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A man pseudocoding on laptop.

What is Pseudocode?

Developers usually do not start writing code immediately after a big assignment. The issue with this approach is that the developer will have to think about how they go about completing the assignment as they go. In many cases, it is better to think about what logic will go into their program before they start coding. That’s where pseudocode is useful.

A dual monitor desk setup with lines of code on the screen in the left foreground of the image and the website rendering on the other screen.

Top Tips to Create the Best Desk Setup for Two Monitors

Many people have adopted a two-monitor desk setup to maximize productivity and multitasking capabilities. However, the best desk setup for two monitors is one that can effectively accommodate both screens and desk accessories, while offering enough desk space to perform computing tasks.  Creating the best two monitors setup is not as easy as it seems, though. Knowing what technical and non-technical

A software developer sitting at his desk, which consists of a wireless mouse, external keyboard, and two-monitor setup.

Top Tips to Create the Best Desk Setup for Developers

Having an optimal desk setup is essential for computer-based and software development professions. The best desk setup for developers really depends on what your day-to-day activities entail, but in this article, we provide a general developer desk setup that will alleviate the strain caused by the most intensive tasks.  Even those interested in becoming a cyber security engineer, software engineer, or

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