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University of Oregon Boot Camp Reviews and Complete Guide

The University of Oregon Boot Camp initiative offers intensive coding, data analytics, cyber security, and UX/UI courses. It offers part-time programs designed for working professionals and students looking to gain practical tech knowledge. If you want to learn to code, take a look at our University of Oregon Boot Camp review below.

What Is University of Oregon Boot Camp?

University of Oregon Boot Camp Quick Facts
Cost $12,995 – 13,495
Start Dates Rolling Admission
Locations Portland, Oregon
Courses Coding, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, UX/UI Design
Available Programs Online, Part-Time

The University of Oregon’s coding bootcamp is a relatively new online coding school that opened in January 2019. Students do not need to have a background in web development because the school offers a pre-course tutorial. This bootcamp is considered a non-credit university program, but students receive a University of Oregon certificate.

The school partners with Trilogy Education to follow a proven model with a host of excellent instructors and administrators. You will receive hands-on training to get you ready for a job in tech. At University of Oregon Boot Camp, you can become a UX designer, web developer, information security analyst, and more.

Is The University of Oregon Boot Camp Worth It?

Yes, the University of Oregon Boot Camp is worth it. It serves as a supplementary course to anyone looking to advance their knowledge and skills in the tech industry. Its full stack development program is a comprehensive course that covers all essential coding languages needed in the field.

The program also offers career planning services, including resume and portfolio review and technical interview training. This helps ensure students are well-equipped to get a job in the tech industry. This bootcamp uses an experiential learning method where students create projects they can include in their professional portfolios.

The six-month programs are only offered part-time, which means you will be able to work or study while you learn tech skills. However, the school holds live classes twice a week, and you can only miss a maximum of eight of those classes. You need to make sure you can commit to every lesson before you sign up.

University of Oregon Boot Camp Job Placement

There is no information about the job placement rate at the University of Oregon Boot Camp. However, students can receive the skills required to land a desirable job. With the technical interview training, you’ll participate in mock interviews with a virtual tech panel, and you’ll get hands-on experience handling real-life job applications and interviews.

Does University of Oregon Boot Camp Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, there are no job guarantees with this bootcamp. However, the career coaching and job placement services you get during the course will equip you to get a job soon after graduation. The bootcamp’s instructors do everything they can to help you secure a job shortly after finishing the course.

How Much Does University of Oregon Boot Camp Cost?

The 24-week bootcamp costs between $12,995 and $13,495, depending on the course. For example, the coding program costs $12,995, while the data analytics program is $13,495. These are fixed tuition fees that you have to pay off before classes start because the school doesn’t offer any payment plans.

How to Pay for University of Oregon Boot Camp: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

The University of Oregon Boot Camp only accepts upfront payment. Like most university-based bootcamps, it doesn’t come with income share agreements, installments, and loan financing. You can get $1,000 off the total price with their early-bird discount, but the rest is due in full before you start classes.

Discounts and Scholarships

The tuition fee is fixed, but the school offers several cost-reduction aids to students. For example, alumni of the university are entitled to a $500 discount. The university does not currently offer any scholarships for the bootcamp programs.


The University of Oregon Boot Camp does not accommodate income share agreements, and you must pay the tuition in advance.

Loan Financing

Many bootcamps have loan financing partners, but the University of Oregon does not. For now, students must source private loans on their own.


The University of Oregon Boot Camp does not offer installment plans.

University of Oregon Boot Camp School Locations

The University of Oregon is located in Portland. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the courses are now offered exclusively online. This makes it more accessible to people who may not be able to physically attend the University of Oregon.

University of Oregon Boot Camp Courses

The University of Oregon Boot Camp offers four programs: data analytics, coding, UX/UI design, and cyber security. These skills are in high demand, and the courses are revised regularly to meet the requirements of the industry’s evolution. Take a look below at the courses offered at University of Oregon Boot Camp.


The full stack web development course covers a wide range of programming languages and other vital tools. The curriculum includes HTML, CSS, MongoDB, Express.js, MySQL, and Git. Covering both front end and backend development, this course will help you enter one of the best web development careers.

