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Springboard Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Springboard provides one of the best platforms for students to learn coding. This comprehensive Springboard review covers costs, courses, and job placement guarantees. You can easily develop your career as a data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, UI or UX designer, or machine learning engineer by attending a Springboard bootcamp online.

What Is Springboard?

Springboard Quick Facts
Cost Online: $349 – $10,000
Start Dates Not scheduled
Locations NYC, Brooklyn, Washington, DC, Houston, Austin, Chicago, Seattle,
Denver, Online
Courses Introduction to Design, UI/UX Design Career Track, Software Engineering Career Track, Machine Learning Engineering Career Track, Data Analytics Career Track, Data Engineering Career Track, Data Science Career Track
Available Programs Online, Part-Time, Self-Paced

Springboard is an online school offering coding classes in data science, UX and UI design, and machine learning. The school teaches cutting-edge digital skills to help students become industry experts. They offer intensive programs and mentorship workshops to help you become a pro in your field.

Highly professional experts facilitate the courses and the school also provides mentors and advisors to help students navigate the industry better. Their thorough curriculum ensures that you receive a career-oriented, high-quality education.

Is Springboard Worth It?

The coding bootcamp is focused on helping students acquire the necessary industry skills. Students will have a career mentor through the entire learning process. The school’s alumni, as well as the resident advisors, will always be keen to assist as you undertake your studies.

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With the school’s expert curriculum and world-class personal mentorship, its reputation has grown in the tech industry and beyond. Their ability to transform students’ programming skills for the better is undeniable.

Springboard Job Placement

Springboard is confident in the success of its graduates as its intensive curriculum and career coaching ensures all candidates achieve considerable success in their field.

Does Springboard Offer a Job Guarantee?

Yes, Springboard offers a job guarantee. This means that if you do not receive a job offer within six months of graduating you will be eligible for a full-tuition refund or waiver.

How Much Does Springboard Cost?

The online coding school provides a six-month curriculum, which costs between $5,500 to $7,500. If you want to initiate your career as a data scientist, data analyst, or software engineer, you should consider submitting an application. Tuition prices can vary depending on your eligibility for scholarships or any other financial aid.

How to Pay for Springboard: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

Springboard is an excellent school that is keen on ensuring students around the world get an opportunity to join the tech community. There are various financing options available for the payment of their fees.


Springboard is determined to make the tech industry more inclusive. It provides various scholarships of up to $750 towards tuition for veterans, women, and current university students.


An Income Share Agreement (ISA) allows students to learn first and pay their tuition fee after they start earning an income. Springboard offers students deferred tuition options for the 26-week career track. After completing the program and landing a job that pays a salary of $50,000 or more, a $656 payment is required every month to cover the cost of tuition.

Loan Financing

Climb Credit is an exceptional financier that helps students achieve their dreams by financing their education. Their partnership with the school ensures you get a soft loan to pursue a course at the school. Monthly loan repayments range from $52 to $104 a month.


The upfront payment of $7,500 for new students can be paid in monthly installments of $1,490 to cover the full fee.

GI Bill

The school ensures that mentor-led sessions are available to all groups, especially veterans. They offer a scholarship for veterans signing up for the machine learning engineering career track and the UX career track. Veterans are guaranteed a $750 reduction in their tuition.

Springboard Locations

Springboard has its headquarters in San Francisco, in the United States. However, it is an entirely online program that grants access to students from all over the world.

Springboard Courses

Springboard offers high-quality education across multiple fields. The online bootcamp provides certificate, degree, and master’s level education to students who seek employment opportunities in the tech industry and prefer online learning.

Springboard Prep Courses

There are plenty of intro courses available at Springboard. These are suitable for people with a budding interest in data analytics, data science, and machine learning.

  1. Data Science Career Track Prep – In this bootcamp, you will learn how to use Python and its libraries. You will also learn how to build visualizations using Seaborn. It is an exceptional program to learn the best coding practices.
  2. Machine Learning Career Track Prep – This program is designed to get you up to speed on topics such as regression modeling with linear regression, classification modeling, and decision trees. It will teach you the theoretical aspects as well as providing practical guides to assist you.

