The 10 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs: The Best Jobs in Technology in 2023

Tech jobs with high annual salaries are not difficult to find, as long as you have the right qualifications and know where to look. Some of the highest-paid tech jobs don’t even require a degree. Technology jobs pay between $78,300 and $131,490 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

However, this yearly salary range doesn’t include more unique specializations that cover some of the highest-paying jobs in tech, like artificial intelligence and big data engineering. These positions can have even higher average salaries for job seekers because they require advanced coding skills. If you want to start your journey and get a job in the tech industry, take a look at our list of the best jobs in technology that pay well.

Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in the Tech Industry: Salaries and Responsibilities

Top 10 Highest-Paid Tech Jobs in 2023

  1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer | $156,648
  2. Big Data Engineer | $130,384
  3. Data Scientist | $119,852
  4. Technical Product Manager | $118,810
  5. DevOps Engineer | $117,139
  6. Tech Project Manager | $108,967
  7. Full Stack Developer | $104,803
  8. Software Engineer | $102,726
  9. Mobile App Developer | $102,539
  10. Information Security Analyst | $101,764

The Highest Paying Jobs in Tech: A Closer Look

If you are thinking about exploring a career in the tech sector, you might as well consider the best jobs in technology first. In this section, we’ll take a detailed look at the highest-paid tech jobs, including the salary, job growth, and job responsibilities of each one. In addition to the average salaries, you’ll learn what the top 10 percent of earners take home from the 10 highest-paying jobs in tech.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Median Salary: $156,648

Top 10% Earn: $201,500

Projected Job Growth: 25% from 2021 to 2031*

Artificial intelligence (AI) engineers develop automated AI-based computer systems that learn and function like the human brain. They combine software development with data engineering. This role is at the forefront of the technological revolution, and there is still a lot of research and development to explore in this field.

The highest-paid tech job comes with a large skillset. Artificial intelligence engineers need to be adept in programming, data science, cyber security, and software engineering. Some of the most common programming languages used by AI engineers are Python, Java, Lisp, and C++.

Big Data Engineer

Median Salary: $130,384

Top 10% Earn: $168,000

Projected Job Growth: 36% from 2021 to 2031**

A big data engineer is a data science expert who collects, analyzes, stores, and processes data for organizations. These experts ensure that all data generated in a company is accessible by the required departments. The job of a big data engineer is crucial for major decision-making in businesses, which is part of why it is one of the highest-paid tech jobs.

First and foremost, big data engineers need to understand how to work with and utilize databases, so they need a strong grasp of SQL. However, big data engineers can also benefit from learning programming languages like C++, Java, and Python. Big data engineers also need skills in data mining and visualization.

Data Scientist

Median Salary: $119,852

Top 10% Earn: $164,500

Projected Job Growth: 36% from 2021 to 2031

A data scientist is a computer expert who collects, sorts, predicts, and derives insights from structured and unstructured data. They also need to communicate data insights to a wide range of stakeholders to help inform key business decisions, so the ability to use various data visualization tools is key.

They typically have a combination of skills in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, which are used to help organizations optimize processes, plan for their future, and strategize. In addition to learning coding languages like Python and SQL, data scientists will also need skills in machine learning.

Technical Product Manager

Median Salary: $118,810

Top 10% Earn: $157,000

Projected Job Growth: 16% from 2021 to 2031

As they oversee the development, sale, and implementation of technology, technical product managers often have backgrounds in software development, engineering, or data science. As one of the highest-paying jobs in tech, this management position requires a lot of specialization.

Not only do these professionals need to have a deep understanding of the technology they are working with, but they also need to be able to liaise with and supervise a variety of team members. This may include working with development and sales teams, as well as other stakeholders.

DevOps Engineer

Median Salary: $117,139

Top 10% Earn: $154,500

Projected Job Growth: 25% from 2021 to 2031*

DevOps engineers are involved in the entire software development process, introducing methodologies, processes, tools, and everything else needed to ensure a successful end product. These experts have one of the highest-paid tech jobs because they bridge the gap between IT operations and software development teams. They also maintain products after they have been introduced to the public.

In addition to a variety of core soft skills like communication and collaboration, DevOps engineers need to have both coding and scripting skills and an understanding of software security and testing. They also need to be able to work with common DevOps tools such as GitHub, Puppet, Ansible, and SaltStack.

Tech Project Manager

Median Salary: $108,967

Top 10% Earn: $154,000

Projected Job Growth: 7% from 2021 to 2031

Tech project managers work with tech teams to help manage and streamline processes. They have a vast knowledge of business and technology and make sure their team meets client specifications and deadlines. As one of the best jobs in technology, a tech project manager often has a say in who gets hired into the technology department when necessary.

