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Modern applications require lots of development and people working to improve it, and that includes the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). A career as a UI/UX developer ensures that you never have to worry about finding a great job with top pay. Springboard’s UI/UX career track offers tech hopefuls an online learning option to help them master design fundamentals and start earning.

Our article takes a deep dive and examines the Springboard UI/UX career track from top to bottom. We help you determine if this bootcamp is right for you by looking at the school’s curriculum, outcomes, career support, and cost and payment choices. You also get information on what to expect during your admissions process.

School Overview

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Springboard lets you learn from home.

Springboard is a fully online school that offers tech students a variety of courses in top subjects. The school provides instruction in data analytics, software engineering, data science, UI/UX design, and machine learning. The average study time for graduates is six to nine months.

UI/UX Design

Springboard’s UI/UX design career track gives its students a comprehensive and up-to-date education in nine months. The school offers a money-back guarantee to students and will refund tuition if you don’t land a UI/UX job within six months after graduation.

What’s the Curriculum?

Springboard’s UI/UX design track teaches students design thinking, wireframing, ideating and designing, UI design, heuristics, interaction concepts, prototyping and more.

How Much Does the Course Cost, and What are My Payment Options?

Finances are crucial when selecting a school; it’s essential to find classes that offer top coursework while remaining within your budget. Springboard’s UI/UX course has a flat tuition of $9,891, and the school has a number of different payment plans available:

  • Pay the tuition upfront—Upfront tuition payment gives you a discount of $1,791 and brings your total costs down to $8,200.
  • Deferred tuition—Pay a $700 refundable deposit at enrollment and $794 each month for 18 months only after starting a new job, or until you pay a total of $15,000.
  • Monthly payments—pay for the months you require, up to nine months or $9,891.
  • Financing—Springboard works with Climb Credit to provide students with loans.
  • Scholarships—Springboard offers scholarships for women in tech and veterans.

What Career Support is Available?

Springboard provides one-on-one video counseling throughout the course, and they also include training for job interviews and portfolio building. The school works to help you develop a network and find your first position in the industry.

What do Graduates Say about the Course?

Former and current students have left plenty of reviews on Bootcamprankings on the course. The reviewers found the coursework to be cutting edge and the instructors and support staff to be flexible and responsive. Some students missed the in-person touch that brick-and-mortar schools provide, however.

What’s the Admissions Process?

Tech hopefuls who have an interest in training begin by filling out an online application. The application team then reviews the student’s information and contacts them to evaluate their knowledge level and dedication toward training. Students then take a technical skills survey to determine whether they have the visual and analytical skills to succeed in the program. After they qualify for the course, students reserve a spot in an upcoming cohort.


Springboard offers a full slate of UI/UX training at a competitive price, and their financing options are flexible enough to allow students of all financial backgrounds to participate in the course. The self-paced program helps even those with full schedules get an education.

By and large, Springboard’s UI/UX design course is a great choice for busy professionals and tech hopefuls.

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