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The Top Tech Careers in Boston for 2023

Boston has long been a high-tech hub and a place that offers tech workers high pay and amazing opportunities. Techies flock to Boston like bees to flowers, but there are some professions more in demand than others. Understanding the top tech careers in Boston helps you find the right professional path for your interests and gives your training direction. A person who has a grasp of which Boston tech careers are hot knows the skills they need to develop.

You’ve come to the right place, hopeful tech folk. Our look at Boston tech professions shows you the IT sectors that the city badly needs and is willing to pay to snag. We look at a range of tech jobs such as systems administrator, web designer, data analyst, and game designer, and you get comparisons of local salaries with the national averages provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. With our assistance, your next job hunt is likely to be short and very sweet.

Systems Administrator

Servers are everywhere in our lives, whether we know it or not. There are servers in practically every store we enter, and the odds are good that you’re connected to multiple servers while sitting in your home to allow you to stream video, access files, and connect to websites like this one. Systems administrators keep the servers functioning properly, and Boston rewards them with high pay. Sysadmins bring home $88K or more yearly in Boston, which is above the national average.

Operating systems are the name of the game when you work with servers, so get ready to start studying as many OSs as you can. Knowledge of Windows servers is handy and can land you plenty of gigs, but the real money goes to the systems administrators who have Linux down cold. The flavors of Linux that you study affects the types of positions for which you qualify. Red Hat and Ubuntu are two of the most popular and will net you plenty of job offers.

Web Designer

The web has been part of our lives for three decades, and in that time, we’ve made huge technological strides. Web developers are on the cutting edge of that technology and work to build and maintain modern websites with all of the associated bells and whistles. Boston needs as many web software engineers as it can find, and it pays them well to keep them around. If you can write web code you might be an ideal candidate, and annual Boston salaries run around $70K, compared to the national rate of about $78K. 

Web coding requires knowledge of the popular programming languages. Pick up HTML, CSS, Python, Java, JavaScript, and any other codes that strike your fancy, which you can do by attending a Boston coding bootcamp. Take the time to study math, too, as you use it all the time when programming websites and apps. And get familiar with the development cycle, which steers your development team and ensures that everyone pulls toward the same goals. 

Data Analyst

In our fast-paced modern business landscape, Big Data is the master of all it surveys. Companies live and die by the quality of the data they acquire and the efficiency with which they analyze it, and the people who understand how to get the job done command handsome annual salaries. Boston data analysts see yearly salaries in excess of $78K, which is lower than the $100K average around the nation.

To qualify for a data analyst role, get ready to bone up on database languages and platforms as well as your problem-solving and communication skills. SQL, Oracle, and Python all get lots of use in data analysis. SQL Server will be your bread and butter, so learn it end to end. Communication skills might not seem as essential to the job as your coding abilities, but your analysis has to be understood to have an impact, so spare some time to work on translating your findings for tech novices.

Game Developer

Video games have moved from a niche pastime to one of the biggest forms of entertainment forms around today. Gamers spend billions a year on games, and game developers are hotter than ever in Boston as a result. It’s easy to find a game software company that wants to hire you when you have the right skills, and the paychecks you receive are extremely satisfying. Plan on bringing home a salary of $82K or more as a game software engineer, which is lower than the national average.

To compete with the big dogs and land the best game programming positions, get your languages in order. Learn the popular languages like Python, JavaScript, and CSS3. Pick up more game-specific knowledge to make a good impression on your hiring manager, too. C# for Unity, C++, and Java are all useful and will net you some plum gigs. Creativity is essential, too, so work on developing yours by building some dream projects on your own.

And that’s the whole story, my lovely job seekers. Boston has tons of high tech jobs going unfilled, and all you need to know is which professions are in demand. Our look at Boston tech careers highlights the professions that Boston needs and is willing to pay plenty to get its hands on.

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