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Woz U Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Woz U is a tech training institution for anyone who wants a career in software development, cyber security, data science, or mobile application development. If you want to pursue the best jobs in tech, then read our Woz U review to see if this bootcamp is for you.

We will cover all the essential information, including course descriptions and payment plans, to help you make your decision.

What Is Woz U?

Woz U Quick Facts
Cost $13,200 – $13,800
Start Dates Varies depending on the course
Locations Online
Courses Cyber Security, Data Science, Mobile Application Developer, Software Developer
Available Programs Online, Full-Time

Woz U is an IT training bootcamp with courses in cyber security, software development, data science, and mobile application development. The school partners with accredited institutions to provide its Woz U curriculum to individuals and businesses. Its partners include Southern Careers Institute, the University of Potomac, and Belhaven University.

Inspired by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Computer, Woz U has been training its students with industry-relevant skills and getting them job-ready in as little as nine months. The school started out offering in-person classes in Arizona but has since moved to fully online courses.

Today, many Woz U graduates work at corporations like IBM, Accenture, Cisco, and Infosys. The school’s curriculum is heavily project-based and is suitable for beginners looking to enhance their tech skills.

Is Woz U Worth It?

Woz U is worth it for anyone looking for entry-level jobs in data science, software development, or cyber security. The 33-week programs teach in-demand skills and offer ample career services. If you want to learn other tech subjects like UX/UI design or digital marketing, consider other bootcamps, such as Thinkful, Springboard, or Kenzie Academy.

All Woz U courses are full-time and thus not suitable for those with busy schedules. If you are a working professional or a full-time student looking to gain tech skills, it may be prudent to search for part-time bootcamps instead. You could attend Flatiron School, CareerFoundry, or General Assembly.

You should also know that Woz U provides its curriculum to other accredited institutions, acting as a third-party provider. So, if you are looking for an independent bootcamp, Woz U might not be for you.

Woz U Job Placement

Woz U has not reported an official job placement rate on its website. However, the school provides in-depth career training to place its graduates in good tech positions.
The career support services include resume critique, one-on-one mentorship, interview preparation, portfolio building, and training to increase your market value. Woz U is also a partner affiliated with several mega tech companies, including IBM and Infosys. Students are introduced to these companies’ representatives to help accelerate their careers.

Does Woz U Offer a Job Guarantee?

Unfortunately, Woz U does not offer a job guarantee to its students. However, the school reports that its career training programs are highly successful. Some Woz U graduates have gone on to work at Fortune 500 companies in the fields of information technology, engineering, operations, and data science.

How Much Does Woz U Cost?

All Woz U courses cost between $13,200 and $13,800. This cost includes one-on-one mentorship, hands-on training, and career support services. The prices vary depending on the program, and Woz U offers financing plans to help you pay for your coding bootcamp education.

How to Pay for Woz U: Scholarships, Loans, GI Bill Benefits

Woz U offers several payment plans to help its students pay for the courses. They include scholarships, loan financing, GI Bill benefits, and upfront payment.


Coding bootcamp scholarships are a great way to help students who cannot afford bootcamp education. Woz U offers scholarships for women, military grants, and agency sponsor grants. Get in touch with the school to find out more about these scholarship options.

Loan Financing

Loan financing is ideal for those who have a good credit score and can afford the extra interest. Woz U accepts loan financing but does not officially partner with lending partners, so you will have to seek out a personal loan. You can contact lending institutions like Skills Fund and Climb Credit to secure a loan.

GI Bill

The GI Bill applies to veterans or family members of veterans. Woz U accepts GI Bill benefits for its data science program.

Upfront Payment

The upfront payment option is suitable for anybody who can afford to pay Woz U’s entire tuition at once. Most bootcamps offer tuition discounts for students who opt for this payment plan. Contact Woz U’s admissions department for information about discounts.


Woz U does not offer income share agreements (ISAs), which are a relatively new way to pay for a bootcamp education.

Bootcamps that offer ISAs allow you to attend for nothing or a minimal upfront fee. The agreement states that once you secure a well-paying job, you will pay back the entire tuition with interest. You aren’t expected to start making the payments until your salary meets a certain threshold.

Woz U Locations

Woz U offers all of its courses online through its partner institutions. Its university partners include Western Governors University, the University of Phoenix, Southern Careers Institute, Belhaven University, and Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

  • Woz U Online

Woz U Courses

Woz U offers several courses for students interested in learning mobile application development, software development, data science, and cyber security.

All courses are designed to prepare you for an entry-level position in the above fields. Check out the website to find out which of its partners is currently offering these courses.

Woz U Prep Courses

Woz U does not currently offer any prep courses. However, all its current programs are suitable for tech newbies. If you want to be better prepared for Woz U courses, then enroll in other courses first. You can start by browsing the best coding bootcamp prep courses, many of which will cover the necessary ground to prepare you for Woz U.

Software Developer Training Program – Online

The software developer training program by Woz U is currently offered through Southern Careers Institute and Belhaven University. The program is training for a career in full stack software engineering. It prepares you for an array of dev jobs, including backend and front end web development, security software development, and API development.

