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The Top Tech Salaries in Baltimore for 2023

As a techie living in the beautiful city of Baltimore, you have a huge variety of professions from which to choose. But, some of those jobs pay better than others. Understanding which profession gives the ideal tech salary helps you find the right career path. If you know the top tech salaries in Baltimore, you can plan out your studies and select a field that rewards your effort with top pay and benefits. The more you know about Baltimore tech salaries, the more informed your decision on your training will be.

We’ve gathered the must-know stats for average salaries for Baltimore tech for you in this guide. We provide you details on the tech gigs in Baltimore that pay off in the long run and set you up for a high-income career. You will get info on the tech jobs that command high average total salaries and learn what skills you need to land the best gigs. This article prepares you to train for that dream job and gives you the tools to make it come true.

Data Engineer

Baltimore businesses rely on data delivery and analysis to guide their product development. Data engineers create the infrastructure needed for data storage and create platforms for analyzing information. A company with a well-designed data architecture can adjust its apps and products based on market feedback, and the people who can set up that architecture make top wages.

As a data engineer, you expect to see as much as $99K a year in most jobs. Training for data engineering focuses on collecting and analyzing data in as close to real-time as possible. Doing so requires training in a variety of fields. Get well-versed in Hadoop-based analytics tools like MapReduce, Hive, and HBase.

Web Development

The Internet is not disappearing anytime soon, and it is hungry for new content. The coders who work to design and develop apps and websites earn great tech salaries in Baltimore, and the demand for them grows all the time. Do you have a knack for design and coding? A career in web programming might be just right for you and will reward your studies with years of fat paychecks.

As a web code cowpoke, you’ll earn upwards of $78K a year in Baltimore. Web developers need expertise in languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Java to code for the Internet. The more math you know, the better work you will do. And it is essential to know the ins and outs of the software development cycle and to understand how teams work together to deliver a finished product.

Security Engineer

The world is full of information, and much of it is proprietary or private. There are lots of bad actors out there who would love to get their mitts on your data, and the people who can protect that information from prying eyes and hands earn a big paycheck in Baltimore companies. Security engineering is a crucial role in modern business and is a growth industry that will repay your studies with big bucks and exciting jobs.

In Baltimore, you can plan on making $118K a year or more as a senior security engineer. To be effective at locking down data so that only authorized users can view it, you need a good working knowledge of systems and networks. Study network equipment and protocols, and bone up on the different Linux flavors such as Ubuntu and Red Hat. Cisco and other vendors offer training programs and certifications that give you experience working with security systems.

Cloud Engineer

The cloud, the cloud, the cloud. In this modern age, who has not heard that term thrown around like a hot potato? Cloud computing gets so much buzz because it delivers what it promises and outsources computing equipment and the regular updates it requires. If you have cloud engineering skills, you will never hurt for a job in Baltimore and can make a crazy amount of dollars.

The pay for cloud engineers is fantastic.You make in excess of $164K a year in this field and will have to fend off the recruiters with a stick. To compete in this field, get familiar with the top cloud computing platforms, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Most of your work as a cloud engineer involves communication, so get Cisco and Sun certifications to give you network equipment and protocol experience. 

And that’s the whole story, my lovelies. With many great schools to learn programming, such as Betamore Academy, as well as other tech disciplines, it’s easy to start a tech career in Baltimore. As always, the more information you have, the better informed your choice of a profession will be. Our guide examines Baltimore tech salaries and helps you identify the right career for your interests. With our assistance, you’ll always have a high-paying and exciting gig ready for you.

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