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Remote Hiring: Why It’s An Excellent Fit For The Tech Industry

With more companies experiencing the benefit of having their staff work from home, the tech industry is one of the most well-suited for this type of work. With the right software, equipment, and a high-speed Internet connection, the possibilities for hiring remote workers are endless. 

Tech jobs often require long periods of concentration, and working from home in a controlled environment can minimize the number of distractions, resulting in increased productivity for these workers.

By offering employees the choice to work from home, companies save on expensive office rental and ancillary costs associated with being in offices. 

When embracing remote work practices, employees and contractors can work from anywhere in the world, enabling companies to reduce costs through currency and exchange rate differentials. As an example, RecruitMyMom, based in South Africa, offers top quality tech and other office-based skills at highly favourable rates to companies globally. Hiring remote workers widens the talent pool for companies as the geographical location of workers is not relevant, but rather their skill and experience.

Studies show that flexible work practices lead to greater loyalty and commitment to the company from employees, which makes sense given they have obligations and interests outside of work. Not only are remote employees happier and get more work done, but they are also willing to go the extra mile in exchange for the benefit of working remotely. 

Enabling remote working eliminates the daily commute to and from work which helps the overall environmental impact of traffic congestion and carbon emissions. It also has the positive societal impact of reducing stress levels caused by traffic congestion. Stress is known to harm employee productivity by reducing the employee’s ability to multi-task and concentrate. 

Employees who work from home have greater flexibility with work schedules, helping to reduce the stress of juggling work and home life. As remote work can offer unparalleled flexibility for tech workers, this results in improved work-life integration, particularly for those engaged in round-the-clock tech support roles.

Tech work done in teams can easily be achieved using collaborative tools and other project management software.


These are a few of the top tech jobs that are suited perfectly for remote working:

Web Designers – for the design of graphics, logos, websites and applications. 

Web Developers – creating a website or web applications for clients.

Software Developers – creating any software solution. 

System Administrators – are responsible for the upkeep and reliable operation of computer systems.

Digital Marketers– have a broad range of skills, including marketing strategy, SEO implementation, and online advertising campaigns.  

Content Creators –  creating content for social media sites, website blogs and broadening a digital footprint.

Information Security Analysts – are responsible for monitoring an organisation’s systems and data breaches. 

UX/UI Designers – creating user-friendly interfaces and methodologies to improve user experience on a website or application. 

Project Managers – coordinate the work of various team members and teams, including working with end-users and customers. 

Customer Support – assisting customers with excellent customer services skills.

Data Analysts- collecting data, analyzing and observing patterns in the data, then compiling findings, and drafting reports to assist businesses in measuring performance and output.

Remote work is not going anywhere, particularly as companies realize that there are cost savings to be had. Companies can access broader and diverse talent pools, but remote working has a positive impact on productivity, morale and loyalty of the staff who are inspired by their newfound ability to work flexibly. 

The growth of remote tech jobs is on an upward trend as tech skills are continuing to be in demand globally. Given the benefits noted in this article, remote working options are a win-win for both employer and employee.

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