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UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Reviews and Complete Guide

The University of California San Diego is an academic institution that ranks among the top universities in the United States. This university has a bootcamp that focuses on equipping students with coding skills to compete in the diverse and ever-changing field of technology.

This bootcamp offers classroom-based and online learning to allow students to learn regardless of their daily schedules. This school is ideal for students looking to become cyber security engineers, data scientists, and web developers. Read below to access UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp reviews, tuition costs, and more.

What Is UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp?

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Quick Facts
Cost $10,995 Part-Time, $12,495 Full-Time
Start Dates Rolling start dates
Locations San Diego, Online
Courses Coding, Data Science and Visualization, Cyber Security
Available Programs Online, In-Person, Full-Time, Part-Time

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp offers three main programs. They include coding, data science, and cyber security. Although most courses are designed to help students without a background in coding, UC San Diego’s curriculum is also ideal for advanced students.

With that said, this bootcamp is one of the best data science bootcamps in 2021. UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp also offers extensive career services to help from enrollment to graduation and beyond. As an alumnus, you will continue to receive assistance in your career if needed.

Is UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Worth It?

Yes, UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp is worth it. This school is famous for offering three high-quality programs. They will equip you with the necessary skills to secure employment in high-paying positions. Its solid curriculum also incorporates excellent career services to help you achieve your career goals.

UC San Diego’s coding bootcamp offers many programs to help launch your career in tech-related fields such as experience design, cyber security, data science, and web development. You should strongly consider this bootcamp if you wish to find a job in tech.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Job Placement

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp does not publicize its job placement rate. However, it does have extensive career services to help you get a job once you graduate. These include mock interviews, resume workshops, and one-on-one career services.

Does UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp does not offer a job guarantee.

How Much Does UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Cost?

The part-time program costs $10,995, and the full-time program is priced at $12,495. UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp has varied tuition costs depending on the program, scholarships, and schedules.

How to Pay for UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp has several payment options for students of different backgrounds. Although it does not offer income share agreements, there are many other ways to pay for your bootcamp.

Upfront Payment

Like most bootcamps, UC San Diego allows students to pay the tuition fully before the deadline. Paying upfront also keeps the payment significantly lower compared to other payment options. This is because there are no interest rates, extra charges, or late fees.

Interest-Free Payment Plans

Interest-free payment plans require students to pay for a bootcamp by making a smaller initial deposit instead of the whole amount. After the initial deposit has been made, the remaining balance is split into monthly installments at no extra charge.

Interest-free payment plans are a popular payment method for most students enrolled in UC’s bootcamp. This payment option is a great way to avoid huge interest rates associated with student loans.

Loan Financing

There is no official word on UC’s loan financing options for students. Most students opt for the interest-free payment option as they offer better value than most student loans. You can access many different formal loan providers to help you pay your tuition.

GI Bill

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp accepts GI Bill benefits. If you are a veteran, a spouse to a veteran, or a child of a veteran, you are eligible for the GI Bill. It allows veterans or specific members of their families to further their education at a subsidized cost.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Scholarships

If you are an alumnus of UC San Diego, you are eligible for a $500 scholarship. This scholarship is not automatic. You must apply to the program before receiving the benefits.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Locations

The University of California San Diego delivers both online and in-person courses. Its in-person campus is located in San Diego. UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp offers online programs due to COVID-19.

  • UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp San Diego
  • UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Online

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Courses

The University of California San Diego Boot Camp Extension offers a wide range of tech bootcamps. These courses are ideal for students looking to launch their careers in fast-growing tech fields including data science, web development, computer science, machine learning, and cyber security.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Prep Courses

This institution offers a couple of foundation courses that could serve as introductory courses. These are not official prep courses, so depending on the program, you might want to prepare for your bootcamp elsewhere.

  1. Phase 1: Foundation – As the name suggests, this introductory course will lay the groundwork for web concepts, covering CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. This is a great way to learn coding basics.
  2. Security Fundamentals – This course is designed to introduce you to cyber security by looking at threats and mitigating risks. You will also cover security from a business perspective.

Coding Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

You can become a backend or front end web developer in just 12 weeks in this program. You can also opt for the part-time option, which takes 24 weeks to complete. During this time, you will learn JavaScript, Java, Python, and C#.

You will also learn about web applications, CSS3, database theory, MySQL, and other related technologies. Students also benefit from a wide array of career support services, including resume building, technical interview preparation, soft skills training, and social media brand development.

Data Science and Visualization Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

In just 24 weeks, you will undergo a rigorous curriculum to gain the skills necessary to analyze big data and solve real-world problems. Among other things, you will learn in-demand technologies including Python, Excel, JavaScript, SQL databases, and front end web technologies.

This program is a great choice because it is well-rounded. It teaches data science and visualization, which means you will gain a vast set of skills. Keep in mind that this option is only offered part-time. This program offers the same career services as above.

Cybersecurity Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

If you want to become a cyber security engineer, this program is the perfect choice for you. This school’s cyber security curriculum is designed to cover proficiency in IT, networking, and modern information security over 24 weeks. This program is not offered full-time.

You will also learn networking in Packet Analysis and Wireshark, Windows and Linux Administration Techniques, cloud security, network security, ethical hacking, and penetration. By the time you finish this program, you will know everything you need to enter the field.

What Is the UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Schedule?

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp offers a full-time and part-time schedule. This means the school can cater to students that may be unable to attend campus or who have busy schedules.


The full-time program is ideal for students who have committed most of their time to learn. In just 12 weeks, you can complete a bootcamp and begin looking for a job. However, it is worth noting that this is the most intensive and immersive of all scheduling programs. UC San Diego Boot Camp only offers a full-time schedule for coding students.


The part-time schedule is excellent for students with daily engagements and working professionals who might find it difficult to attend classes regularly. As a part-time student, you will attend classes over the weekend and in the evenings. All UC San Diego courses can be delivered part-time.

How to Get Accepted Into UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp

To get accepted into any one of the school’s coding courses, you must follow the appropriate procedures. You must also show a deep desire to learn and work hard. If you can pass the interview and technical test, you will get in easily.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Acceptance Rate

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp has not published any official information documenting its acceptance rate.

Application Process

UC San Diego Boot Camp has a straightforward application process. Similar to most bootcamps, it includes an initial application, an interview, and a test.

  1. Schedule a call with the necessary staff members. The first step in the application process involves speaking to a staff member to make inquiries.
  2. The second step is to fill out an application form or schedule an interview. You do not have to be a student of the main university when making your application.
  3. If you are selected to move forward, you will be required to complete a critical thinking and problem-solving test.
  4. Students who’ve passed the test will receive an email confirming their acceptance into the school. The email will also include details about payment.

Interview Questions

Interview questions are an essential part of this process as they influence the overall success of your application. You can expect questions about your interest in the coding and programming industry, your educational background, and your career goals. Read below for some example bootcamp interview questions to help you practice.

  • Why did you choose UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp?
  • Describe your experience using programming languages.
  • Describe a time where you had to solve a problem with others. How did you approach it?
  • How do you self-motivate and stay organized when learning?

Is UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Right for You?

Yes, UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp is right for you if you are looking to launch your career in data science, cyber security, or web development. Additionally, its excellent career services have led graduates to work for top tech companies. Pursue a tech career and enroll in UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps.

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