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Best Software Engineering Events to Learn and Get Support

On your journey toward becoming a software engineering expert, you’ll have opportunities to interact with others from your industry through software engineering events. The tech industry is always evolving and improving, which is why attending the best software engineering events is necessary. This article will discuss the best software engineering conferences this 2022 and the benefits you’ll gain from attending.

These events include must-know topics and technical sessions that are taught by industry professionals and teach critical technologies to techies at any experience level. Peer learning and networking opportunities are a major part of these tech events and they are a great way to learn about the hottest topics from the ones who are on the frontlines. 

What Are Software Engineering Events?

Software engineering events are planned public occasions where software engineers, developers, and architects from some of the largest organizations collaborate over industry-related topics. Students and tech enthusiasts can also attend these events and get informed on the latest technological developments and innovative solutions. These events could be in the form of conferences or meetups, which we’ll discuss below. 

Software Engineering Conferences

A software engineering conference is usually put on by tech organizations and is a gathering of people with an interest in the implications of systems software, architecture, app development, and other tech subjects as they evolve. Conference proceedings can last anywhere between a day or several weeks, depending on the goal of the gathering. 

Software Engineering Meetups

An engineering meetup is a meeting of a smaller group of tech-invested individuals. It’s more interactive than a conference. Here, they can discuss topics like what it’s like to be a software engineer and show off their portfolio of work. This platform gives software engineers a chance to closely give feedback about each other’s bodies of work and contributions to the field. 

Benefits of Attending Software Engineering Events, Conferences, or Meetups

There are numerous advantages to attending software engineering conferences, meetups, and events. Let’s look at a few of them below.

  • Builds your knowledge of engineering. The first benefit of engineering events is it provides you with additional knowledge. If you want to improve your expertise in an engineering subject, attending an engineering conference can be a great way to do it. 
  • Expands your network. You can also get an excellent opportunity to interact with business leaders, company representatives, and colleagues. These interactions could build long-lasting relationships with people who can provide job opportunities or resources. As a result, you could meet with individuals who can help further your career
  • Keeps you updated on new developments. One of the places where technological innovations, discoveries, and solutions are shared is software engineering events. These places can feature exhibitions of innovations and technological breakthroughs as well as the newest digital products. These are the perfect places to do a deep dive on all types of new software. 
  • Broadens your horizon through the exchange of ideas. The last benefit of attending software engineering conferences is the opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas, and solutions within the tech community. As technology is always changing, it’s necessary for people to share new ideas through software engineering events. 

Best Software Engineering Events, Conferences, and Meetups: 2022 List 

Event Dates Location Type of Event Registration Fee
SREcon22 Americas March 14 – 16 San Francisco, CA and Online Conference $700 – $1,150
The JavaScript DevOps March 24 – 25 Online Conference $52
ACCU Conference April 6 – 9 Bristol, UK and online Conference $235 – $905
DEVNEXUS April 12 – 14 Atlanta, GA Conference and Workshop $400 – $725
DeveloperWeek Europe April 27 – 28 Online Conference and Workshops $114 – $610
QCon Plus Online May 10 – 20 Online Conference $699 – $799
GlueCon May 18 – 19 Broomfield, CO Conference $995 – $1,395
ICSE 2022 May 8-20 (Virtual) and May 22 – 27 (In Person) Pittsburgh, PA and online Conference $32-$1,158
Open Source Summit North America June 21 – 24 Austin, TX and online Conference TBD
DotNETOS Conference October 10 – 12 Online Conference Free

Best Software Engineering Conferences, Meetups, and Events in 2022: Details

Now that we’ve seen the best software engineering events at a glance, let’s look at what each of them can offer in detail.

SREcon22 Americas | March 14 – 16

  • Location(s): San Francisco, CA and online
  • Cost of Registration: $700 for a virtual attendee, $1,150 for an in-person attendee

This three-day event is a conference for professional software developers and those in the tech community with a passion for site reliability, complex systems, and engineering. It’s a great place for beginners and experts alike since attendees will share ideas and innovative solutions. 

In addition to networking, grant opportunities are also available for those who attend, both virtually and in person. This makes it an excellent forum for systems researchers and DevOps engineers. 

The JavaScript DevOps Conference | March 24 – 25

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: Free for a watch-only pass on the 24th, $52 for full access

This conference is one of the best events for web architects and developers in JavaScript applications and infrastructure development. So, if you want to enhance your skills as a DevOps professional, this is the place to be. Some of the discussion topics include HumanOps, multi-cloud deployment, security, infrastructure as code, and release orchestration. 

There’ll be various activities for attendees like free workshops, interactive sessions with speakers, and tech-based discussion rooms. After the event, there’ll be a chance for attendees to interact and discuss the conference. 

ACCU Conference  | April 6 – 9

  • Location(s): Bristol, UK and online 
  • Cost of Registration: $235 to $905 for standard fee onsite (depending on ACCU membership profile), $517 and $650 for digital (depending on membership)

Attendees get to enjoy interactive sessions with the delegates who’ll attend in between the talks digitally. The conference program includes information about some of the most popular programming languages, such as C++ concepts and practice, Python scripting, and even code lifecycle maintenance. This conference will be helpful for deep learning researchers and open source developers.

