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Best Slack Channels for UX Designers Advice and Support

Staying in touch with others in the design and tech industries can help you validate your design assumptions and get feedback, whether you’re new to user experience (UX) design or have some experience. UX designers can use Slack channels to communicate with their colleagues while also learning from and contributing to design communities.

As a UX designer, you may have wondered where to find the best Slack channels for UX designer support. While there are dozens of different online communities for designers, navigating them and finding the help you require can be difficult. This article will list some of the best Slack channels for UX designers and a brief overview of each.

Why Should You Join a UX Designers Slack Channel?

Slack is a widely used professional communication platform that makes communicating with coworkers, friends, and other professionals enjoyable and easy. This messaging app improves channel collaboration. There are numerous public Slack channels to interact with UI/UX designers and receive feedback from UI/UX design communities.

If you’ve never heard of Slack or aren’t sure how to use it, you should learn about it and start using it right away. You can learn and receive feedback from your colleagues in various Slack channels for advice and support.  We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Slack channels for UX designers below.

Where to Find UX Designers Support: Best Slack Channels for UX Designers

Channel Name Number of Members What’s There
Design Talks 24,000+ Design Talks features various design-related discussions. You can learn, comment, and receive feedback from other seasoned professional designers in this channel.
Designer Hangout 18,000+ This channel will provide you with the most recent UX trends, guidance, insights, design principles, design systems, opportunities, and face-to-face connections.
Mixed Methods 17,000+ Mixed Methods Slack channel is dedicated to UX research, interviews with industry experts, methodology analysis, and hypothesis testing.
Mind the Product 10,000+ This is a perfect Slack channel for cooperation, natural feedback, sharing ideas, products, design resources, and other relevant information with other UI/UX designers.
Content+UX 8,000+ In the Content+UX Slack channel, you can share your ideas, visions, understanding, and thoughts about quality content strategy in UX writing.
UX Mastery 7,000+ This is a UX design Slack channel for entry-level UX designers looking for advice. You can also learn UX here and share your evolving perspectives on various aspects of UX design.
UX Guide 5,600+ UX Guide is a great Slack channel to share and find ideas and conceptual frameworks relating to UX and product design.
BetterUX Community 4500+ BetterUX Community is an excellent place to discuss and share your ideas on all aspects of UX/UI design, the role of visual design, and user research.
Grommet 3,000+ Grommet is a Slack channel where you can ask questions and share ideas about UI/UX Design and Software Development. It is equally beneficial to both designers and programmers.
UX SP 3,000+ UX SP is a global UX Design Slack community where you can discuss any UX Design topic with your design colleagues worldwide.

The 10 Best Slack Channels for UX Designers: A Closer Look

A UX designer using Slack for professional communication
There are dozens of Slack channels for the UX design team where you can find support and advice from thousands of your colleagues.

Design Talks

Design Talks is a UX design community where you can learn, argue, comment, and receive natural feedback from other active designers who share your interests. Design Talks is a great place to talk about design. This active community can also assist you in identifying your future design partner by providing inspiration and information.

Designer Hangout

Designer Hangout is an invite-only community of designers and researchers who meet in person to have meaningful conversations about digital design trends, exchange professional advice, and uncover insights and opportunities. Active Designer Hangout users can advance their design careers and meet their life goals as UX practitioners.

Mixed Methods

Mixed Methods is a UX Design community for those curious about UX research. This is accomplished through discussions with industry experts and hands-on trial and error. Mixed Methods channel indulges and celebrates curiosity. The newly joined members should expect to put assumptions to the test, explore approaches, and conduct some old-school experiments.  

Mind the Product

Mind the Product is a club of innovative designers, programmers, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers. This Slack design community is known for collaboration and feedback. Joining Mind the Product channel is a terrific way to connect with other UX designers and exchange ideas, products, information, and UX design, as well as product management. Occasionally, the platform can help you find work in the design industry.


Content+UX is a public Slack design community where content-adjacent professionals share their innovative ideas, visions, and knowledge to help build the content strategy in UX authoring. This public Slack community celebrates unique content strategy and the role content plays in the user experience.

UX Mastery

UX Mastery is a Slack community for UX designers that focuses on peer monitoring and providing the best platform for UX professionals. It’s a community for anyone interested in learning about user experience, seeking support, and sharing their evolving perspectives on a wide range of UX design elements.

UX Guide

UX Guide is a rapidly growing Slack user experience community for those who enjoy sharing and learning about UX, product design ideas, conceptual design frameworks, and UX design career advice. This Slack network for UX designers is completely free to join and sign up using your email address.

BetterUX Community

BetterUX Community is a forum for user experience (UX) design enthusiasts and creative professionals to discuss and share all aspects of UX/UI design and user research. Ask Me Anything (AMAs) from industry professionals, the design team, and mentors are available. Users in the community can communicate with one another via UX chat.


Grommet is a useful Slack community for UI/UX designers and developers, where anyone can ask questions and share ideas. It’s an excellent channel for troubleshooting UX design issues and staying updated on design industry news. Grommet Slack users must sign up with their email addresses.


The UX SP is a global design community devoted to user experience design. This Slack channel will be useful for new UX designers looking for advice. Users can join the UX SP Slack group for UX designers via an invite link or by clicking the link above. The Slack community is powered by Slackin-extended software.

UX Design Advice: Use Slack and Other Resources to Your Advantage

Learn how to use Slack to easily communicate with other UX designers and get the help, advice, and feedback you need. There are several public Slack channels for UI/UX designers to communicate and learn from the community of designers. You can join various professional Slack channels from the list and choose your favorite.

Slack Channels for UX Designers FAQ

What is Slack?

Slack is a business messaging app that connects users with the information they require. Slack transforms the way coworkers and colleagues interact by allowing creative people to collaborate. Slack channels enable communication on specific topics by using mentions to draw the attention of channel members.

Are Slack channels useful for UX designers?

UX designers can join various professional Slack channels when seeking support, advicem or feedback from other UX designers. While some Slack channels for UX designers are dedicated to learning the craft, others are used for networking, job advice, and job posting.

Where do you find UX designer support?

While there are numerous active design communities available online, we recommend that you look through the above-mentioned slack communities for UX designer advice. This list may help you navigate various online tech communities for designers and give you an idea of what you might find there. Join your favorite UX design Slack channels and take advantage of them.

Can Slack channels help me become a UX designer?

Slack channels for UX designers may be useful in learning some UX design principles. However, to get quality design education and break into UX design, we recommend that you look into some of the best UX courses and online training. Once you’ve finished your UX course or training, feel free to join your preferred online community on Slack for UX designer advice.

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