The Highest-Paying Web Development Careers: 2021 List

Web development is a pillar of the modern-day technology industry. Web developers contribute significantly to digitalization, and they make a lot of money doing it. If you want to become a web developer, we’ll cover the best web development careers in this guide.

This article contains the highest-paying web development careers or jobs in 2021. It also contains a list of some of the best entry-level positions for web developers as well as the education requirement for starting the career.

What Is Web Development?

Web development is a branch of software engineering that involves the creation and maintenance of websites and other web-based applications. These experts create websites using programming languages and frameworks. They are responsible for ensuring sites are fast, easy to navigate, and representative of their client or employer’s goals.

While all web developers create web-based applications, the job description may vary depending on the job title and company. There are three primary specifications of web development: front end, backend, and full stack.

The front end developer focuses on the user-centered parts of development, while the backend developers focus on the server-side. Full stack developers can perform both front and backend web development.

Web Development Job Outlook
and Salary Potential

Web developers are currently in demand, and this demand is projected to keep growing in the coming years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for web developers between 2019 and 2029 is eight percent. This is about four percent above the national average for all occupations in the United States.

The national average salary for web developers is $77,200, according to the BLS. Web developers with more years of experience tend to earn more than those just starting out. The location of your company may also affect the amount you earn.

At a Glance: Highest-Paying Web Development Careers

The table below contains details about the highest-paying web development careers in the United States. Note that the salaries for each job were obtained from ZipRecruiter. The projected job growth number refers to the period of growth between 2019 and 2029.

Job Title Projected Job Growth Median Pay
Python Developer 8%* $123,536
Web Applications Engineer 8%* $118,250
Locum Tenens Front End Web Developer 8%* $115,669
webMethods Developer 8%* $109,868
Java Web Developer 8%* $107,334
.NET Web Developer 8%* $94,164
Full Stack Web Developer 8%* $88,133
Backend Web Developer 8%* $83,770
Front End Web Developer 8%* $79,725
Web Designer 8%* $60,202

*Job growth information has been sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics data on web developers and digital designers.

The Best Web Development Careers: 2021 List

The Best Web Development
Careers: 2021 List

The following list contains more details about the best web development careers of 2021. It should give you an idea of what is expected from each role listed in the table above.

Min. Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development, Computer Science, or Information Technology

These experts use Python to develop server-side application logic during development projects. They integrate third-party web services with existing web applications during or after development. Python developers are also required to implement security and data protection systems on web applications.

Python web development is currently in high demand, and it ranks as one of the most popular and commonly used coding languages. Companies in and out of the tech industry require the services of Python developers. Google, Insight Global, and Bank of America are among the top companies hiring Python developers.

To become a Python developer, you should be able to use all the most common programming frameworks and languages used with Python. It’s not enough to simply know how to code in Python. You also need problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills.

Min. Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development, Computer Science, or Information Technology

Web application engineers develop, design, and test computer software applications. They evaluate web infrastructure at intervals to ensure that only the latest and most reliable software architecture is being used. Web application engineers evaluate existing software and also maintain and install software across operating systems.

Web application engineers can find rewarding careers in the tech, healthcare, and finance industries. They will also excel as independent contractors if they build a solid client base. Google and Dashlane are on the top of the list of companies that hire web application engineers.

You must be a creative problem solver who has a passion for technology and loves to plan ahead of time. A strong business sense will also help if you intend to freelance or work as an independent contractor.

Min. Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development, Computer Science, or Information Technology

These are regular front end web developers who hold temporary positions in companies. Typically, these locum tenens developers stand in for other developers who are not available. Even if the position is temporary, a locum tenens front end developer may be retained by a company if they prove to be valuable.

The benefit is that you will most likely earn more money than a standard web developer. Several companies hire locum tenens front end web developers for contracts that last anyone from a few weeks to a year. It all depends on the circumstances of employment. The company may renegotiate the deal if they wish to extend the timeline.

You should be willing to travel for months at a time, adapt quickly to new working environments, and be ready to switch careers at short intervals. It will be worth it because, according to ZipRecruiter, these professionals earn $115,669 per year.

Min. Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development, Computer Science, or Information Technology

webMethods developers are experts who work specifically with the webMethods Integration Server, a Java-based integrated development environment. They work on debugging, testing, modifying, defining, and ensuring graphical flow during integration and deployment.

Web methods developers may not have as many job opportunities as regular front end or backend developers since they typically only specialize in using the web methods API. However, companies like Accenture, iFusion Inc, and Veear are among the top employers of webMethods developers.

Java proficiency is a must for webMethods developers. However, transferable skills and personal traits that can help include patience, attention to detail, and problem-solving. This is a good career choice if you want to work in a niche.

Min. Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development, Computer Science, or Information Technology

Java developers specialize in using Java to write code, test websites, and debug backend codes when necessary. It’s not enough to know how to write codes in Java. You should have an in-depth understanding of other Java technologies like Servlet API, Jakarta Server Pages, and Java Persistence API.

If you learn Java, you can easily specialize in the development of desktop and mobile applications. You can also dive into enterprise application development or work with distributed technologies.

These professionals should be team players and leaders. In most cases, Java developers learn other programming languages and frameworks but are sought after because of their exceptional knowledge of Java.

Min. Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development, Computer Science, or Information Technology

These experts specialize in using .NET, a Microsoft web development framework, to design dynamic web pages. While .NET can be used for many systems, it is primarily used on the Windows operating system. Apart from creating systems, these developers install, configure, and maintain these systems over time.

