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UC Berkeley Boot Camp offers part-time and full-time courses for those looking to break into the tech industry. The bootcamp has courses in UX/UI design, digital marketing, financial technology, tech project management, data analytics, cyber security, and coding. If you’re considering enrolling in one of their programs, this UC Berkeley coding bootcamp review will be a great resource for you.

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about UC Berkeley bootcamp courses, costs, payment options, admissions process, and career services available. We’ll also discuss Berkeley coding bootcamp reviews to help you make an informed decision about one of the best bootcamps in the San Francisco area.

What Are Berkeley Boot Camps?

UC Berkeley Boot Camp Quick Facts
Cost $9,995 – $14,495, scholarships and payment plans available
Start Dates Part-time classes begin quarterly
Locations Online
Courses Coding, Data Analytics, UX/UI, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, FinTech, Tech Project Management
Available Programs Full-time, part-time

UC Berkeley Boot Camp is a reputable coding bootcamp offered by the University of California Berkeley that provides training for a range of careers in the tech industry. Bootcamp courses are imparted by industry experts and emphasize hands-on learning.

UC Berkeley Coding Bootcamp Reviews

Berkeley coding bootcamp reviews are generally positive. Students praise the programs for being comprehensive and for having a curriculum that matches that of the biggest names in the market. One specific UC Berkeley coding bootcamp review commended both teachers and teacher assistants for their preparedness and for the high-quality support they offer students.

Reviews on the Berkeley website highlight the bootcamps as being challenging but fun, and for offering an effective way to gain technical skills and pivot into a new career. Students highlight the flexibility of the courses as a big plus, allowing students to learn new skills while still being able to keep up with their other responsibilities.

Some criticism was made regarding some organizational issues, with students expressing a wish for administrative processes to become more streamlined and efficient. This, however, did not tarnish the overall learning experience.

UC Berkeley Coding Bootcamp Locations

UC Berkeley’s campus is located in the state of California. Locations for in-person bootcamp classes include San Francisco, Belmont, and the Golden Bear Center located in downtown Berkeley. It is also possible for students to pursue a fully online coding bootcamp at Berkeley.

How Much Does UC Berkeley Coding Bootcamp Cost?

UC Berkeley Boot Camp costs range between $9,995 – $14,495 depending on the program. To help offset the cost of their programs, UC Berkeley offers payment plans and scholarships to students.

Berkeley Boot Camps Courses

UC Berkeley Boot Camp courses include UX/UI design, web development, financial technology, data analytics, cyber security, technology project management, and digital marketing. These courses are suited for complete beginners as well as those with some previous tech experience.

Berkeley Boot Camps Prep Courses

UC Berkeley Boot Camp prep courses are not available at this time. However, students have access to online coding resources, tutorials, and articles to prepare for their bootcamp. These resources cover HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, Node.js, SQL, Python, data analytics, Django, and web development. 

Another great way to prepare for your bootcamp is by taking an online course. There are thousands of great courses online on any tech subject that you can think of. Many of these courses are free or reasonably priced.

Coding Boot Camp

The Berkeley Coding Boot Camp is a good program if you want to become a software engineer or a web developer. It is offered full-time and part-time and covers basic and advanced programming. You will learn full stack web development, JavaScript, interactive applications, and agile methodologies for software development.  

Data Analytics Boot Camp

If you want to become a data scientist, data analyst, or work in data-related fields, the UC Berkeley Data Analytics Boot Camp course is for you. It is offered part-time, covering basic and advanced data analytics topics in 24 weeks. You will learn Python programming, statistics, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and database management tools. The course also covers front end web visualization, machine learning, and big data. 

The school recommends having a bachelor’s degree or at least two years of relevant experience to join.

UX/UI Design Boot Camp

If you want to build a career in web design or become a user experience (UX) or user interface (UI) designer, enrolling in the Berkeley UX/UI Boot Camp is a good idea. You will learn to design effective user interfaces using interactive features and improve your understanding of colors and typography. The course also covers user identification and storyboarding as well as GitHub, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript.

Cybersecurity Boot Camp

If a career in cyber security, digital forensics, or network security is what you want, then look into the Berkeley Cybersecurity Boot Camp. It focuses on system security, ethical hacking, penetration testing, risk assessment, cloud security, and vulnerability assessment. You will also learn to use cyber security software such as Kali Linux and Hashcat. 

Digital Marketing Boot Camp

Digital marketing is a thriving industry, and this part-time course can help you master its core skills. You will learn how to create and monitor a digital marketing campaign from scratch. The Berkeley Digital Marketing Boot Camp will also prepare you to work with paid social media advertising, content optimization, Google Ads, WordPress, and Facebook Ads Manager.

FinTech Boot Camp

The UC Berkeley Fintech Boot Camp will teach you how to leverage data and technology to make sound financial decisions. You will dive deep into the basics of finance and learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The course also covers machine learning, algorithmic trading, forecasting, and linear regression as well as Python, Pandas, and PyViz.

The school recommends that you have a bachelor’s degree or relevant experience in the finance, business, or statistics field.

Tech Project Management Boot Camp

The Berkeley Technology Project Management Boot Camp is offered part-time and prepares students to become technical project managers in different industries. You will learn project management lifecycles, Agile, Scrum, mapping, and resource planning. The course, considered to be one of the best PMP bootcamps on the market, will also prepare you for the Professional Scrum Master Level 1 certificate.

Berkeley Boot Camps Payment Options

UC Berkeley Boot Camps payment options are designed to help students cover tuition costs based on their specific financial means. They include installment plans, upfront payments, scholarships, and private student loans. Get in touch with the bootcamp’s admissions counselor and a financial planner to find a payment plan that suits you.

