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Best Slack Channels for Mobile Developers Advice and Support

The best Slack channels for mobile developers are niche groups that focus on programming languages. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the field, there are several Slack channels for mobile developers advice that you can join.

Slack began as an internal messaging platform for a game development company, Tiny Speck. Slack is an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge.” It was released to the public in August 2013. 

Slack is a great online communications tool that eases collaboration through its extensive range of features. If you don’t know how to use Slack, this article can show you how to get started and where to find Slack channels for mobile developers support.

Why Should You Join a Mobile Developers Slack Channel?

You should join a mobile developers Slack channel because of the networking possibilities that it can entail for you. Slack is a great platform for communicating and connecting, whether you’re an expert in mobile development or aspiring to be one. It enables you to collaborate with people in different time zones and geographical locations.

As a beginner, meeting experienced mobile developers can help you gain firsthand accounts of what it’s like to be a mobile developer. If you’re an experienced mobile developer already, connecting with fellow professionals can expand your social circle within the field.

In Slack channels, you may make contact with other mobile developers for second opinions or advice with a project that you’re currently working on. Or if you’re looking for new opportunities then going through job offers within these channels may help you find the right work. 

Where to Find Mobile Development Support: Best Slack Channels for Mobile Developers

Slack Community Name Number of Slack Users Popular Channels
Gophers 77,000+ Includes a community of developers that specialize in Golang
PySlackers 38,000+ Includes a collaborative community of Python developers
Larachat 34,000+ Include Laravel development topics, job postings, and upcoming events
iOS Developers 30,000+ Include job ads, swift programming language, iOS app development
Ionic Worldwide 20,000+ Include job postings, technical questions, and a front-end developer forum for users
Ruby on Rails Link 16,000+ Include a Slack community of full-stack engineers, job channels, and random topics
Android United 12,000+ Include career advice, job offers, and an offtopic channel
AndroidChat 10,000+ Include beginners’ channel, a tech forum for users, and Android updates
FEDs on Slack 7,000+ Include major languages like Angular and CSS
TechMasters 7,000+ Include business topics, job channels, and upcoming events

The 10 Best Slack Channels for Mobile Developers: A Closer Look

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These are popular channels Slack mobile developers to help you receive support and advice.

Below is further information on the 10 developer-focused Slack channels that may be beneficial as you start networking with other mobile developers. These range from programming language specific channels to more general tech-savvy groups of people. 

Common topics include job postings, social channels, general career advice, and technical questions. The scope of topics and the number of people in each Slack channel differ.


Gophers is a dedicated community for developers who specialize in the Go programming language. Within their private channels, they support 70,000 Slack users. You’ll need a Slack account and to go through identity verification to join their channel.


Slack has one of the largest Python developer channels. PySlackers welcomes both new and experienced Python developers who want to connect with other Python developers. Their private channels cover topics such as resources, Python troubleshooting, and network building.


Larachat focuses on the PHP framework called Laravel. They have over 34,000 users within their group. The main channel focuses on Laravel-specific job listings for remote and freelance work. Other channels discuss relevant topics, tips, and tricks for developing applications using the PHP framework.

iOS Developers

The iOS developers community has over 30,000 active users. They discuss the functional programming for mobile apps in iOS. They also have channels for sharing resources, using Swift, and job listings.

Ionic Worldwide

Ionic Worldwide is a company dedicated to the Ionic front end framework. This framework is used to develop hybrid front end mobile applications. They have a strong community of developers who communicate about technical issues, job postings, and the opinions of other developers.

Ruby on Rails Link

Ruby on Rails is an online community for software developers who use the Ruby programming language. The active users within the community include newbie developers, backend engineers, and OSS contributors. Before you can join this channel, you must include your location, LinkedIn profile, and GitHub profile in your application form.

Android United

Android United is a community of developers working with the Android operating system. The private group has over 12,000 active users. Android United has 22 channels devoted to various topics ranging from development tools to Android software engineering and user experience improvement.

To join this group, you must sign up via Google Docs. This community is geared toward experienced Android developers. If you are a beginner, this channel might not be for you.


AndroidChat welcomes both amateur and professional Android developers within their group. They have over 10,000 active users. You can ask questions in the forums, seek advice, and find the most recent updates and announcements here.

They have several Slack channels, including libraries, development, job listings, and a beginners channel. They also hold Slack events such as conferences and talks that anyone in the group can attend.

FEDs on Slack

FEDs on Slack is an online community of over 7,000 people. The private community is open to both new and experienced front end developers. They have channels dedicated to various programming languages such as JavaScript and CSS. They also have an offtopic channel where people can get to know each other in the group.

Tech Masters

Tech Masters is a safe place for tech enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs. The community discusses topics related to business, web and mobile development, and general programming. They also have non-work channels for socializing and getting to know one another.

Mobile Development Advice: Use Slack and Other Resources to Your Advantage

Aside from the Slack app, there are other ways to learn about the mobile development industry. There are online app development courses that you can take. These courses are either free or paid depending on the educational platform. 

If you want to become an Android mobile developer, there are online Android courses and training that you can pursue. On the other hand, if you want to become an iOS developer, You can learn programming languages unique to iOS.

Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22 percent increase in job opportunities for software developers over the next 10 years. Per this data, there will be approximately 189,200 new job openings.

According to Payscale, the average base salary for a mobile application developer is around $73,517. The starting salary for entry-level developers is around $49,000. Finally, the average base salary for senior mobile application developers is around $119,000.

Slack Channels for Mobile Developers FAQ

What is Slack used for?

The Slack app is a communication platform that connects professionals via direct messages and group chats. Companies and organizations can also use it as a messaging platform for their teams.

Are Slack channels private?

Slack has both private and public channels. You can only gain access to a private channel if members of the group invite you. Private channel messages and files are only accessible to members. Anyone can view and access the messages and content contained within public channels.

Is joining a Slack channel worth it?

Yes, joining a Slack channel is worth it. There are numerous channels that could have a significant positive impact on your career. Slack is an excellent platform for communicating with others who share your interests.

What are Slack channels?

Slack channels are messaging platforms that can be used for work or non-work purposes. For example, you can set up a Slack channel for your team to communicate about a specific project. This enables easy access and collaboration among various people.

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