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Best PHP Events to Learn and Get Support

Because of the widespread usage of the PHP programming language in the technology field, there are numerous job opportunities for PHP developers. For professionals looking to join the field or advance their careers, attending PHP events is a great way to learn about the latest trends, gain insights from industry experts, and network with other professionals.

In this guide, we will discuss the best PHP events for 2022, including the best PHP conferences and meetups, and the benefits of attending these events.

What Are PHP Events?

PHP events are gatherings of PHP experts, developers, and enthusiasts to discuss different PHP concepts. These discussions take place in various formats including information sessions, lightning talks, workshops, meetups, and conferences. Conference organizers may design the event to focus on one or two conference themes or a wide range of tech topics. 

PHP Conferences

PHP conferences are usually larger formal events that require meticulous planning. They follow a stricter schedule when it comes to discussing PHP-related topics than other events. Conferences also have geographical and time flexibility, allowing attendees to experience the event at their convenience. For example, some conferences are available as virtual events. 

PHP Meetups

Unlike conferences, PHP meetups are informal events that require less planning. Usually, the attendees meet in a casual location like a park or cafe to discuss PHP issues, including enterprise PHP, security, and performance. Meetups can also be an element of a PHP conference.

Benefits of Attending PHP Events, Conferences, or Meetups

PHP events, conferences, and meetups offer numerous benefits to the attendees. They focus on skill enhancement, productivity, and career resources, which means attending these events is necessary if you want to succeed as a developer. Below are the major benefits of PHP events. 

  • Certificates. Certificates prove you are a qualified and competent professional to prospective employers. Some PHP events provide their attendees with certificates, such as the International PHP Conference. This hybrid conference can be accessed either online or on-site in Berlin. 
  • Career development. With the number of software developers continuing to grow around the world, competition for employment is stiff. Tips and advice from leading PHP experts will help you gain an edge in the job market and build a long-lasting career in software development. 
  • Networking opportunities. The best PHP conferences and meetups allow you the opportunity to network with the best in the business. For example, last year’s Phpday – Digital Edition had an international list of speakers and leading PHP experts. This helped novice and intermediate PHP developers network with top professionals.
  • Business. PHP conferences can help you learn about new PHP tools and PHP technologies that will scale your business profits. This is ideal for developers interested in launching a start-up company or for owners of small tech companies looking to build a successful business. 

Best PHP Events, Conferences, and Meetups: 2022 List 

Event Dates Location Type of Event Registration Fee
PHP Hampshire 2022 March 21 Online Meetup Free
DrupalCon April 25 – 28 Portland Conference $895 – $1,395
QCon Plus Online Software Conference May 10 – 20 Online Conference $499 – $799
The Principal Developer – Masterclass For Developers May 19 – 20 Online Online Training €999 ($1,092)
Phpday 2022 May 19 – 20 Italy and online Conference €38.54 – €283.09 ($42 – $310)
International PHP Conference Berlin May 30 – June 3 Berlin and online Conference €359 – €1,648 ($393 – $1,802)
Midwest PHP Conference April 21 – 23 Minneapolis Conference Free
Agile Testing Days USA June 5 – 9 Chicago Conference $875 – $3,390
Dutch PHP Conference June 24 Online Conference Free
Infobip Shift September 19 – 20 Croatia and online Conference €35 – €190 ($38 – $208)

Best PHP Conferences, Meetups, and Events in 2022: Details

Looking for the right PHP events to attend in 2022? Below are the best PHP events that offer you exclusive experiences to ensure you sharpen your current programming skills and build a successful career.

PHP Hampshire 2022 | March 21  

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: Free

This PHP meetup will be held via Zoom and facilitated by Eli Zheleva. She will focus on the importance of integrating the Martech Stack and why tracking and development input is necessary during this process. The event’s sponsors include Spectrum IT and JetBrains PhpStorm, renowned for using the latest PHP tools and supporting PHP frameworks.

DrupalCon | April 25 – 28

  • Location(s): Portland, USA
  • Cost of Registration: $895 for a regular main conference ticket, $1,145 for the main conference and Higher Ed summit ticket, $1,395 for the main conference and training. 

DrupalCon offers a favorable environment for networking, learning, and collaborating with experienced PHP developers. The program of events for this annual conference includes keynotes and sessions, summits and training, networking platforms, breakout sessions, and content strategy.

QCon Plus Online Software Conference | May 10 – 20

  • Location(s): Online 
  • Cost of Registration: $499 for an early bird ticket and $799 for later than March.

