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The Most In-Demand Skills in Denver Tech for 2023

You’ve always had a knack with machinery and computers, and you’re ready to take that to the workforce. But what tech abilities can earn you big bucks in the Denver area? Knowing the most in-demand skills in Denver gives your studies direction and shows you which fields need workers. When you’re familiar with the top tech skills in Denver, you can tailor your studies to meet demand and wind up with a career that pays well. 

Our guide is the tool you need to find out all about the Denver tech skills that can land you a lifetime of gigs. We show you which jobs are hot in Mile-High country right now and let you know how to pick up the training so you can qualify for these amazing opportunities. With our assistance, your job hunts will be a snap and hiring managers will welcome you with open arms for the rest of your life.

Software Development

The world runs on computers. I mean, what are you reading this article on, an engraved tablet? Almost every service in our homes and many of the objects with which we interact daily rely on computers, and Denver is full of companies that develop software to make those computers work as intended. If you want job security and high pay, think about jumping into software development.

Designing and developing software requires both hard and soft skills. Learn the most common programming languages, including CSS, Python, Java, and JavaScript, and get familiar with the software development cycle and the way it works. Math skills come in handy when you program, and it’s good to have a creative streak to help you find solutions to any problems that arise. You can get your software development training online, and Denver has some excellent coding bootcamps if that works better for you.

Cloud Management

A look at the most in-demand skills in Denver for tech workers inevitably includes cloud management. The cloud is more than a business buzzword. Remote computing is the future of business. Using cloud computing allows companies to stay current on the latest software engineering and equipment without paying through the nose. If you know how to design and maintain cloud architecture, Denver companies would very much like to give you lots of money.

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are the most popular cloud computing platforms, so become familiar with the way each one operates and the tools they use. Using the cloud means communicating across networks, so folks with good knowledge of network architecture and development will go far in the field. Sun and Cisco both offer robust certifications for cloud management.

Data Engineering

Modern businesses are increasingly data-driven, and the companies that handle and interpret that data correctly are the ones with long-term growth potential. Denver businesses need people who can design and build effective and efficient data analysis platforms. Data engineering is a challenging and lucrative field for new tech workers and will keep you working and well-paid for your entire career. 

Data engineers have a variety of skills, including knowledge of Linux and other popular operating systems. Get good at working with data warehousing tools Hadoop, HIVE, MapReduce, PIG, Kafka, and Apache Spark to be competitive with other job seekers. And learn Python at a minimum and other languages as needed. With that toolkit, you’ll be ready to wow the boss and bring home the bacon.

Network Engineering

Without networks, we wouldn’t need most of the modern computing jobs. Computers require communication to function as anything other than a stand-alone machine: networking is what makes that communication possible. Network engineers keep the ‘puters chatting. It’s a job that isn’t going anywhere but up in the business world. And you can pick up the training and start earning in no time flat.

Start studying network equipment and operating systems if you want to compete for network engineer positions. Sun and Cisco produce much of the world’s networking gear and offer robust certification programs that give you experience and training, so consider getting a few certs under your belt. Brush up on Linux and other operating systems, and take the time to understand how storage and networking mesh together. If you do, you’ll catch the hiring manager’s eye and find yourself landing the best gigs.

Denver has lots of tech job openings, but it’s essential to know which fields are popular and pay the best. Our look at the top tech industry skills in Denver will help you find the right career path for your interests and ensures that you get the training you need to start a rewarding and enjoyable professional life.

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