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Tech Salaries in Atlanta: What You Can Expect in 2023

Your technical skills can open all sorts of doors. With the right information, that tech knowledge can get you job interviews with some of Atlanta’s top startups. Understanding which gigs pay well right out of the gate gives your training purpose and a definite goal. With a grasp on Atlanta’s tech salary landscape, you face the job market with inside information.

Our guide gives you the straight facts and helps you determine the best course of action for your education. We compare local Atlanta tech salaries to their national averages and look at professions across the technical spectrum, including pay for systems administrators, network engineers, and software engineers. We also give you tips on the best study subjects and training to prepare you to compete for the best jobs. With the help we provide in this article, your pathway to rewards and job satisfaction is clear. 

Systems Administrator

Finding a sector that supports essential gear or products is key to landing a job that pays handsomely and is in top demand. Server support fits the bill. Every business, from mom-and-pop joints to enterprise-level operations, requires a server to keep everything running smoothly. Companies pay systems administrators a pretty penny to perform preventative maintenance and support. Atlanta sysadmins pull down $87,000 annually, which is lower than the national average but in line with local costs.

Systems administrator roles work best for folks who possess a knack for mechanical diagnosis and repair and an affinity for computer work. Study up on your operating systems, and pay special attention to learning Linux, which is your bread and butter as a sysadmin. Red Hat and Ubuntu are two of the most popular Linux flavors, and mastering either one sets you up for success. 

Network Engineer

Quick pop quiz to keep you on your toes. What’s the other vital digital ingredient for modern business success, alongside server infrastructure? You better believe it’s networking. Businesses rely on solid and reliable computer networks to function; it’s not going too far to call them the lifeblood of commerce. Atlanta companies pay network engineers a technician salary estimated at $101,000, far above the national average of $80,600.

If you like playing detective and tracking down issues in complicated frameworks, consider studying for jobs in network engineering. Cisco and Sun offer training, both classroom and distance, that give students hands-on experience and in-depth instruction in networking concepts and languages. Pick up Linux if you want to compete for the top gigs, as the ability to manage servers as well as switches and routers makes you a more valuable team member.

Software Engineer

You might have noticed a trend: high-paying tech jobs often go to essential tech fields that provide services businesses can’t do without. The next tech gig we examine fits the bill nicely. Software is ubiquitous across almost every sector, and businesses need programmers to build it. Atlanta offers software engineers pay in excess of $111,000 a year, which is pretty much in line with the national average.

Tech-minded individuals with a love of math and the ability to make computers obey commands thrive in software engineering. Get familiar with the most popular programming languages, including JavaScript, Java, Python, and Perl. There are lots of excellent free training programs online for hopeful programmers, and Atlanta has some top-quality bootcamps.

Data Analyst

The business community has always counted on data analysis to determine its course of action. Where it once dripped, now that data comes in torrents, and the companies that know how to examine and interpret that information efficiently are the ones who survive. Data analysts are hotter than ever in Atlanta, and they earn an average salary of $75,000, which is below the national average for the role. 

Developer skills come in handy when you work as a data analyst. Study languages like JavaScript and Perl, and learn about the development cycle to help you become a more responsive and informed teammate. Your soft skills are as important as your tech skills when you work in data analysis, so brush up your communication chops to make your results clear to customers and executives.

And that’s the story, beautiful job-seekers. Atlanta GA is a tech mecca for those who have the skills, but some jobs pay more than others. Our look at Atlanta’s tech salaries shows you which fields give you handsome wages and job satisfaction.

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