in almost every major city. If you’re looking for a great in-person coding bootcamp to learn JavaScript, General Assembly might be the one for you.

General Assembly Key Information
JavaScript Programs Software Engineering Immersive, JavaScript Development
Locations Online, New York City, London, Sydney, Singapore, Paris, Manama
Cost $16,450 (software engineering) $4,500 (JavaScript development)
Financing Options Upfront payment, employer sponsorship, private loans, installment plans
Start Dates May 22, June 5, July 10, August 7, September 11 (software engineering) September 11 (JavaScript development)

General Assembly offers two options to students looking to gain JavaScript skills. The full-time software engineering program includes essential JavaScript tools and topics as a part of a comprehensive course designed to turn students into engineers.

The part-time JavaScript development program focuses entirely on JavaScript and has several scheduling options. The course begins with the basics before introducing students to advanced topics. This coding school will look great on your resume, and it’s a great way to learn JavaScript.

The Tech Academy logo

The Tech Academy

The Tech Academy is the perfect coding bootcamp for beginners because you do not need to pass any coding tests or interviews to get accepted. This JavaScript Developer bootcamp is a great option for students who are looking for a program with a strong JavaScript focus.

The Tech Academy Key Information
JavaScript Programs JavaScript Developer Bootcamp
Locations Online
Cost $9,010 (full-time) $11,200 (part-time)
Financing Options Upfront payment, discounts
Start Dates Open enrollment

To enroll in a Tech Academy online bootcamp, all you have to do is choose a payment option and create an account on the school’s website. It offers two flexible scheduling options, including a 17-week full-time program and a 32-week part-time program.

Both options include nearly 700 hours of course content and interactive activities. In addition to JavaScript programming, you will learn in-demand tools including AJAX, JSON, jQuery, Node.js, React, MongoDB, and the MEAN stack. The Tech Academy also offers a front end bootcamp that covers JavaScript extensively.

NuCamp logo


Nucamp is a modern coding school that offers unique flexible options for students. Nucamp’s full stack JavaScript bootcamp is the perfect option for innovative students, especially those who already have some experience with programming.

Nucamp Key Information
JavaScript Programs Web Development Fundamentals, Front End Web and Mobile Development, Full Stack Web and Mobile Development
Locations Online
Cost $458 (web development fundamentals)
Financing Options Upfront payment, scholarships
Start Dates June 5, July 10, August 14 (web development fundamentals)

Nucamp provides online classes and has strong communities in different cities. Whether in Portland, Oregon, or San Francisco, Nucamp can teach you how to code and provide networking opportunities. Nucamp focuses on underserved communities, and it is considered a very affordable coding bootcamp.

If you are looking for a JavaScript beginner bootcamp, Nucamp’s introductory Web Development Fundamentals course might be a good fit. This four-week program is part-time and covers basic JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Students with some previous experience can enroll in Nucamp’s full stack and front end programs for more comprehensive and career-oriented training.

Thinkful logo


Thinkful is the best bootcamp for JavaScript for students hoping for a more affordable option that allows them to study at their own pace. This is because Thinkful allows students to choose between a full-time accelerated schedule or a self-paced curriculum.

Thinkful Key Information
JavaScript Programs Software Engineering Bootcamp
Locations Online
Cost $16,000 (full-time) $9,975 (self-paced)
Financing Options Upfront, Month-to-month, deferred tuition
Start Dates N/A

With a total of six different bootcamps, Thinkful is a great option if you want to learn more than just JavaScript. It provides intense personal learning experiences and a diverse set of courses.

Thinkful’s software engineering bootcamp covers JavaScript and is available full-time and part-time. The full-time program lasts five months and provides students with live video mentor sessions and daily lectures and workshops. The part-time program is self-paced and comes with optional office hours.

Thinkful also has a job guarantee for specific programs, including the software engineering bootcamp. If you don’t land a job within six months of graduating from Thinkful, you can get your tuition money back.

Springboard logo


If you want to take your JS bootcamp online, another great option is Springboard. One thing that sets Springboard apart is that it offers an affordable self-paced program with the addition of one-on-one mentorship and career coaching.

