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If you want to find a job in one of the many high-tech hubs around the world, it’s crucial to have the advanced skills that employers like to see. You have a number of different training options to help you acquire those skills, fortunately. Some programs such as those offered at Springboard’s software engineering bootcamp allow students to attend online classes from anywhere in the world.

This article examines Springboard’s online software engineering bootcamp from top to bottom. We take a look at the platform’s offerings, costs, and outcomes. You also find out what sort of admissions process to expect and learn if this software bootcamp has what you want in a training program.

Bootcamp Overview

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Springboard lets students complete their education from the comfort of home.

Springboard offers a 100% online training program for prospective software engineers, along with a number of other courses. The bootcamp guides their students through self-paced coursework that includes a mix of remote lab work and video instruction in a virtual environment.

Each student gets their own mentor, a senior software engineer or technical leader, who helps guide them through the curriculum and who offers practical advice on what hiring managers are looking for. Students take an average of nine months to complete their training, and Springboard includes personalized career coaching to place graduates in jobs in their fields.

Springboard also offers a job guarantee. If you work to land a software engineering job after the bootcamp but don’t find one six months after graduating, you get your tuition refunded.

Software Engineering

The software engineering bootcamp provides students with a deep understanding of full-stack software including web development and the tools needed to work in the field, from JavaScript frameworks such as Node.js/React.js, to SQL, to Python.

What Curriculum does Springboard Software Engineering Offer?

Software engineering students study intermediate JavaScript, DOM manipulation, AJAX, Query, and web development fundamentals over the bootcamp length. Because the training is self-paced, students master each subject before moving on to the next one. The bootcamp is flexible, so students can work on it at any time they want.

How Much Does the Bootcamp Cost, and What are the Available Payment Options?

Costs can make or break your coding bootcamp decisions. Full tuition is $10,350. Springboard offers multiple payment options for prospective students:

  • Full Upfront Payment—pay the full tuition upfront, and receive a $1,850 discount for a total charge of $8,500.
  • Monthly Payments—Pay $1,150 for each month you attend up to the total tuition charge.
  • Deferred Tuition—After a small upfront deposit, pay $950 a month after beginning your new job. Total payments come to $12,100.
  • Financing—Get a Climb Credit loan to cover tuition.
  • Scholarships—Springboard offers scholarships to certain applicants.

What Kind of Career Support does the Bootcamp Offer?

Springboard offers career guidance and prepares students for job interviews through video training and online coursework. Springboard’s career coaches also assist their students in networking and aid them in their transition into tech.

What do Former Students Think?

You can find lots of positive mentions of Springboard from current and former students on Bootcamprankings. A common theme from the reviews is that this bootcamp succeeds in creating an online environment that encourages and nurtures study. One-on-one mentorship gives the online course a personalized feel, however, some students missed the community experience that in-person courses offer.

What’s the Admissions Process?

To enroll in the bootcamp, prospective students need to complete an online application. The applications team contacts them after that and conducts a technical skills survey that checks the applicant’s level of programming knowledge is adequate for the course. Then, the students receive the option to enroll in future software engineering cohorts.


Springboard’s tuition is comparable to similar bootcamps, and the payment options are flexible enough to work for most tech hopefuls.

The inclusion of a mentorship program with actual software engineers and the option to only pay after finding a job make Springboard’s bootcamp a solid choice for students who work in small towns, are looking for jobs in big cities, or don’t have enough time to attend in-per

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