More than specific technical skills, tech project managers need strong management and interpersonal skills. Things like leadership, delegation, negotiation, and problem-solving are important in this role. Experience with the technology they are overseeing is always beneficial, but not having it doesn’t necessarily disqualify individuals from this role.

Full Stack Developer

Median Salary: $104,803

Top 10% Earn: $142,000

Projected Job Growth: 23% from 2021 to 2031

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in tech because full stack developers essentially do two jobs, carrying out both backend and front end development. While you can specialize and become a Python developer, java developer, and so on, full stack developers need a broad range of skills.

These skilled professionals know backend coding languages, like C# and Java, as well as front end languages, such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. They also sometimes act as user experience designers and database administrators as they build full-scale websites.

Software Engineer

Median Salary: $102,726

Top 10% Earn: $143,500

Projected Job Growth: 25% from 2021 to 2031

A software engineer designs and builds software for organizations across many industries. They work with user specifications and ensure that every application they create meets company standards. They also provide technical assistance to users in some cases. This is a broad job that can involve many different projects and tasks.

As with many of the best jobs in technology, coding skills are a must for software engineers. However, the exact languages these professionals need to learn will depend on what types of projects they work on. They will need to design, write, test, and debug their code. While the general position of a software engineer is one of the highest-paid tech jobs, professionals can earn even more as they specialize and gain experience.

Mobile App Developer

Median Salary: $102,539

Top 10% Earn: $140,500

Projected Job Growth: 25% from 2021 to 2031*

A mobile application developer is a software engineer who writes code for mobile software. This includes, but is not limited to, smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and fitness trackers. A mobile app developer may work with other tech professionals to ensure the successful deployment and maintenance of mobile apps.

Mobile app developers need strong coding skills. However, they will need to learn specific languages, such as Java, Python, C++, Kotlin, Go, and Swift, which are most commonly used for building apps. They also need to understand the principles of mobile app design and cross-platform development.

Information Security Analyst

Median Salary: $101,764

Top 10% Earn: $144,500

Projected Job Growth: 35% from 2021 to 2031

As one of the highest-paid tech jobs, an information security analyst also has a very important role. They are responsible for the security of the computer and communication network systems. These professionals create security measures, install firewalls, monitor systems for unusual activities, and keep systems secure from cyber security attacks. They also search for vulnerabilities in computer systems through penetration testing.

Information security analysts need to be well-versed in cyber security risks, protocols, and software. Analysts rely equally on their strong analytical skills and technical knowledge to keep networks and organizations secure. They need to understand network infrastructure, the weaknesses of different operating systems, and hardware vulnerabilities.

*Job growth statistics have been sourced from BLS data on software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers.

**Job growth statistics have been sourced from BLS data on data scientists.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Land the Highest Paid Tech Jobs?

Coding bootcamps are intensive training programs that can help you land many of the highest-paid tech jobs if you take full advantage of the resources they offer. For example, if you want to work as a data scientist, you can check out coding bootcamps like General Assembly and Springboard.

On the other hand, you can also become a software engineer by attending bootcamp programs at App Academy, Flatiron School, and Fullstack Academy. Coding bootcamp can also train you for jobs that don’t require programming. For example, you can become a tech sales development representative by attending a bootcamp like SV Academy.

All in all, there are many different jobs that bootcamps can help you get, as these programs typically offer robust career services. There are even bootcamps with job guarantees.

Why You Should Consider One of the Best Jobs in Technology

You should consider one of the best jobs in technology because the tech industry offers high average salaries and exceptional job growth. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and there is no sign that things are going to slow down anytime soon. As such, the highest-paid tech jobs offer security, lucrative salaries, the opportunity to grow, and a myriad of other benefits.

While known for having fast-paced environments, the top tech companies in Silicon Valley are also known for being exciting and fun places to work. However, this is an aspect of workplace culture within the tech sector that spreads beyond the Bay Area. So, if you are looking for an engaging, challenging, and secure career path, consider one of the highest-paying jobs in tech.

Highest-Paying IT Jobs FAQ

What technical jobs are in high demand?

Data scientist, web developer, software engineer, and information security analyst are all technical jobs that are in high demand. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, data scientists have a job growth rate over five times higher than the average for all occupations. Plus, these are also some of the highest-paid jobs in tech.

What is the easiest job in tech?

Some of the easiest jobs in tech include working as a junior web developer, graphic designer, technical writer, or digital marketer. All of these positions require little education to get started and you can quickly learn the skills necessary to land an entry-level role.

Is software engineering the same as mobile application development?

Software development is a broad term that encompasses mobile, web, and other forms of software-based application development. All mobile application developers are software developers, but not all software developers are mobile application developers.

How long does it take to start a tech career?

You can launch your tech career in a few months or a few years depending on the route you take. Those who teach themselves or attend bootcamps tend to complete their training and start job hunting faster than those who attend university.

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