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Ever since the pandemic hit and completely rattled the way the world functions, our norms and lifestyles have changed entirely. Just like everything else, the education system has also seen a 180-degree flip in order to adapt to the new normal. Distant learning through online teaching was the only form of education that was available to learners across the globe for the most

You’ve got a technical inclination and always have, and you’re ready to attend a coding bootcamp and start your new career. There’s never been a better time to start studying web development or application design, with new schools popping up all over the place and even online. Even universities are getting in on the act—you’ll find university coding bootcamps at

If you’ve ever expressed interest in web design or coding, you’ve probably heard of JavaScript. One of the most in-demand languages out there, JavaScript is used for developing web pages, creating games through various JavaScript frameworks, and much more.By learning JavaScript, you gain a skill set that can be applied to multiple career positions and it is a requirement many

In 2006, Amazon launched Amazon Web Services, or AWS, which was designed to give additional computing power, database storage, additional functionality, and much more to businesses in order to help them grow. There are countless people and organizations who use AWS.Because of the continued increase in usability and the scalable nature of the technology, companies all over the world are


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