Data Analytics Career Track – Online

This course was developed in partnership with Microsoft. The lessons teach all the necessary skills to become an expert data analyst. You will learn how to use different statistical tools such as Tableau, Python, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Excel. The 400-hour program will help you develop essential business thinking skills.

To enroll in this class, you will need to have strong critical thinking skills. The school also requires you to have at least two years of experience working with programming and design tools.

Data Engineering Career Track – Online

This is an instrumental class for aspiring data analysts, software engineers, or data scientists. It is also an outstanding course if you are looking to change your career to data engineering.

The six-month program is excellent in helping students learn to design and maintain scalable data pipelines. You will learn how to use cloud solutions, containers, design data streams, APIs, and virtualization tools.

To earn the certification, you will need to complete a technical project and two capstone projects. You must have at least one year of experience in data science or software engineering to successfully carry out the projects.

Machine Learning Engineering Career Track – Online

The technical curriculum teaches you the foundations of machine learning and deep learning. The 400 course hours are essential in helping you develop the necessary skills. To complete the lessons, you must also dedicate 100 additional hours to capstone projects.

To qualify for this course, you should have valid software engineering experience with an object-oriented programming language. You must have knowledge in either Python, C++, or Java. You should also complete courses in descriptive statistics, calculus, and linear algebra.

Data Science Career Track – Online

The program is essential in guiding you on the best practices of data scientists. The program is well over 500 hours and is a great way for you to learn the Python data science stack. You will use a hands-on approach and build 14 world-class projects to create a data science portfolio.

This career track will provide you with a personal mentor. The mentor will meet with you on a weekly basis to discuss essential aspects of your career. He or she will also call periodically to check on your progress and motivate you.

What is the Springboard Schedule?

Springboard is focused on providing the best learning material for aspiring students all over the world. The school’s schedule allows students to have flexibility in the selection of courses with regard to their other commitments.


The platform provides all of its courses online via its official website. There are plenty of courses available that cover various aspects of the tech industry.


The school offers all of its courses on a part-time basis to cater to students who have other commitments.

How to Get Accepted into Springboard

The school is well-known across the United States. Springboard considers various requirements to determine whether you get admitted to the school or not. To qualify, you will need a minimum of two years of experience using design and programming tools. You will also need to be fluent in English and have strong critical thinking skills.

Springboard Acceptance Rate

Springboard is known for giving students value for their money. They provide high-quality education, exceptional mentors, and a structured curriculum for students. As long as you meet their requirements, chances are you will be accepted.

Application Process

Don’t worry about a rigorous application process. Springboard has a straightforward method for admitting students.

  1. The first step of the application process is to register an account with the platform. Fill in the required details on the form. The required information will turn green once you fill in the details. Make sure you check all the required fields as well.
  2. You can check the status of your application at the top right corner of the screen. When the status of your application is successful, you will receive a notification.
  3. In the case where your application has been rejected, you will also receive a notification. You can apply for a different course if you have been rejected from another course.

Interview Questions

It is essential to prepare for an interview thoroughly before the actual date because Springboard designs questions with the intention of putting you under pressure.

The interviewer will ask questions about different topics, including problem-solving skills, behavioral orientation, programming, and culture fit. They will also check your technical and communication skills. These questions are designed to identify the best talent in tech.

Is Springboard Right for You?

Springboard is an exceptional coding school that provides convenient, high-quality education to students all over the world. The courses are excellent for people who want to become data scientists, data analysts, programmers, UX/UI designers, machine learning engineers, or data engineers.

The renowned mentorship program is one of the standout features of Springboard. You will receive a personal career coach and mentor as you go through your lessons, with guaranteed periodic check-ins. You will also receive unmatched support from student advisors and fellow learners.

The program is perfect for people who are passionate about STEM, and the curriculum is well-designed and comprehensive. This is a great option if you are looking to get more bang for your buck.

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By continuing you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and you consent to receive offers and opportunities from Career Karma by telephone, text message, and email.
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