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Wyncode Bootcamp Review and Complete Guide

There are plenty of Wyncode reviews online to help you navigate its courses. However, a proper Wyncode review will give you an in-depth view of its courses, costs, time requirements, job placement opportunities, and school financing options.

This guide will do just that. Make sure you read this review before enrolling in any online coding bootcamp to make sure you choose the right one. Wyncode might be your top pick.

What Is Wyncode?

Wyncode School Quick Facts
CostOnline: $5,000 – $15,000
Start DatesFebruary 8th
LocationsMiami, Online
CoursesFront End Web Development, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, UX/UI Immersive
Available ProgramsOnline, Full-time, Part-time

Wyncode is a coding bootcamp that helps students develop essential skills in programming and design. The platform is exceptional for learning full stack web development, UX/UI design, and digital marketing. The platform designs its programs to help you learn career-oriented skills and critical information.

Wyncode has been recognized for its quality of content, with the Florida Department of Education’s Commission for Independent Education even certifying Wyncode. The school is also the first in the area to accept GI bills and has an open policy towards students from all over the world who want to learn how to code.

Is Wyncode Worth It?

The coding school has an exceptional curriculum that focuses on the timely delivery of information concerning industry trends. It not only provides you with education materials but also additional skills. The company is committed to helping students acquire the necessary soft skills for navigating the tech industry.

Wyncode is affiliated with many companies and graduates have the opportunity to work in top-rated tech companies such as, Amazon, Microsoft, CareCloud, MD Live, Watson, and Royal Caribbean. According to their website, the school has alumni spread across more than 250 companies.

The school is renowned in both the Miami Tech Community and beyond. With reputable full lifetime career support, its name is synonymous with quality content, curated to help students become experts in their field.

Wyncode Job Placement

The 10-week coding bootcamp is undeniably exceptional at ensuring its students secure a job. The school is known for having a 90 percent success rate in finding employment for its job-seeking graduates. The 2019 job placement report, available on the official website, gives full details about the graduates, the waiting period for placement, and job opportunities. records 93 percent of job seekers from Wyncode as having landed jobs with Royal Caribbean, IBM, WIX, Ultimate Software, and Microsoft. The average salary of these employees is $52,660 per year.

According to Wyncode’s job report, the school recorded 149 student placements in 2018 compared to 91 in 2017. That’s a placement rate of 93 percent in 2018, up from 91 percent in 2017. The school’s potential is undeniable in terms of job support, and the numbers are always on the rise.

Does Wyncode Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Wyncode does not provide any job guarantees. However, the platform allows students to defer their tuition. The program helps students learn first and pay later after getting a promising job, with tuition repayments starting after securing a salary of $40,000 per year.

How Much Does Wyncode Cost?

Wyncode costs match its content quality and thorough curriculum. Its full-time online courses cost $15,000, and its part-time course costs $5,000. The standard cost will vary depending on your eligibility for a scholarship or financial aid.

How to Pay for Wyncode: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

Learning is an undeniable human necessity to survive. A tech career can significantly change your life and future prospects. Wyncode values passionate students who seek to grow their skills and knowledge of the tech industry. There are several options available to help you cover your tuition fees.

Upfront Full Payment

You can easily clear your entire tuition fee upfront via visa, wire transfer, check, or cash. Seek further information about the amount and account details from the admissions team.


Wyncode is known for its high inclusivity standards. The school offers $10,000 grants to low-income and unemployed residents in Miami. This grant can only be used, however, for students pursuing web development. The platform also provides a $1.4 million scholarship to increase women in tech.


The program allows three candidates to enroll in its full-time courses without paying upfront tuition. The Income Share Agreement (ISA) stipulates that the candidate has access to financial aid. Students can repay the school once they land a job that pays $40,000 a year. The deferred tuition is only available for UX/UI immersive and full stack web development students.

Loan Financing

The school has partnered with different financiers to offer financial assistance for students. Climb credit can provide you with a quick application at low fixed rates with no penalties, they also have a high acceptance rate.

GI Bill

The school is keen on helping veterans start over after service. It provides funds for full-time online programs. The 10-week sessions will give you the best opportunity to start your career in tech.

Wyncode Locations

Wyncode’s programs are available online. Its main office of operation is in Miami, Florida.

Wyncode Courses

Wyncode leans towards providing insightful information and extensive reference material for students. It designs its lessons for students who are passionate about technology and its affiliations. Wyncode courses are essential for data scientists, web designers, web developers, and product managers.

