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The modern business landscape is one that rewards folks with technical training. A career in data science offers techies a life of rewards and exciting challenges, and all it takes is a little studying to get in on the ground floor and start earning. Springboard’s online Data Science Career Track aims to give remote students a quality education and help them succeed.

Our article gives you a rundown of Springboard’s Data Science Career Track offerings and lets you in on the program’s vital stats. We look at curriculum, costs and payment options, and student outcomes after completing their studies. You even get information on the admissions process as well as our opinion on how the school stacks up to similar programs.

School Overview

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Springboard pipes their lessons to your home classroom.

Springboard provides self-paced and completely online courses for tech-minded students. The school provides online courses in software engineering, data science, UI/UX, and more. It also uses a combination of one-on-one calls with mentors, career coaches, student advisors, and virtual environments to keep their students on track and learning.

In addition, Springboard offers a job guarantee on all of their major career tracks, Data Science included. If you aren’t able to find a job with reasonable effort six months after graduating, the school will refund your tuition.

Data Science

Springboard’s Data Science Career Track gives its students a comprehensive education in the fundamentals of data science. Students master the data science process and graduate ready to compete for data science positions in companies across the globe.

What Curriculum do Data Science Students Learn?

Students in the data science bootcamp learn statistics, data wrangling, data storytelling, and machine learning. They also work on real projects to demonstrate their skills and gain industry experience. By the end of the course, students will have developed a portfolio and joined a network of industry pros.

How Much is Tuition, and What Are the Payment Options?

It’s crucial to find a bootcamp that trains you for your new career but doesn’t break the bank. Full tuition is $8,940, and the school offers multiple payment options:

  • Upfront payment—If you pay your tuition in a single lump sum, you save $1,440 and only pay $7,500 for the course.
  • Monthly payments—Pay $1,490 for each month you need up for up to six months and the maximum amount of $8,940.
  • Deferred tuition—With this plan you pay a small upfront deposit of $700 and the rest when you land a job in the field. Then, you pay $655.55 a month for a total of $12,500.
  • Financing—Springboard works with Climb Credit to arrange loans for students.
  • Scholarships—Veterans and at-need students might qualify for scholarships to help cover costs.

What Career Support does Springboard Offer?

Springboard provides career support and helps its students prepare for their job search. One-on-one career coaching calls are designed to help students create a job search strategy, find networking opportunities, work on their portfolio and resume, and help students break into the tech life.

What do Former Students Think of Springboard?

Springboard’s Data Science Career Track gets high marks from graduate reviews on Bootcamprankings. Former students found the instructors to be responsive and the courses to be useful and current. They also appreciated the job support provided by the school.

What’s the Admissions Process?

A prospective student fills out Springboard’s online application form. Within 2-3 business days of completing the initial form, the admissions team will reach out with a technical skills survey to assess the applicant’s statistics and programming knowledge. If you pass the assessment, you’ll receive a registration link to choose the cohort start date you want to enroll in, and the payment plan that works for you.


Springboard’s data science course offers an excellent curriculum that prepares its students for their new careers. The costs are lower than many similar course offerings.

Overall, Springboard offers a quality data science course for students in towns without a brick-and-mortar school and those folks who don’t have time to spend in person in a classroom. It’s a great choice for hopeful data scientists everywhere.

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