Springboard Key Information
JavaScript Program Software Engineering Bootcamp
Locations Online
Cost $9,900
Financing Options Upfront, month-to-month, deferred tuition, private loan
Start Dates June 12

Springboard’s software engineering bootcamp is a part-time program that takes nine months to complete. It has a project-based curriculum that ensures students have adequate practice and hands-on training in various essential languages, including JavaScript.

Springboard students have access to personalized mentoring, career coaches, and student advisors. Additionally, this program comes with a job guarantee. This means that if you don’t land a job within six months of graduation, you will be eligible for a complete refund.

Brainstation logo


BrainStation offers numerous full-time bootcamps as well as over ten short certificate courses designed to help students master in-demand skills quickly. Its web development bootcamp covers JavaScript and is available full-time and part-time, completely remote.

BrainStation Key Information
JavaScript Program Web Development Bootcamp
Locations Online
Cost N/A
Financing Options Upfront payment, employer sponsorship, scholarships
Start Dates June 19, July 31, August 1, September 12, October 17, November 13

An entire unit of BrainStation’s web development bootcamp is dedicated to JavaScript. Students learn programming fundamentals and essential JavaScript tools, then complete the first of their portfolio projects to ensure the skills are properly mastered.

The web development bootcamp also covers HTML, CSS, React, and backend development, so students are prepared for full stack roles upon graduation. After completing the course, students are able to meet hiring partners and alumni while showing off their new skills at Demo Day.

App Academy logo

App Academy

If you live in New York or the Bay Area and want to study in person, the best bootcamp to learn JavaScript might be App Academy. App Academy offers a rigorous software engineering bootcamp that provides students with hours of practical experience using JavaScript and Python.

App Academy Key Information
JavaScript Program Software Engineering
Locations Online, New York City, San Francisco
Cost $17,000 (in-person) $20,000 (full-time online) $22,000 (part-time online)
Financing Options Upfront payment, deferred tuition, income share agreement
Start Dates June 12, July 10

App Academy’s software engineering bootcamp is available in-person, online, full-time, and part-time. Depending on which scheduling option you choose, it will last between 16 weeks and 48 weeks. The course is designed to prepare students to become entry-level software engineers at major companies like Microsoft, Uber, Meta, and Google.

In addition to JavaScript, you will learn essential technologies like Ruby on Rails, SQL, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, and Redux. If you are on the fence about committing to the full program, you can access the curriculum for free through App Academy Open.

LearningFuze logo


LearningFuze offers a full stack JavaScript bootcamp with full-time, part-time, and online options. The first half of the course covers JavaScript extensively along with all the tools students need to become proficient full stack web developers.

LearningFuze Key Information
JavaScript Program Web Development, JavaScript prep
Locations Online, Irvine, CA
Cost $15,995 (full-time) $14,085 (part-time)
Financing Options Upfront payment, private loan, deferred tuition, scholarships
Start Dates July 5 (full-time)

LearningFuze’s full-time program, which is available both in-person and online, lasts 14 weeks. The coding curriculum is designed to match employer demands and is updated as needed to match new trends in the industry. Students have access to career services including resume help, mock interviews, networking training, and access to an employer network.

In addition to its main program, LearningFuze also offers a JavaScript coding bootcamp prep course. This two-week class is perfect for those looking to exclusively learn JavaScript, or anyone looking to build basic skills in preparation for a larger program.

Reasons to Learn JavaScript in 2024

You should study JavaScript if you want to enter a tech career, or if you just want to learn a basic coding language. It is one of the most important languages for web developers and software engineers and its popularity isn’t going away anytime soon. Here are some reasons why enrolling in a JavaScript coding program might be in your best interest:

  • You can get a great job. Software engineering is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States. Over the next decade, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that web development jobs will grow by 23 percent over the next decade. Additionally, median salaries are $79,890 per year. Learning JavaScript can help you enter the field.
  • It powers the Internet. JavaScript is essentially the programming language of the web. Almost all website builders and web apps use principles and code derived from JavaScript. If you want to learn to code, JavaScript is a popular option.
  • Versatility. JavaScript has been around since 1995. It has gone through countless updates, changes, and evolutions to make it work better. This coding language is extremely versatile, and when you learn JavaScript, you can learn to do almost anything.
  • It’s simple. JavaScript is one of the easiest languages to learn. If you’re a true coding beginner, this is the perfect opportunity to enroll in an online coding bootcamp.

