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Metis – Immersive Data Science Bootcamp

In our high-tech and digitized marketplace, the people with training in data science and other information technology fields get to work on fascinating problems and bring home amazing salaries. To qualify for jobs in cutting edge fields, it’s crucial to pick up cutting-edge and forward-thinking training. Metis offers excellent in-person classes and an online educational alternative for data science hopefuls who are busy or live in an underserved region.

In this guide, we examine the Metis immersive data science courses and go over the school’s details. You get information on the school’s background and its course offerings, curricula, and tuition. This article helps you get a handle on what to expect in a Metis online bootcamp and gives you the facts that let you make an informed decision about your future.

School Overview

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Metis aims to assist people in getting their tech training at home.

Metis launched its immersive data science bootcamp in New York in 2014 and expanded to San Francisco and Chicago in the following few years. The bootcamp is now offered in a live online format as well, further expanding the accessibility of the program. They have also offered live online part-time courses since 2017. Metis aims to give future data scientists top-notch instructors, curriculum, and experience.

Immersive Data Science Bootcamp

Metis promotes itself as an accredited data science bootcamp, awarded by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). The data science bootcamp uses a project-centered teaching approach and works to ensure that the students get a solid theoretical and practical foundation for their future studies and professional career. Metis also provides a comprehensive career-focused curriculum and support from career advisors until graduates are hired.

What is Data Science?

Data scientists work with data and record, store, and analyze it to provide private companies and governments with useful information. Effective use of data science affords organizations with the power to respond rapidly and effectively to the insights provided by analysis.

What does this Program Cover?

Metis’s data science bootcamp is its primary offering and is a full-time course that runs for 12 weeks and is divided into projects. Students leave the course with an interview-ready portfolio.

  • Project 1—Exploratory data analysis; subjects include Python, Matplotlib, Bash, and Git and Github.
  • Project 2—Regression and web scraping; topics include web scraping, machine learning, Bayes Theorem, and hypothesis testing.
  • Project 3—Classification and interactive dashboards; subjects featured include regression and classification algorithms, cloud servers, web dev essentials, and databases.
  • Project 4—Natural language processing; subjects include deep learning, neural networks, and distributed databases.
  • Project 5—Passion project; features topics like MapReduce, PySpark, and data ethics. Develop and complete a final project.

How Much Does the Immersive Data Science Bootcamp Cost?

Costs are all-important when it comes to finding the perfect bootcamp. Tuition for Metis’s data science bootcamp is $17,000, which covers instruction, labs, workshops, one-on-one meetings, and mock interviews.

Paying for The Bootcamp

Students have several options when paying for the immersive bootcamp at Metis:

  • Upfront payment—pay in one lump sum.
  • Financing—Metis partners with Skills Fund to provide students with loans to cover expenses.
  • Scholarships—Metis offers a $3,000 scholarship for women, members of underrepresented groups, the LGBTQ community, or veterans of U.S. military personnel.  
  • GI Bill—Metis has been approved to train veterans in New York, and they are currently seeking approval for GI Bill funding for other locations.

Beginner Python and Math for Data Science

Many future data scientists benefit from preparatory training before they tackle the bootcamp application. Metis offers a beginner math and Python online class to help new students build up their skills; this approach ensures that students get a feel, and are fully prepared, for the immersive bootcamp.

What is Beginner Python and Math?

This class introduces math and programming concepts behind data science to new techies. The course provides the tools that help students succeed in their studies and provides many people with their first look at coding and working with advanced math to complete projects.

What does this Course Cover?

In the six-week course, students get instruction in coding fundamentals.

  • Week 1—Python basics
  • Week 2—Advanced Python concepts
  • Week 3—Python mathematical libraries
  • Week 4—Linear algebra
  • Week 5—Calculus and probability
  • Week 6 —Statistics

How Much Does the Beginner Python and Math Course Cost?

Prep courses are essential elements of your coding education, but it’s crucial to select programs with reasonable costs. Metis’s beginner Python and math course costs $750. Alumni from part-time courses can get a discount equal to the tuition of one part-time course tuition for an upcoming bootcamp.

Introduction to Data Science

Metis recognizes that some folks might have coding experience but don’t have much of a foundation for data science studies. The school developed an introductory data science course to meet the needs of these students and set them up for success in the data science bootcamp.

What is Introduction to Data Science?

The school’s intro course provides its students with an early look at the main topics examined in the bootcamp. After taking the introductory course, students have a good idea of what to expect in the immersive program and acquire valuable methods of achieving their goals.

What does this Course Cover?

The course delves into core concepts and lets students work on a data science project. Topics include:

  • Data acquisition, aggregation, and cleaning
  • Exploratory data analysis and visualization
  • Feature engineering
  • Model creation and validation
  • Data science foundations in math and statistics

How Much does Introduction to Data Science Cost?

Like the beginner Python and math course, the intro to data science class runs $750. Like the above course, those that complete this course have the opportunity to apply the $750 they spend towards enrollment in the full-time bootcamp.

Student Outcomes

Metis reports success in helping students begin their careers at top companies across industries. The students receive support and assistance with developing a network, creating a resumé, and landing interviews and jobs. They stand by their hiring standards and student success stories.


Metis’s data science bootcamp price tag is on par with comparable programs, and the training is excellent. Additionally, the school’s preparatory Python and data science course offerings are both comprehensive and low cost.

Overall, Metis is a great selection for people with a passion to find value in data and who want to begin rewarding new careers in the growing field of data science.

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