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Tech Career Gold: The Most In-Demand Skills in Boston in 2023

Maybe you’ve been working in Boston for a while and want a change, or maybe you’re a brand-new techie contemplating your first paying gig. Whatever your circumstances, you want facts on the tech skills Boston companies crave and will pay top dollar to acquire. Knowing the most in-demand skills in Boston tech is a crucial first step. When you’re familiar with the top tech skills in Boston, you can tailor your training and ensure that you’re attractive to future employers.

This article is here to help you along your journey of discovery. We created this guide to show you the top skills in Boston tech and let you know how to pick up the training and expertise you need. You’ll find out what it takes to become a network engineer and a Java developer; we also look at how to learn about cloud computing and more. Ready? Let’s get this rodeo started.

Database Engineering

A quick look at tech jobs that pay high salaries in the Boston area reveals that folks who work with databases are high on the list. That’s because data makes the world go round, and people who can control that data are valuable team members. Thanks to the many colleges in Boston and surrounding areas, the region is always in need of more database engineers.

As a database engineer, you’ll work closely with databases. Your skillset will reflect that. Get educated on SQL Server and MySQL, which will be your bread and butter as a database engineer. Learn about data warehouses and their processes, and get familiar with ETL tools as you’ll use them every day on the job. And the more Linux you have, the better you’ll be at your job.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has never been hotter as a buzzword, and that’s because it’s also a red-hot business concept. When properly set up, cloud computing allows businesses to use remote computing and storage in tandem with local operations. Cloud computing is a huge boon to business, and you can get in on the ground floor. Boston businesses will snap you up in a hurry if you’re familiar with cloud computing, even if you’re self-trained.

You’ll need to learn as much as you can about two of the largest cloud computing platforms, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Networking will be your bread and butter as a cloud computing expert, so take the time to get to know networking equipment and architectural concepts. Cisco and Sun offer certifications that can mean the difference between getting hired at your next job interview and continuing your job search.

Java Development

Programming ability is one of the most in-demand skills in Boston, and coders who can work with Java are particularly hot commodities. Java is widely used and is versatile enough for all sorts of applications. If you’re looking for a skill that never goes out of style, Java development is a great candidate. You can use your Java skills to get a sweet programming gig and continue your growth as a developer.

As you might expect, your required skillset as a Java engineer centers around development and process. MVC framework knowledge is essential; study Playframework, Struts, and Spring. You’ll use version control, and specifically Git, all the time in your development work, so get familiar with it. AJAX, JUnit, and JSTL are all requirements for a quality Java engineer, as are build tools such as Maven and Ant. You can pick up all these skills by attending a Boston coding bootcamp.

Network Engineering

When it comes to all-time essential tech skills in Boston, you can’t go wrong with network engineering. Many companies rely on their network and connection across the Internet, and the wizards who keep the whole system operating enjoy respect and high pay. If you’re looking for a tech gig that never goes out of style and will keep you well-paid throughout your career, consider becoming a network specialist.

Focus on developing your understanding of network architecture and protocols. You’ll need some certifications from Cisco, Sun, or other heavy hitters in the network game in order to compete in the job market. And it won’t hurt your chances if you learn Red Hat or another Linux flavor, as many network engineering jobs are hybrids that require sysadmin skills as well as network chops.

So, that’s the deal. Bostonian techies need not despair: you live in an area that will hire you in a second if you develop your skills. Our guide to the top tech skills in Boston helps you find the right career path and shows you what you need to do to boost your career into the stratosphere. 

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