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Best Slack Channels for Web Developers Advice and Support

Slack channels for web developers allow users of all skill levels to create, share, and collaborate on creative projects. These dedicated channels often cover a wide array of topics, such as machine learning, coding, and graphic design. If you are new to the industry, or if you have never used Slack before, there are numerous Slack channels for web developers you can try.

So, if you are wondering where to find these Slack channels for web developers advice and support, then read on. We will discuss the benefits of these online communities, where you can find them, and how to use them to your advantage.

Why Should You Join a Web Developers Slack Channel?

Slack channels for web developers will help you meet like-minded people, learn a new programming language, offer advice and support, and give you a platform on which to share your work. These Slack channels help create a community of developers.

In addition, Slack channels are a great place to look for tech jobs. For example, some communities will have dedicated channels for job postings, portfolio advice, and interview preparation. Companies in the tech industry are now using Slack communities to recruit employees in order to streamline their hiring process.

Where to Find Web Developers Support: Best Slack Channels for Web Developers

Channel Name Number of Members What’s There
Code Newbie 6,540 Questions and tutorials for beginners, a dedicated job channel, and advice for people learning to code on their own.
DevChat 19,000 Channels to ask and answer questions on various topics including HTML, Java, Python, and JavaScript, and notifications on recent job postings.
Socket.io 10,800 Discussions on topics surrounding full stack development with a strong focus on Node.JS and Angular.
FEDs on Slack 7,000 Discussions on advanced front end development topics, questions and feedback chat rooms.
WeLearnJS 11,293 Ongoing JavaScript projects, channels to review and test codes with other members, and notifications on new job postings.
UX Design Community 13,000 Share templates and ideas about front end designs with other professionals. Critic designs and makes suggestions on how to improve your work quality.
NYC Coders 3,847 Join other developers in New York for interview preparation, hackathons, training, and meetups.
Slash Rockets n/a Complete full stack web development projects with other professionals in their inclusive community.
Ruby on Rails Link 16,744 Questions and discussion chats on Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Get updates on front end development jobs.
Node.js 1,927 Questions and discussion surrounding JavaScript development.

The 10 Best Slack Channels for Web Developers: A Closer Look

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If you are a new web developer you can turn to Slack channels for web developers advice and support.

Code Newbie

Code Newbie is one of the most supportive communities for programmers. This is primarily a community for people who are new to coding and don’t come from a computer science background. People use Code Newbie to share their technical problems, ask for coding advice, and get help finding a job. To join, you will have to request an invite.


DevChat is a highly active channel and is an excellent place to ask questions. Here, you will find people with diverse coding experiences and a willingness to help one another. There are channels for JavaScript, Python, HTML, frameworks, and general web development. This supportive community also has a channel for job postings.


This active community is aimed at developers of varying experience levels. It contains about 96 channels dedicated to various full stack programming languages. These include Node.js, JavaScript, and AngularJS. It is a public channel that anyone can join.

FEDs on Slack

Members on FEDs on Slack are highly qualified front end developers. There are channels for general front end development topics, JavaScript, CSS, etc. There is also an offtopic channel where you can share gifs, memes, and images with other developers. FEDs on Slack is a private channel and you need to submit an application to join.


This Slack channel is an excellent place for people who want to improve their JavaScript skills. The members believe that when you teach others, you also learn. Hence, they motivate each other to complete various challenges and projects. This is an ideal Slack community for developers working with JS and looking to collaborate on projects.

UX Design Community

UX Design Community hosts thousands of designers worldwide and connects them to share design inspirations and tips. Learning UI and UX as a full stack web developer will improve your creativity in front end development. They also have dedicated channels for advice and freelance job openings.

NYC Coders

NYC Coders is a coding community based in New York. It is primarily geared toward self-taught programmers and college and coding bootcamp graduates. They meet up in person to prepare for interviews, organize and participate in hackathons, and complete projects. They organize online meet-ups so people outside New York can also participate.

Slash Rockets

Slash Rocket was created to provide all developers with an interactive and inclusive space. Hence, it is a supportive community and welcomes users of various experience levels. This inclusive community is open to any developer who wishes to join. Developers on Slash Rockets are dedicated to creating and completing projects. 

Ruby on Rails Link

Ruby on Rails Link is a community for developers that revolves around Ruby web development, HTML, JavaScript, and other front end programming languages. They also have dedicated channels for job seekers and employers. You may have to provide a link to your GitHub or your portfolio to join the group.


Node.js is another learning community for JavaScript developers. It is a collaborative community and is open to any JavaScript and Node.js enthusiast. This channel allows you to access real-time discussions on different Node.js topics.

Web Developers Advice: Use Slack and Other Resources to Your Advantage

Slack channels are an ideal way for you to become part of a development community. You can use these channels to share experiences, explore employment opportunities, develop your skills, and showcase your projects. They are also a great place to find remote job postings or openings in tech companies.

Slack channels also allow you to connect with other web developers around the globe and get quick help whenever you encounter a problem. So, whether you are an advanced or a novice developer, joining Slack channels for developers can help you to maximize your potential.

Slack Channels for Web Developers FAQ

How do I join a Slack channel?

First, select the channel browser at the top of your left sidebar. Next, use the search bar to search by channel name or description. Alternatively, you can browse through a list of public channels in your workspace. Finally, select the channel you wish to join and click the join channel button. 

Do I have to pay to join a web development channel?

It depends on the web development channel you wish to join. Public channels are free to join and are open to everyone. Private channels may charge a small fee for new members to avoid spammers, and usually require that you apply first.

Can I write code in Slack?

No, you cannot write code in Slack. However, you can connect your GitHub to Slack. Using GitHub allows you to create, edit and review code.

Can I share code with other developers on Slack?

Yes, you can share codes with your colleagues within a Slack channel by using snippets. This function supports a wide range of programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.

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