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The Most Exciting Tech Careers in Phoenix in 2023

Phoenix is a high tech wonderland that offers tons of job opportunities to its residents and has some of the fastest-growing and dynamic industries around. To find a professional path that suits you and guarantees that you won’t be hurting for job offers, it’s essential to find out which fields are open and seeking new talent. Learning about the most exciting tech careers in Phoenix allows you to select the training that enhances your value and sets you up for a lifetime of rewards. When you know which careers to pursue, your training gains focus.

We’re here to help you figure out the best course for your education and job searches. In this article, we look at tech fields that are in need of professionals and that offer excellent salaries. You get the scoop on professions such as network engineer, web developer, mobile software engineer, and data engineer. We compare local salaries with the average United States salaries for the positions as published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and also include information on how to get the necessary training to land the best gigs.

Network Engineer

You use computer networks all the time without noticing and if they suddenly stopped working, modern businesses would wither and die. The folks who can get under the hood of a computer network and keep it running are worth their weight in gold in the Phoenix region and get to work on fascinating issues. They get paid handsomely for the privilege, too. Phoenix network admins see salaries in excess of $97,000, higher than the national estimate by about $17,000.

It won’t come as a shock to learn that network engineers train up in network architecture, protocol, and best practices. Use Cisco’s and Sun’s education and certification programs to get the training you need for the role. When you study for the certification exams, you get hands-on experience with networks and equipment. Pick up used equipment to use for practice, or download a virtual network environment to give yourself experience working with today’s routers and switches.

Web Developer

Websites keep businesses afloat and provide platforms for media streaming and other forms of entertainment. Phoenix companies almost all have websites that require constant maintenance and regular upgrades to keep their parent businesses competitive and in the black. If you like working with websites and have a knack for coding languages, consider a career in web development. The local annual average pay for web software engineers is $114,000, well above the national rate.

Your work as a web developer requires lots of coding language knowledge, so study HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, and Python. Work on your soft skills which allow you to stay connected with your client, boss, and team to ensure a smooth workflow that contributes to the best possible site. Brush up on your math, which you use every day as a web programmer, and take the time to get good at WordPress and PhotoShop, both of which get a regular workout when you write web code.

Mobile Software Engineer

Mobile devices are part of the new Internet-of-Things wave that’s taking Phoenix and the rest of the world by storm. Mobile apps do everything from monitoring pet toys to helping you manage your finances, and the folks who have the knowhow to build and maintain those apps are in high demand in the city. If you can write mobile apps, you stand to make about $81,000 a year, which is lower than the national rate by about $28,000.

Learn some of the most popular coding languages, such as Python, HTML, Java, and JavaScript by attending an excellent Phoenix-based coding bootcamp. Mobile-friendly languages like Objective-C, C#, and C++ are also must-haves for the ambitious mobile app engineer. And get familiar with the development cycle, which guides your development team’s rhythms and patterns and goes a long way toward ensuring that every product you produce is of high quality and reliable. 

Data Engineer

Data has long governed how we go about our lives, and it’s more important than ever in our modern landscape. Companies that effectively manage and analyze data have a leg up on their competitors, and data engineers make sure that the data makes it where it needs to go. If you enjoy the process of organizing and know your way around a database and network, this job is perfect for you. Phoenix data engineers make about $115,000 annually, and that’s above the national average.

Study up on databases and the associated languages, which are a data engineer’s key tools. SQL, NoSQL, and Oracle are all must-haves for a data engineer. Train in networking, too, as you’ll spend plenty of time manipulating network and computer infrastructures to store and deliver data where it’s needed. Take Cisco and Sun certification courses to garner experience. 

And there you have it, folks. Phoenix is an ideal location for new techies to start their careers. However, it’s crucial to know which careers pay well and have lots of job opportunities and enjoyable work environments. Our guide looks at Phoenix tech careers and shows you how to pick up the training and start earning in no time flat.

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