Upfront Payment

UC Berkeley offers an early registration incentive to students who are ready to commit. If you opt for early registration and are able to make a full, upfront payment, you will receive a discount and ensure a spot for your selected program. This is recommended since spaces tend to fill up quickly.

Interest-Free Payment Plan

UC Berkeley Boot Camp offers monthly installment plans to make its courses more affordable. You’ll pay an initial deposit and split the rest into monthly installments with no additional interest.


UC Berkeley offers scholarships for all of their bootcamp programs, although no specific information about the amounts awarded is available on their website at the time of writing. Students in need of financial support are encouraged to contact admissions directly to discuss scholarship opportunities.

Private Student Loans

Loan financing is ideal for those with good credit scores willing to pay interest rates. You can look into lending institutions such as Skills Fund, Climb Credit, and Ascent for your loan financing.

UC Berkeley Coding Bootcamp Schedules

UC Berkeley Boot Camp schedules vary according to the program and whether you select a full-time or part-time modality. In general, the programs are designed to be flexible and accommodating to students’ availability.


The full-time schedule is currently offered only for the coding bootcamp, which is taught over 12 weeks. It requires a 40-hour weekly commitment. This is the best option to master coding if you have the time.


All UC Berkeley Boot Camp courses are part-time, except the coding bootcamp which is also offered full-time. Part-time programs last 24 weeks and require 20 hours per week. This schedule is perfect for busy individuals, working professionals, and full-time students looking to learn a tech skill.

How to Get Into Berkeley Boot Camps

Getting accepted into UC Berkeley Boot Camp isn’t hard. The school accepts learners of all levels, from beginner to advanced. All you need to get in is a passion for your chosen tech field and clear career goals.

Berkeley Boot Camps Acceptance Rate

UC Berkeley Boot Camp acceptance rates are not currently displayed on their website. However, they do emphasize having small class sizes in order to provide personalized training to all students, which suggests that their programs are at least somewhat competitive.

Berkeley Boot Camps Application Process

UC Berkeley Boot Camp’s application process is straightforward. It consists of an online application, phone interview, and technical assessment.

  1. Go to the bootcamp’s official web page and start an online application. Fill in the application, make sure all information supplied is accurate, and submit it.
  2. The school’s admissions department will get in touch with you for a preliminary phone interview. This is essentially an introductory interview.
  3. If you pass the interview, the school will ask you to take a technical assessment. This only applies to students who have applied for the technical courses. The test consists of 20 questions.
  4. If you pass the technical assessment, you will be admitted into the bootcamp. At this point, the school will contact you to discuss your payment plans.

Berkeley Boot Camps Interview

The Berkeley Boot Camp interview is a fundamental part of the application process, and being prepared for it can be the difference between being accepted or rejected. The interview will typically involve a combination of technical questions and questions about your professional background, which interviewers will use to gauge your level of experience and coding abilities.

Below are some common topics you may be asked about during your interview with UC Berkeley Boot Camp.

  • Your career goals and ambitions
  • Your motivation to apply to this bootcamp
  • How this bootcamp will help you further your goals
  • Your technical background
  • How you intend to pay for this course

Berkeley Boot Camps Job Placement

UC Berkeley Boot Camp job placement rates are not published on their website. However, UC Berkeley Boot Camp graduates will find it relatively easy to find employment at high-profile companies due to the school’s reputation and robust career services. These services include interview preparation, portfolio reviews, and access to a profile coach for career counseling.

In terms of student outcomes, UC Berkeley coding bootcamp alumni testimonials on their website suggest that those who go through the programs are able to successfully pivot into their dream tech roles, often regardless of having no previous experience with coding.

Are Berkeley Boot Camps Worth It?

Yes, UC Berkeley Boot Camps is worth it for anyone looking for a short training program in tech skills with plenty of career support. These bootcamp programs are a fantastic alternative to a traditional degree at UC Berkeley or any other university. A quick look at UC Berkeley coding bootcamp reviews shows that students are generally satisfied with the quality of the education they receive.

If you are interested in financial technology, digital marketing, UX/UI design, web development, tech project management, or data analytics, then UC Berkeley Boot Camp has something for you.

UC Berkeley Coding Bootcamp FAQ

Are Berkeley Boot Camps accredited?

Yes, UC Berkeley bootcamp programs are accredited. They are part of the UC Berkeley Extension and, like all other UC Berkeley schools, colleges and departments, they have accreditation awarded by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Can FAFSA pay for Berkeley Boot Camps?

Unfortunately, students cannot use FAFSA to pay for Berkeley bootcamp programs. However, the cost of a bootcamp education is much lower than a traditional college degree, and Berkeley does offer payment plans and scholarships to help students cover tuition costs.

Which is better, Berkeley Boot Camps or General Assembly?

The question of whether UC Berkeley Boot Camps or General Assembly is better is subjective and will depend on each student’s needs and career goals. While General Assembly does have a reputation for being a top coding bootcamp, UC Berkeley Boot Camps are backed by the university’s strong reputation and offer affordability and flexibility to students.

Can I earn college credits at Berkeley Boot Camps?

No, UC Berkeley bootcamp programs are not worth college credits. However, students do receive a certificate upon successful completion of their chosen program, which can greatly increase your chance of landing a role at a top tech company.


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2 Reviews


  • Anonymous September 23, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    The low cost, good reputation, ability to keep my job while doing the program are huge bonuses. There are a lot of organizational issues that the company running the program could work out – lots of things needed some streamlining and consistency. In spite of that I feel I got a lot out of it and ... Read More
  • Anonymous October 13, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I recently (1.5 months ago) completed the 6-month variant of the UC Berkeley Bootcamp as one of the members of the very first cohort, and just this past week I excepted a job as a front-end engineer at a startup with a starting salary in the 90k range. Before coming to this bootcamp I had been te... Read More

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