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The Most In-Demand Skills in Austin for Tech Workers

Austin is a fantastic place to kick your tech career into gear, but you need to know where to look. You want to focus on skills that can get you jobs and give your professional life a boost, so any information that can help you identify those skills is as valuable as gold. Learning the most in-demand skills in Austin tech is a good start. When you have a grasp on the most valuable tech skills in Austin, you can make informed choices about your career.

Never fear, knowledge seekers. We’ve got just the article for you Austin techies. This guide looks at the top skills in Austin tech that can land you fantastic gigs and provide you with a sky-high salary. In this guide, you’ll get information on skills in networking, server administration, web development, and mobile development. All of these skills will make you a valuable commodity and an appealing prospect to Austin tech companies.

Network Engineering

Network engineers bring in top salaries and can find reliable employment all over Austin. You can jump into networking without a CS degree, and because networks become more enmeshed in our culture every year, you’ll never have to go without a job again. Austin is full of networks, and every one of them needs an army of network specialists to keep them going. Consider picking up networking skills to make you a more attractive candidate.

As a network guru, you’ll work with the network every day. To perform your duties, you need to be comfortable working with network equipment such as routers, switches, and firewalls. Getting Cisco or Sun certifications is a good entry point into this profession. The certs provide you experience with the theories, equipment, and actions that go into creating and managing a network.

Web Development

Who doesn’t love the web? Any place that offers such a variety of opinions, functions, and possibilities is somewhere that needs maintaining, though. That’s where web development comes into the picture. Web development is easy to get into, and Austin needs oodles of folks who have expertise on the subject. If you enjoy the Internet and want to have a hand in developing apps and sites on it, consider a web development career.

As you might expect, web development skills mean learning programming languages. You should plan on filling your brain with as many of those languages as you can. Your list should include HTML, Java, Python, CSS, JavaScript, C++, and more, all of which you can learn at an Austin-based bootcamp. Get a good idea of how the development cycle works and the underlying philosophy behind software programming, too. With this toolkit, you’ll be ready to start making the web your personal playground.

Mobile Development

In the past decade, mobile computing has made the move from an expensive side project to the mainstream. Because of this, mobile app development has skyrocketed. Austin is lousy with companies working on mobile apps, and they’ll be happy to throw money at anyone who has the skills to build quality products. This field is the future of programming, and now is the perfect time to jump in and start your new career.

To be competitive as a mobile developer, you’ll need to learn mobile-friendly programming languages such as Objective-C, Java, Swift, Python, Perl, and C#. You should have good organizational abilities to be a mobile programmer, too, so work on those if need be. Get to know Apache backwards and forwards, and become an iOS expert if you plan to work on Apple products. A little study on your part will be all it takes to help you land a fantastic mobile coder gig.

Systems Administration

Server development and management is the rock upon which all the other jobs we’ve examined build and grow. You can’t write programs or transmit data across networks unless your company’s servers work correctly, and the systems administrator is the person who keeps them running. Austin always needs more sysadmins, and folks who choose this career option are sure to find employment when they look for it.

Sysadmins have all kinds of duties that range from security concerns to system patch deployment and upgrades, but their primary duty is to maintain the company’s servers, keeping them up-to-date and functioning properly. Study your operating systems if you want to be a sysadmin. Red Hat, Ubuntu, and other Linux flavors are a necessity, and knowing your way around Windows servers won’t hurt. Get familiar with the development cycle, too; sysadmins work with software development teams to maintain the machines in every build environment.

And that’s the long and short of it, happy folk. Austin is a tech-heavy town and offers plenty of opportunities for new and experienced workers. Our guide looks at the top tech skills in Austin and assists you in finding the subjects that can make your career take off. With our assistance, you’ll be working your new tech job before you know it.

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