Wyncode Prep Courses

While the best way to secure your admission to any bootcamp is by entering a prep course, Wyncode, unfortunately, does not provide any prep courses to its students.

Digital Marketing – Online | Part-Time

Digital marketing skills can land you a job in any industry. Wyncode provides a platform to develop your skills and grow your knowledge base of the digital space. The head instructor will teach you the basic principles of digital marketing and best practices. This is an excellent course to become a proficient digital marketer.

This is a part-time course that lasts for only 10 weeks. You will be required to pay a $5,000 tuition fee and attend at least four hours of class each week. Class sizes do not exceed 30 students, so hurry and sign up to become the best in your field.

Front End Web Development – Online | Part-Time

This is an excellent course for developing skills in multiple coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React js. The curriculum is designed to help you navigate the front end side of web development.

The course lasts for almost twelve weeks and costs $5,000. It is a part-time online course, you will be required to attend for nine hours each week.

Full Stack Web Development – Online | Full time

The online lessons will help you learn web development at a much deeper level. The 40 hours a week will cover essential elements in web development from HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Express js, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Git, and SQL. The classes are full-time and last for 10 weeks.

To complete the program, you must write over 5,000 lines of code and complete 350 hours of instructor-led learning. The platform assures you of extensive support until you find a job placement.

UX/UI Immersive – Online | Full time

The program is essential to learn Agile and User Experience design. The school designed the curriculum intentionally to help you move from beginner to expert in 10 weeks. The course will teach you how to visually communicate, shape the user’s journey, and utilize different UX frameworks.

The program runs for 10 weeks and will cost a minimum of $5,000. You will need to dedicate 40 hours of attendance each week to complete the program.

What Is the Wyncode Schedule?

Wyncode leans towards providing easy access to learning materials. The platform offers flexible schedules to help you study as you work.


The full-time program is relatively intense. You must attend 40 hours of class to complete the course.


Wyncode offers some of its courses on a part-time basis. Sign up for their digital marketing class to enjoy their relaxed environment to increase your skillset.

How to Get Accepted Into Wyncode

Before 2019, the process of getting into Wyncode was simple. However, the school has since tightened its entry standards. You must demonstrate abilities that show your passion for coding or technology. To start the process is easy enough, though, as you can join the platform by submitting an online application.

Wyncode leans towards ensuring its students get value for their money. The platform aims to attract students who are incredibly worthy of the opportunity. It has significantly adjusted its admission process by adding an additional two sessions. This is to ensure that it only admits the most deserving students.

Wyncode Acceptance Rate

The Wyncode acceptance rate is now lower than ever due to its change in policies.

Application Process

Wyncode offers the best training solutions to aspiring tech gurus and beginners. The platform is essential for developing career-oriented skills for your dream job.

  1. Before you apply for any course, talk to the career professionals at Wyncode and Career Source.
  2. After receiving career advice, apply for the proposed course on its official website and wait for feedback.
  3. Positive feedback will ensure you are successfully onboarded into the program, and then you can start a class.
  4. Wyncode usually conducts an initial interview followed by a tour of the premises. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the school is currently unable to provide the tour.

Interview Questions

Getting into Wyncode today is much more challenging than ever before. The school has a thorough interview process that will ensure only the best students attend lessons. Below are some of the critical areas that they will ask you about:

  • Passion for coding
  • Aptitude skills
  • Career objectives and goals
  • Experience in the tech scene
  • Significant achievements in your field of practice

Is Wyncode Right for You?

Wyncode is exponentially right for you. Over 40 percent of its graduates get a job offer within the first two months of graduation. According to its website, 90 percent of the graduates from 2019 are currently employed regardless of the looming pandemic.

The school is focused on increasing the number of women in the tech industry and it is aiming to achieve at least a 50 percent class ratio of female students in its programs by 2022. This initiative has led to an aggressive approach to incentivizing its web development programs with discounts and scholarships. The school has pledged over $1 million toward closing the female gap in the industry.

The school is known for its hands-on approach when teaching students. Wyncode academy graduates are exceptional at handling any technical role. The platform is highly recommended for aspiring software developers, product managers, UX designers, or software engineers.

The average salary of a Wyncode graduate is $60,000. This goes to attest to the excellent curriculum the school provides for its students. The school is focused on ensuring that the students add invaluable coding skills to the tech community.

Wyncode has been recognized in various capacities. They have been named the Best Company Culture, Endeavor Company, and South Florida Business Journal Start-Up of the Year. The school is one of the most formidable platforms available to learn to program.

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