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Springboard Data Science Career Track: A Guide

In the world of tech, data science has emerged as a legacy role. This is evident in the modern business landscape as companies continue to rely on data in a race to gain a competitive edge. Because of its increasing relevance, qualified data science professionals are in high demand. Producing these talents is the Springboard Data Science Career Track.

In this article, we give you a comprehensive guide to the Springboard Data Science Career Track. We walk you through what you can expect from enrollment through graduation.

Springboard Overview

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Springboard pipes their lessons to your home classroom.

Springboard is a coding bootcamp that provides self-paced and fully online programs or ‘career tracks’ for tech-minded students. These courses cover a range of tech fields, including software engineering, data science, UI/UX, and more.

Despite its classes being held online, Springboard does not hold out on giving its students an immersive and engaging classroom experience. This is made possible through a combination of one-on-one calls with mentors and student advisors.

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Accountability is also very much on the table despite Springboard’s self-paced learning format. Springboard provides students with virtual environments, projects, and exercises that keep them on track with their studies.

Finally, following up on its mission of producing career-ready tech talents, Springboard offers a job placement guarantee on all of its major career tracks. That includes the Data Science Career Track.

The Springboard job guarantee stipulates that if you’re unable to find a job within six months after graduation, the school will refund your tuition. That’s provided that you meet Springboard’s eligibility requirements.

To help you secure a job within six months, Springboard offers a job placement program. Through this, students receive significant guidance from the career services team. This includes one-on-one career coaching, interview prep, LinkedIn profile and resume assistance, and tips on salary negotiation.

Springboard Data Science Career Track

The Springboard Data Science Career Track offers comprehensive training in the fundamentals of data science, with a focus on Python. Students master the full spectrum of the data science lifecycle and graduate ready to fill data science positions in companies across the globe.

What Does the Springboard Data Science Career Track Curriculum Look Like?

The Springboard Data Science Career Track curriculum is divided into eight units, each of which tackles different points of discussion in data science.

You begin the program by learning Python. You’ll learn to write code using the programming language and navigate Python-based tools and standard libraries.

The discussion moves on to the data science lifecycle or the steps you need to take to deliver a data science project. This includes lectures and activities on data wrangling, data storytelling, inferential statistics, and machine learning.

Since data scientists can’t escape the task of writing software, the curriculum also leaves space for tackling the software engineering aspects of data science. This ensures that students of the Springboard Data Science Career Track graduate with well-rounded skills.

Theory meets practice in this curriculum as students also complete two portfolio-worthy capstone projects. By the end of the course, students will have developed a portfolio and joined a network of industry pros.

How Much Is the Springboard Data Science Career Track?

It’s crucial to find a coding bootcamp that trains you for your new career without breaking the bank. Full tuition for Springboard’s Data Science Career Track stands at $8,940, and the school offers multiple payment options:

  • Upfront Payment. Make a lump-sum payment upon enrollment and get a 16 percent discount. That’s equivalent to saving $1,440 and only paying $7,500 for the course.
  • Monthly Payments. Pay $1,490 only for each month you need for up to six months. Your total payment will never go higher than $8,940.
  • Deferred Tuition. Pay a small upfront deposit of $700 and the rest when you land a job in the field. Then, you pay $655.55 a month for 18 months until you hit $12,500.
  • Student Loan. Springboard works with Climb Credit to arrange loans for students.
  • Scholarships. Apply for Springboard’s diversity scholarships for women in tech, veterans, and at-need students.

Springboard Data Science Career Track: Job Outcomes

Around 2,300 students have enrolled in the Springboard Data Science Career Track since it was rolled in 2016.

Its latest outcomes show that only three percent among 328 students who completed the six-month job placement program received a job guarantee refund. Working professionals who entered the program to upskill or reskill reported salary growth, averaging at $25,800.

Overall, Springboard’s Data Science Career Track graduates landed jobs at industry-leading companies. These include Ford, Capital One, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Verizon.

Alumni Review: Springboard Data Science Career Track

The Springboard Data Science Career Track gets high marks from Springboard reviews on BootcampRankings. Former students found the instructors to be responsive and the courses to be useful and current. They also appreciated the job support provided by the school.

One of the reviewers wrote, “The Springboard Data Science [Career] Track is a well-rounded bootcamp program. Over the course of six months, there are two major projects, weekly calls with an industry professional.”

“[There are also] several career coaching sessions and ample study material… Overall this is well worth the price and students will get the most out of this program.”

Springboard’s Admissions Process

The Springboard admissions process consists of four steps. Before taking these steps, make sure that you meet the prerequisites for the program.

For one, you must have at least six months of coding experience with general-purpose programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++. You should also have some background in basic probability and descriptive statistics.

Only if you check both points should you begin the application process. The first step is to fill out Springboard’s online application form. Within two to three business days of submission, the admissions team will reach out for an interview with an Admissions Director.

The interview is an opportunity to discuss your background, availability, and compatibility with the program. This is followed by a technical skills survey to assess your statistics and programming knowledge. If you pass the assessment, you’ll receive a registration link to choose your preferred start date and payment plan.

Admission into the Springboard Data Science Career Track hovers over a 20-percent acceptance rate. To gain a competitive edge among other candidates, check out free data science courses online to familiarize yourself with the field.

Is the Springboard Data Science Career Track Worth It?

Overall, Springboard’s Data Science Career Track offers an excellent curriculum that prepares its students for in-demand tech careers. This is paired with a self-paced and fully online learning format that allows students to learn without giving up other commitments. It’s a great choice for hopeful data scientists everywhere.

Springboard Data Science Career Track FAQ

Can I enroll in the Springboard Data Science Career Track without prior experience?

Unfortunately, the Springboard Data Science Career Track requires that you have some prior experience or knowledge in programming and statistics to qualify. This is to ensure that you’ll be able to keep up with the intensive program. If you don’t meet these requirements, consider enrolling in Springboard’s Data Science Prep Course. The course is designed to prepare you for the immersive program.

What are other Springboard career tracks I can take to break into data-related roles?

Aside from the Springboard Data Science Career Track, you can also enroll in other data-related career tracks. These are the Data Analytics Career Track and the Machine Learning Engineering Career Track.

What is included in the Springboard Data Science Career Track tuition?

The Data Science Career Track costs $8,940. The tuition covers a curriculum that demands 500 to 600 hours of coursework. It also includes one-on-one calls with a mentor, a student advisor, and a career coach, and access to an employer network.

Does the Springboard Data Science Career Track come with a certificate of completion?

Yes. You can display this certificate of completion on your LinkedIn profile and resume for prospective employers to see. Aside from a certificate, you also come out of the program with a portfolio of your data science projects. A combination of both solidifies your qualifications as a professional data scientist.

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