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Freelance Web Developer Salary: How Much Does a Freelance Web Designer Make?

Web developers create impressive web applications that allow brands and individuals to establish a robust online presence. Web development is an exciting career path because it offers unique opportunities for high pay and flexibility. ZipRecruiter reports that a freelance web developer’s salary averages around $65,000 a year, close to the national average for full-time employees in the US.  The same site

Front End vs Back-End Web Developers: Which Developer Job Is Right for You?

In today’s economy, you need web development to make your voice heard, your brand seen, and your objectives fulfilled. But you cannot do any of this without knowing the differences between front end vs back-end web developers. Basically, front end developers work with the parts of a website that users see, whereas back-end developers work under the hood to keep the

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Learn JavaScript: Take the First Step to Become a Web Developer

Every time you view a website that shows you more than just static text on the page, you can assume that JavaScript is playing a part. By learning JavaScript, you can create everything from interactive maps to 2D and 3D graphics or pop-up videos.  This programming language is the framework that holds up most of the colorful, entertaining world of the

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The Evolution Of A Company’s Digital Transformation

While most companies have a web presence, many tend to underestimate its importance. Soon, they end up with an incredibly outdated one that fails to communicate effectively the company’s message to its prospects. Just as fashion and house trends constantly change and evolve, so do websites and the needs of their audiences.  An outdated website will fail to satisfy its audience,

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Front End Development

Front end development is the process of using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to create a website or application for users to interact with directly. The web development field is constantly changing and the tools used to create these sites and applications evolve and grow regularly. It’s important for developers to stay up to date on the latest technology and what

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What Is Backend Web Development?

Backend development is a form of development focused on how websites work in relation to their servers. There are three aspects of backend web development, which is the server, application, and database. The code written by backend developers is what allows the database to communicate with the browser. Simply put, there are several things related to web design and development that

A Lighthouse Labs student.

Lighthouse Labs Web Development Review

Many people in Canada are currently looking for new careers in programming and other high-tech fields, but getting the training needed to land the best jobs might seem a tall order while the world is in self-isolation due to COVID-19. However, there are coding bootcamps that acknowledge the needs of the moment and have shifted to online classroom environments to

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