Why Study at a JavaScript Bootcamp?

You should study at a JavaScript bootcamp because coding bootcamps are worth it. You can learn to code quickly in a welcoming, educational way. Below are some benefits to completing a JavaScript coding bootcamp.

Benefits of JS Bootcamps

  • Up-to-date knowledge. The best JavaScript bootcamps are able to update their curricula frequently to ensure students are always learning the most in-demand skills possible. This ensures you will be ready to start your tech career as soon as you graduate.
  • You learn more than just JavaScript. The best online coding bootcamps cover a wide range of skills that will complement your new JavaScript abilities. JavaScript is versatile, and having a larger knowledge base will allow you to work in many different fields.
  • Flexible payment plans. Not every JavaScript bootcamp offers the same services, but most institutions can provide you with many financial resources. This could be in the form of income share agreements, partial payment plans, and coding bootcamp scholarships.
    Flexible schedules. Many JavaScript coding bootcamps offer time-management benefits. JavaScript bootcamps can be self-paced, part-time, or full-time. You can choose what schedule works for you.
  • Career services. Coding bootcamps are among the best places to learn JavaScript because they offer support that goes beyond skills training. Landing your first coding job is a significant hurdle, and JavaScript bootcamps can provide expert coaching, access to hiring networks, and interview training to make this process easier.

How Much Does a JavaScript Bootcamp Cost?

A JavaScript bootcamp costs an average of between $9,000 and $18,000, depending on the school and scheduling option you choose. Most bootcamps provide a range of payment options to ensure students with financial needs have access to education.

You can also enroll in short JavaScript courses at many bootcamps, which are significantly cheaper. These often cost less than $500. Short JavaScript courses are a good way to practice the basics while preparing for a larger bootcamp.

Are There Any Free JavaScript Bootcamps?

Yes, you can take a JavaScript bootcamp for free in some cases. For example, App Academy allows students to enjoy its curriculum independently and at no cost under a program called App Academy Open. Most free web development bootcamps also provide JavaScript training.

However, keep in mind that most free coding bootcamps do not provide the same level of support and career services as paid options. If you are serious about starting a JavaScript career, paying for a full program is something to consider.

What Careers Can I Land After a JavaScript Bootcamp?

A bootcamp will prepare you for a range of entry-level JavaScript careers in the web and software development fields. Once you have a few years of experience under your belt, you can move into more advanced roles. A few JavaScript coding jobs for bootcamp graduates include:

  • Front end developer
  • JavaScript software engineer
  • Full stack developer
  • Web application developer
  • Mobile app developer

Should You Enroll in a JavaScript Bootcamp?

Yes, you should enroll in a JavaScript bootcamp. It’s one of the most useful programming languages for both web and software development, and a JavaScript coding bootcamp is one of the best ways to learn real-world skills.

No matter what JavaScript program you choose, you’ll have more career options upon graduation. The best JavaScript bootcamps will help you master the most in-demand skills while providing the support you need to land your first tech job.

Best JavaScript Bootcamps FAQ

How long does it take to learn JavaScript?

It can take seven to nine months to become proficient in JavaScript, though you can master the basics in just a few weeks. Most JavaScript developers take years to become experts with the language, and many frequently update their skills to keep up with the evolving industry.

Is knowing JavaScript enough to get a job?

Yes, knowing JavaScript can be enough to get you a job, but it may be difficult to find a position outside of internships and apprenticeships. To progress in the field, you will likely need to master additional technologies, like HTML and CSS.

What are the best JavaScript bootcamps for beginners?

There are many JavaScript bootcamps that target coding beginners or even people with zero programming knowledge. JavaScript bootcamps for beginners begin with the very essentials, such as getting your programming environment ready and getting you acquainted with GitHub. Such bootcamps include The Tech Academy and Nucamp.

What are the best JavaScript full stack bootcamps?

The best JavaScript full stack bootcamps are those that, in addition to a well-balanced and updated curriculum, offer career assistance and services to guide you through the job hunt after graduation. These include Flatiron School, Fullstack Academy, and General Assembly.

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