These classes are designed to teach students how to manipulate data management tools like MySQL and MongoDB during web development. It is a fast-paced training designed for students and professionals committed to doing more than just the minimum 10 hours weekly for classes.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is a valuable branch of data science and one of the most highly sought-after skills. Students will learn most of the same programming languages offered in full stack web development, like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Git, and SQL. Students complete projects using real data to build a strong portfolio.

Students will also learn how to use Python for data analytics and increase their proficiency in other technologies like JavaScript charting, machine learning, API interactions, and R programming. You can gain in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of statistics and other essential programming languages through this course.

Cyber Security

University of Oregon Boot Camp offers an extensive cyber security course that takes a multi-disciplinary approach to IT, networking, and modern information security. The 24-week program covers networking, databases, and offensive and defensive cyber security. It has specific classes for ethical hacking, cryptography, and network security.

Students will learn the principles of Python and how it relates to cyber security as well as techniques on how to protect an organization’s security system. The course runs for 24 weeks like the rest, but it calls for up to 20 hours a week for live classes alone. If you’re ready for a commitment, this cyber security program is a great choice.

UX/UI Design

The UX/UI design program from the University of Oregon offers comprehensive training in user-centric design research, visual prototyping and wireframing, storyboarding, design thinking, visual design theory, and interface design. You will learn about UX/UI for web applications and mobile applications.

At the end of the 24 weeks, students will be well-versed with how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to make user-centric applications. They will work on real-life datasets to gain hands-on experience that they can add to their portfolio. The course calls for 10 hours of training a week and the same amount of time in homework and projects.

University of Oregon Boot Camp Schedule

The University of Oregon Coding Boot Camp lasts six months or 24 weeks. It is a part-time, flexible program with a rigorous schedule that also includes at least 20 extra hours for projects and collaborations on top of the 10 hours per week classes. Currently, there are no full-time classes as it is designed for students and working professionals.

Classes run on two or three weekdays from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, plus one Saturday class from 10am to 2pm. It is a fast-paced program, so you will fall behind quickly if you miss a class. There is no self-paced option, but the bootcamp gives the students enough time to do their other studies or financially support themselves.

How to Get Accepted Into University of Oregon Boot Camp

The only way to get into the bootcamp is through the university’s official website. Make an application through the admissions portal and specify which course you want to pursue. You do not need to be a current student or alumni of the University of Oregon to attend. You also don’t need to have any coding experience.

University of Oregon Boot Camp Acceptance Rate

The university’s acceptance rate is not in the public domain. However, each University of Oregon coding program allows 25 students per intake. This acceptance rate seems low, but it allows instructors to give their full attention and time to each student. Having some coding experience makes your chances of getting admitted may be slightly better.

Application Process

The University of Oregon Boot Camp has a straightforward application process. You only need to fill in the online application on its website and attend the interview. Some of the details you need to fill in include your name, interests, and level of coding experience. You can reach out for help through the live chat option.

If your application moves forward, the administration will set up an interview which you will take online. You will discuss your career goals, learning and professional background, and what program is right for you. There is no placement test, and you will be informed within a few days if you have been accepted to the bootcamp.

Interview Questions

The University of Oregon Boot Camp’s interview tests your personal skills as well as your technical skills of the program you want to join. You must complete the interview and the assessment to get admitted. Practice the questions below to ace your coding bootcamp interview.

  • Why did you choose this bootcamp over others?
  • What is your experience in the course you have chosen?
  • What are your short-term and long-term career goals?
  • What is your motivation to learn how to code?
  • Do you have any problem-solving abilities or experience?

Is University of Oregon Boot Camp Right for You?

Yes, the University of Oregon Boot Camp is right for you. If you want to learn coding, data analytics, cyber security, or web design, you will find a top-quality program. The University of Oregon Coding Boot Camp is Portland’s best university bootcamp. It is conducted in conjunction with Trilogy Education Services and employs only the best in the profession.

Within only six months, you can go from a complete beginner in programming and web development to a career-ready professional. You get comprehensive training you get in your field of choice while benefiting from the ongoing career coaching until you secure a job in your area.

While the financing options are pretty limited at this bootcamp, it does offer a nice variety of courses and lifelong services. If you want intensive training on web development, cyber security, UX/UI, and data analysis, the University of Oregon Boot Camp is ideal.


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