This 10-day conference gathers senior software engineers from different domains to impart knowledge about emerging trends and practices that impact the tech world. Some of the live sessions include interactive Q&As, breakout sessions with speakers, and sessions where technical topics, including PHP development, will be explored. 

The Principal Developer – Masterclass For Developers | May 19 – 20 

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: €999 ($1,092)

This masterclass for developers offers software development managers multiple learning opportunities. You will learn how to balance your technical and non-technical skills, communicate confidently, and influence team members. You also learn how to utilize pair programming, enhance the development process, and accelerate hiring. 

Phpday 2022 | May 19 – 20

  • Location(s): Verona, Italy and Online
  • Cost of Registration: $38.54 ($42) for an online ticket, $257.35 ($281.43) for an early bird in-person ticket, and $283.09 ($309.58) for a late bird conference in-person ticket

The hybrid conference was organized by an Italian PHP user group. This international event will focus on PHP management, development, and creative technologies. As one of the largest PHP events, Phpday 2022 accepts submissions from community leaders across the globe who wish to talk at this event.

International PHP Conference Berlin | May 30 – June 3

  • Location(s): Berlin and Online
  • Cost of Registration: Prices range from €359 – €1,694 ($393 – $1,802) depending on number of days attending

The International PHP Conference in Berlin gathers internationally renowned experts, PHP users, and developers from small and large organizations. It promises over 60 best practice sessions, over 50 international speakers, hands-on power workshops, networking events, and official certificates for all attendees.

Midwest PHP Conference | April 21 – 23 

  • Location(s): Minneapolis
  • Cost of Registration: Free

This annual conference is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022 with an incredible conference program of over 50 sessions and certificates. The conference speaker lineup includes Teresa Porter of Huffpo, Mike Stowe, and Dr. Shallon Elizabeth Brown, CTO of North Studio. 

The event offers programs such as Beginner PHP, which provides two days of hands-on training led by friendly instructors, and Everyday PHP, which focuses on the evolution of PHP. Advanced users can choose the Enterprise PHP program, which educates attendees on using PHP to power critical applications.

Agile Testing Days USA | June 5 – 9 

  • Location(s): Chicago, Illinois
  • Cost of Registration: $3,390 for 5-day package, $2,970 for 4-day package, $2,095 for 3-day package, $1,395 for 2-day package, and $875 for 1-day tutorial.

The Agile Testing Days USA conference offers a wide platform where attendees learn, connect, and network with a strong community of tech professionals. Conference proceedings include combo sessions, keynotes, social events, tutorials, and workshops on topics such as test automation and integration, mob programming, Agile management, and user story integration.   

Dutch PHP Conference | June 24

  • Location (s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: Free

The Dutch PHP Conference will be online-only in 2022. It will be free to attend for PHP users of all levels to learn about PHP and web technology. You will enjoy great talks from experienced developers and interaction with other PHP professionals. 

Infobip Shift | September 19 – 20

  • Location(s): Zadar, Croatia, and Online
  • Cost of Registration: €35 for Blind Bird Student Pass, €55 for Blind Bird Virtual Pass, €160 for Blind Bird Standard Pass, and €190 Blind Bird All-Access Pass ($38 – $208)

This two-day hybrid conference gathers over 4,000 in-person attendees from across the globe, as well as a large host of online attendees. The real value of this PHP event is networking due to the wider PHP community in attendance. International keynote speakers include Una Kravets of Google, Ben Lesh of Citadel, and Houssein Djirdeh of Google.

Should I Attend PHP Events in 2022? 

Yes, PHP events are fundamental for building a successful career as a PHP developer. These events provide numerous opportunities for novice, intermediate, and advanced PHP users. PHP events provide workshops, training sessions, networking, and keynote speakers to its attendees. 

PHP Events FAQ

Where can I study PHP?

You will find numerous PHP course providers online, including Codecademy, Eduonix, Coursera, Skillshare, and Udemy, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate developer. You can also study at a PHP bootcamp where you learn the skills required to be job-ready in the PHP development environment in a short, intensive program.

Can students get discounted tickets?

Depending on the event, students can get discounted tickets for PHP events. This is usually the case for bigger conferences. Most PHP also offer early-bird tickets, so if you are looking for a discount on your conference fees, it is better to book early.

How do I become a PHP event partner?

To become a PHP event partner you can visit specific sites to find the required partnership proposal and other essential details. As a PHP event partner, you will gain access to numerous benefits, including discounted and free tickets. 

What are the best-paying PHP developer jobs in the US?

According to ZipRecruiter, the best paying PHP developer jobs include lead PHP developer, YII framework, ZEND framework developer, PHP architect, and PHP developer. 

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