The program goes from beginner to advanced. You will learn JavaScript, HTML5, ASP.NET, MySQL, C#, and Java. More broadly, you will learn database development, full stack development, Agile development, and responsive design. You will create interactive websites, learn deployment and web security, and how to build full stack applications.

Cyber Security Training Program – Online

The cyber security training program is currently offered through Southern Careers Institute and prepares you for entry-level cyber security jobs. You will learn in-demand cyber security skills such as vulnerability analysis, Wireshark, packet analysis, Nmap, firewalls, and incident response.

The course covers security foundations, networking foundations, logging and monitoring, and Python programming foundations. This course allows you to pursue a career in forensic computer analysis, security architecture, penetration testing, systems security, or IT security consulting.

The final module of the program consists of a web application security and project management project that you can add to your portfolio.

Data Science Training Program – Online

Southern Career Institute is currently offering Woz U’s data science bootcamp. The program covers all the skills and background needed to build a career in big data. You can apply to become a data scientist, business analyst, database administrator, or programmer once you complete this program.

It covers basic statistics, statistical programming in R, metrics processing, machine learning, data modeling, big data, and Python. The program also offers a group project opportunity wherein you will use real-world data to do wrangling, analysis, and mining for GitHub and Kaggle.

Mobile Application Developer Training Program – Online

Woz U’s mobile application developer curriculum is taught through the Southern Careers Institute. It covers how to build a mobile application for the iOS platform from scratch. You will learn iOS development, programming with Swift and Objective-C, mobile UI, and mobile data.

It is best suited for somebody with minimal programming skills who wants to become an iOS developer. The course also covers app frameworks, app deployment, Google Analytics, and Agile software development.

What Is the Woz U Schedule?

All Woz U courses are currently offered online in affiliation with partner institutions.


Woz U currently only offers full-time intensive courses. This schedule requires you to fully commit to your studies. Currently, Woz U programs last approximately 33 weeks.


A part-time schedule is perfect for those with busy schedules. Unfortunately, Woz U currently does not offer any part-time courses.

How to Get Accepted Into Woz U

All courses offered by Woz U are designed for tech newbies. Therefore, to get accepted into Woz U, you don’t need a prior tech background. Start by reading about the school’s program and contacting the admissions team to get further information.

Woz U Acceptance Rate

Woz U has not published any official acceptance rate.

Application Process

Woz U does not offer any in-depth information regarding its application process. However, it consists of an online form and consultation with the admissions counselor.

Below are the application process steps you can take for Woz U.

  1. Start by researching the course you’d like to take and finding out which of Woz U’s partner schools offers it.
  2. Contact Woz U to get further information regarding the application process.
  3. Once you receive the online form, make sure to include all the relevant information.
  4. You need to pass an introductory technical quiz before being selected for an interview.
  5. If you pass the quiz, you will receive a call from the admissions team to schedule an interview. If you clear the interview, you will be accepted into Woz U’s program.

Interview Questions

Woz U does not have interview information on its official website. However, as the courses are meant for beginners, the interview will be conducted to find out why you are interested in the program.

Below are some common coding bootcamp interview questions that your Woz U interviewer may ask.

  • Why are you interested in attending the Woz U program?
  • What made you interested in learning about the program of your choice?
  • Do you have any previous coding experience?
  • What are your career goals?

Is Woz U Right for You?

Woz U is right for anybody looking to get technical training in cyber security, data science, or software development. The school has great connections with industry-leading companies and provides in-depth career services.

In addition, you will have access to the course content even after graduating from your Woz U program. However, for anybody wanting to attend a bootcamp that offers a job guarantee, Woz U isn’t for you.

Know that Woz U only offers full-time courses, so only enroll in the programs if you are prepared to give 100 percent commitment. You need to evaluate your career goals, bootcamp expectations, and budget to find out if Woz U is right for you.


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5 Reviews


  • Anonymous January 31, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Data science is considered a new field and its rate of change is exponential. Woz U was established for this reason: to create an educational organaztion that can swiftly adapt and subdue the need for innovation to reliably provide outstanding members of the technology workforce. I graduated the D... Read More
  • Anonymous February 3, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    This bootcamp is everything i was looking for to get started with data science, its a lot of rewarding work hours and a good investment.
  • Anonymous February 4, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    An all encompassing program, stacked really well to make it easy to build on your previous knowledge. Needs some work in the support department, but has been improving:)
  • Anonymous May 10, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I entered into this program with no prior programming experience so that is probably a big reason why I struggled the first couple of months. My mentor, instructor, and ambassador wouldn’t let me quit even though I tried and they pushed me through the program. The program took longer than expect... Read More
  • Anonymous July 8, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    The program is designed to teach you how to think like a programmer and how to learn. There's a LOT of content and although it is impossible to master it all in the 33 week duration, what you gain is a solid introduction to full stack development and the skills to keep learning after graduating. ... Read More

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