While there isn’t any significant demand for developers who only use .NET frameworks and languages, there is a demand for developers who have experience with .NET. Infosys, Accenture, and Fulcrum Worldwide are currently hunting for .NET developers.

Apart from the regular problem-solving and critical thinking skills, you will need to be good at incorporating feedback and learning new skills to thrive in this field.

Min. Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development, Computer Science, or Information Technology

A full stack web developer works on both the user-centric and server-side of websites and other web applications. If you dive into full stack web development, you will be able to create a website from scratch without seeking out another web developer.

These experts are more likely than front end or backend developers to succeed as freelancers. This makes sense since they can complete projects on their own. If you want to work for a company, tech giants like Google and Facebook frequently recruit new full stack developers.

You have to be incredibly creative and technically inclined to work as a full stack web developer. The job is more demanding than specializing in a single aspect of web development. So, you need to work well under pressure, meet deadlines, and make sure you meet all app specifications on your own.

Min. Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development, Computer Science, or Information Technology

A backend developer is responsible for creating and maintaining the server side of the website. They work on the parts of the website that users don’t see. Most backend developers know front end programming languages, but they also need to learn Python, Java, PHP, and .NET. It is their job to ensure that websites are responsive and fast.

Backend developers are in high demand in the tech industry, and they tend to earn slightly more than front end developers. Some companies that are always searching for backend developers are Google, IBM, and Facebook. You can also make a lot of money freelancing.

Backend developers need to have amazing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They also need to be able to work under pressure when necessary. Patience and communication are also ideal transferable skills for backend developers.

Min. Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development, Computer Science, or Information Technology

Front end web developers are responsible for creating and maintaining the user experience of web applications. They use programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to convert data into a graphical interface. This is what allows users to interact with websites and other web applications with ease.

While front end web developers are in high demand in the tech industry, they are also needed in the education, healthcare, and ecommerce fields. Any individual or business interested in owning a website may employ the services of a front end developer.

Apart from having a technical understanding of web development, a front end developer needs excellent communication and collaboration skills. This is because most front end developers have to work alongside backend developers to complete projects.

Min. Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development, Computer Science, or Information Technology

A web designer creates and maintains websites. Their job description is similar to the job description of front end web developers. They typically work on search engine optimization, authoring, graphic design, and user interface. These creative experts ensure that the website looks engaging to prospective visitors.

Web designers typically work with other developers, but they can often build websites from scratch. They often work in ecommerce and tech. To become a web designer, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree.

The most important transferable skill for web designers is creative thinking. You also need to keep up with trends in the industry, especially if you are responsible for search engine optimization.

What Education Do I Need to Pursue a Career in Web Development?

Traditionally, you will need a Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development, Computer Science, or Information Technology. You can get a degree online or in person. These degrees take an average of four years to complete with an average credit requirement of 120.

While some employers may demand a bachelor’s degree as the minimum education requirement, this isn’t always the case. Self-taught developers and those who attend the best coding bootcamps have been joining the career pool more frequently in recent years.

Bootcamps provide accelerated training, allowing students to get the knowledge they need to start a career within three to twelve months. These fast-paced education institutes have been gaining traction in the industry because they are typically more affordable than universities and offer career services to students.

Common Entry-Level
Web Development Jobs

Entry-level web developers are those who have between zero and two years of professional experience. You may apply for an entry-level position fresh out of college or right after you finish your bootcamp training. These jobs are similar to the ones listed above. However, the salaries are lower, and there are fewer responsibilities.

Junior Java Developer

Entry-Level Pay: $76,849

If you’ve just learned Java and you want to get a job, this career is a great choice. Just like senior Java developers, junior Java developers create and test websites using Java. These professionals can work in almost every kind of business or organization.

Junior Backend Developer

Entry-Level Pay: $68,388

Under the supervision of senior developers, these experts professionals to the lifecycle of a web application. They may be tasked with fixing bugs or checking for inconsistencies in the server-side of web applications.

Junior Front End Developer

Entry-Level Pay: $61,747

These experts typically work under the supervision of more experienced front end developers. They may handle minor tasks during the web development process, but they don’t complete full-scale front end development unsupervised.

Junior Web Designer

Entry-Level Pay: $44,847

If you are interested in both coding and design, this is a good choice for you. As a junior web designer, you will use tools like WordPress to create visually appealing websites. You will typically work under a senior web designer or web developer.

Entry-Level Graphic Designer

Entry-Level Pay: $32,660

Graphic designers are artists who create captivating visual layouts that communicate ideas and inspire the target audience. This could either be done by hand or with a computer. Graphic designers typically work in the advertisement and multimedia industries.

Can I Study Web Development Online?

Yes, web development is one of the tech disciplines that can be studied completely online. It doesn’t matter if you’re chasing a university degree, certificate program, or bootcamp education. You can start and finish your program without ever stepping into a classroom.

Online education offers more flexibility than in-person schooling. It may be a combination of self-paced classes and classes with instructors, depending on the institution. It’s also easier to get an accelerated web development degree online compared to a traditional university.

Should I Pursue a Web Development Job?

Yes, you should pursue a career in web development. It will open the door up to several opportunities for career advancements. As a web developer, you can either work with a company or start a web development business of your own.

With a vivid understanding of web development, it would be easy for you to transition into any other tech career of your choice. All you have to do is get a master’s degree or take a specialization course. In any case, the tech industry is one of the fastest-growing fields. So, diving into web development will help you launch a lifelong career.

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