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Tech Salaries in Boston: Which Careers Pay the Best?

Before you step into your next technical job interview, it’s important to find a career path that pays well and challenges you. Boston is full of tech gigs, and many of them require specialized training. When you’re familiar with tech salaries in Boston, you can ensure that you train for work in a lucrative field. Boston tech salaries estimates are based on different aspects from national salaries, and the more local information you have, the better your career opportunities will be.

Our guide is here to give you the information you desire. We examine high-paying tech jobs in Boston and bring the details to you so you can make an informed career decision. In this article, you’ll get to know the salaries you may command as an automation engineer, UI/UX designer, and more. And we also let you in on what training you need to compete in your field and land the top gigs.

Automation Engineer

Automation is the way of the future. Companies love automated apps and deployments, and people who specialize in automation can write their ticket in the Boston area. Automation engineers work on operating instructions and frameworks for machinery used in a variety of industries, from auto manufacturing to healthcare. Boston businesses are in dire need of more automation engineers and will pay through the nose to get them.

Automation engineers make an average salary of $104K a year or more in the Boston area. Coding bootcamps offer all sorts of courses that help prepare you to work as an automation engineer. You can also pick up the training via online studies or textbooks. You’ll need to have a good grasp of software development principles, and you can never have too many programming languages under your belt.

UI/UX Designer

If you have an interest in new programming languages and cutting-edge approaches to user experience, you may do well as a user interface/user experience (UI/UX) designer. Every application provides users with an interface and elements to make the experience easier for them. As a UI/UX designer, you will devote your time to making the user’s experience on your app as pleasant and as easy as possible.

Boston pays its UI/UX designers well; plan on bringing home about $106K a year after you get a few years of experience. You’ll need a mix of hard and soft skills to succeed in UI/UX design and should plan on engaging with a wide range of study subjects. Critical thinking is essential to UI/UX design, as are team communication and collaboration. On the practical side, learn about wireframing and visual design practices.

Product Analyst

New product rollouts come after painstaking research and development. Folks who can contribute to product design and development are as good as gold to Boston businesses and command excellent salaries. When a product analyst does their job well, their company’s products do well and meet market demand without exceeding costs. Folks who enjoy playing with numbers are perfect for this position.

You’ll make good money as a product analyst and can plan on bringing home $81K a year in Boston. To succeed in this role, you need to be a confident writer, as much of your job will be to provide cost/benefit analyses to executives. You should be a whiz at SQL, and having a good grasp of Java and other languages won’t hurt, either. Most importantly, get familiar with Oracle and Peoplesoft, as you’ll be using their apps daily in your work.

Technical Writer

Do you have a technical bent but don’t have much interest in writing code or analyzing data all day? Don’t give up hope; there are technical gigs perfect for your skills. Technical writers are constantly in demand. Technical writers take stacks of complicated and dry details and synthesize them into language that anyone with a little knowledge can understand. It’s a special skill, and companies happily give handsome salaries to the folks who have it.

Technical writers on average $79K a year in Boston. You can enter the field from many angles, but the common denominators are writing skill and technical knowledge. You don’t have to understand JavaScript to write a user manual or white paper. But you need to know what the application or equipment that you’re writing about does and how to operate it correctly, and you need the ability to translate that knowledge to text. The more technical and writing experience you have, the more attractive you’ll be as a prospective employee in Boston, Ma.

So there it is, my eager readers. Boston is full of tech jobs, but it’s essential to know which jobs pay the best so you can tailor your studies and land the plum gigs. Our guide examines the top Boston tech salaries and lets you know how to pick up the training you need to qualify for the best jobs. 

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