DEVNEXUS | April 12 – 14

  • Location(s): Atlanta, GA
  • Cost of Registration: $400 for a group (5+) two-day conference pass, $425 for individual two-day conference pass, $695 for a group (5+) three-day conference pass, $725 for an individual two-day conference pass

DEVNEXUS is one of the largest Java platform conferences in the country. It offers great opportunities for senior software engineers to interact with world-class presenters and innovative software professionals. This in-person event will discuss cloud, Java virtual machine languages, and all other new trends related to Java. 

Event organizers recommend this event for software architects, cloud administrators, JavaScript developers, and web developers. Attendees will have a chance to engage in informative sessions that will improve their skills and expertise. 

DeveloperWeek Europe | April 27 – 28

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: $114 for Open pass, $228 for Pro pass, $610 for Premium pass

This is the largest conference for web developers and engineers in Europe held annually. Fortunately, it’s completely virtual for the convenience of conference participants, so people can attend from the comfort of their homes by simply clicking a link. No matter if you’re in San Diego or Germany, you can join in. The event will be split into keynote talks, panel talks, technical workshops, and interactive question-and-answer sessions.

Since it’s also an expo, it’ll be possible to be immersed in a virtual experience by visiting industry leaders’ exhibitions booths with demos, promotions, and even prizes. This event will be hosting up to 3,000 attendees this year, which is a perfect opportunity for developers to network with other professionals.

QCon Plus Online | May 10 – 20

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: $699 for early birds until March 7, $749 for early birds from March 8-30, $799 for full price

QCon Plus Online is a two-week online conference for developers from all around the world. It features talks from early technology adopters and software leaders in software architectures and developer enablement. Attendees can expect that they’ll learn from insightful technical talks without product pitches or marketing gimmicks.

There is also a QCon San Francisco for anyone living there, but this is one of the best virtual conferences for engineering enthusiasts since it offers attendees real-life advice applicable to different work scenarios. You’ll also receive updates on trends, techniques, and best practices that professionals use in the industry. 

GlueCon | May 18 – 19 

  • Location(s): Broomfield, CO
  • Cost of Registration: $995 for early bird, $1,195 for full price, $1,395 for last-minute

GlueCon is a developer-oriented conference where you can learn about edge computing, containers, systems engineering, blockchain-driven applications, and machine learning. This annual conference has existed for more than 10 years to help individuals gain in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. If you’d like to stay in the know about the latest in tech, this event will give you the answers you seek and keep you on top of your tech game. 

ICSE 2022 | May 8-20 (Virtual) and May 22 – 27 (In Person)

  • Location(s): Pittsburgh, PA and online
  • Cost of Registration: $32-$1,158 (Depending on date of registration and membership status

ICSE is another interactive event that focuses on developments in coding and building user interfaces. This year’s International Conference on Software Engineering will be the 44th since the events began in the 1970s. This annual event aims toward the continuous improvement of the software engineering field. 

ICSE 2022 is a hybrid event, but the virtual tracks and workshops will occur before the in-person event. Whether you’re a researcher, practitioner, or educator, you can benefit from this conference since there’ll be a lot of experts sharing their knowledge. You also have the chance to check out the best software engineering jobs right at the event. 

Open Source Summit North America | June 21 – 24

  • Location(s): Austin, TX and online
  • Cost of Registration: TBD

The Open Source Summit North America is a family of conferences held for four days. It  provides a platform for experts and industry leaders to collaborate and share ideas. It’s a great conference for discovering cutting-edge systems research and getting insightful experiences in systems design. At the time of writing, no cost information had been released for this conference.

Software engineering event handlers hold this conference in high regard and describe it as a place for finding innovative solutions to tech problems. It’s the perfect event for developers, architects, students, and educators interested in open source. 

DotNETOS Conference | October 10 – 12

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: Free

This is a three-day conference that covers .NET 5, .NET 6, and .NET Core for people invested in the .NET community. There’ll be different industry-leading companies attending, such as Microsoft, which is why you should register before the deadline. Since the event is online, you don’t have to travel far to get the knowledge and expertise that speakers want to share. It will give you insights into different topics related to software development. 

Should I Attend Software Engineering Events in 2022? 

Yes, you should! Software engineering events are the best platforms that allow industry experts, ambitious enterprise technology enthusiasts, and amateurs to interact. These sessions lead to discovering solutions, innovations, and inspirations to help advance the IT industry. You’ll learn a ton about subjects like continuous delivery, automated software engineering, and digital transformation.

Sometimes, attending engineering conferences can be challenging, and you will need an alternative. In that case, if you want to learn how to become a software engineer, you should consider attending a coding bootcamp to improve your programming and tech knowledge and skills. Like software engineering events, bootcamps also allow learners to interact with fellow professionals and leading industry experts. 

Software Engineering Events FAQ

Which engineering event is best for software engineering?

The International Conference on Software Engineering is by far the best among our list of software engineering events. It’s the most long-standing conference, going to its 44th year this 2022, making it a well-established forum for tech enthusiasts and professionals. 

What is a developer conference?

It’s a gathering of developers, engineers, and architects for presenting and discussing essential topics and the latest developments in the technology industry. 

Will software engineers be needed in the future?

Yes, since technology is dynamic, opportunities for engineers will increase in the coming years. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, software engineering jobs have a projected growth rate of 22 percent from 2020 to 2030.

Which software engineer is most in demand?

Mobile app developers, web developers, and DevOps specialists are among the most in-demand in the industry.

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