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Rice University Boot Camp Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Are you looking for a way to jumpstart your career in tech? Rice University offers several bootcamps on different tech topics. Below, we provide a list of Rice University’s Boot Camp courses, tuition cost, start dates, locations, and the application and interview processes. You can also check out Rice University Boot Camp reviews.

What Is Rice University Boot Camp?

Rice University Boot Camp Quick Facts
Cost $8,495 – $13,495
Start Dates Rolling start dates
Locations Houston, Online
Courses Coding, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics and Visualization, Digital Marketing, Tech Project Management, UX/UI Design, Fintech
Available Programs Online, Full-time, Part-time

Rice University Boot Camp provides students an opportunity to build a career in coding, cyber security, data analytics, digital marketing, project management, UX/UI design, and fintech. With a market-driven curriculum, the bootcamp employs expert instructors with at least three years of experience to train its students.

The bootcamp features interactive and instruction-based classes with group projects. This builds a strong foundation for future jobs. You should also expect a wide range of student and career services. These services help you become job-ready. You will have access to the student support team, which will properly prepare you for the tech industry.

Is Rice University Boot Camp Worth It?

Yes, Rice University Boot Camp is worth it. The platform features a flexible curriculum to accommodate the demanding and variable schedules of students. By attending Rice University Boot Camp, you will be able to balance work and school as you progress.

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If you choose to attend this bootcamp, you will have access to extensive career services. You will go through soft skills training sessions, portfolio and resume reviews, social media support, technical interviews, and job matching.

Rice University Boot Camp Job Placement

Rice University Boot Camp hasn’t released job placement statistics. However, the bootcamp seems promising, given the detailed attention given to its curriculum and students. As part of the program, you will have extensive support from the student and career services team throughout your studies.

Does Rice University Boot Camp Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Rice University Boot Camp doesn’t offer a job guarantee.

How Much Does Rice University Boot Camp Cost?

Rice University Boot Camp tuition ranges between $8,495 and $13,495, depending on the program. The digital marketing bootcamp tuition costs $8,495. The part-time coding bootcamp program costs $11,995, and the full-time program costs $12,995.

How to Pay for Rice University Boot Camp: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

Rice University Boot Camp provides many payment options for students. Find out how you can pay for Rice University Bootcamp without breaking the bank below.

Interest-Free Repayment

You can choose to pay an initial deposit and complete your payment through monthly installments. However, it is advisable to make a large initial deposit. This makes the monthly deposits smaller.

Early Registration

If you decide to pay your tuition early, you should qualify for a discount. The bootcamp also allows students who pay their tuition before enrollment to have a secured position in the class.


Rice University Boot Camp does not offer any scholarships.


Rice University Boot Camp does not provide any income share agreements.

Rice University Boot Camp Locations

Below is a list of the main locations of Rice University Boot Camp in-person campuses. Rice University Boot Camp provides quality education across its locations. Therefore, you should expect the same standard of education if you choose to attend online.

  • Rice University Boot Camp Houston
  • Rice University Boot Camp Online

Rice University Boot Camp Courses

Rice University Boot Camp is known for helping you fast-track your career in tech. The platform features various programs for professionals in the field to advance. You can easily access technology-based programs whether you are a local or international student. Take a look at the main programs Rice University Boot Camp provides below.

Rice University Boot Camp Prep Courses

Unfortunately, Rice University Bootcamp does not issue any prep courses for students. However, some of the courses below are beginner-friendly and do not require any prior experience.

Coding Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

Rice University provides a full-time and part-time web development program. You do not need to leave work to attend Rice University. You can register for the part-time online class. The 24-week program is a blend of instructor-led classes and real-world projects.

Students who wish to complete the program faster should opt for the full-time web development program. This coding bootcamp program lasts for 12 weeks. Every week, it features 20 hours of instructor-led classes and 25 hours of technical projects and class assignments.

The full stack curriculum will help you learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDB, MySQL, Express.js, and React.js. By the end of the course, you will be able to build a web application from scratch. You will also gain access to learning other technologies such as Python, C#, and Amazon Web Services.

You will complete a series of real-world projects to add to your portfolio and a certificate of completion. The certificate is provided by Rice University’s Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.

UX/UI Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

This 24-week bootcamp will help you prepare for an entry-level position as a UX designer. Through this program, you will develop a solid foundation in user-centric design, design thinking, wireframing, and visual prototyping. You will also learn HTML5 and CSS.

This bootcamp program allows you to attend only three days a week. This can be limited to evening and weekend classes only. This course will prepare you for user experience interviewing, user need identification, decision mapping, typography, and bootstrap. Once you complete the program, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

Rice University’s data analytics and visualization bootcamp equips students with the proper tools to solve complex data problems. This is a part-time program intended to teach Python, Excel, Tableau, SQL, R, and GitHub. Learning these essential tools will help you land an entry-level job position.

This intensive 24-week course covers the basics of data. You will also learn intermediate Excel, Python programming, fundamental statistics, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, and front end web visualization. You will also learn about programming, databases, data visualization techniques, and visualization platforms.

To graduate from the program, you must successfully complete a team project reflecting all that you’ve learned. The project is a data visualization application. You can use it as part of your professional portfolio when you apply for jobs.

Cybersecurity Boot Camp – Online | In-Person

Rice University Boot Camp has curated a part-time cyber security program to help professionals in the field upskill and combat cyber security threats through modern approaches.

This 24-week program will help you cover Kali Linux, Nessus, Wireshark, and Metasploit. Learning these basic tools will help you prepare adequately for certification exams such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), CompTIA Security+, Network+, Linux+, Server+, and Cloud+. These foundational topics are needed to become a cyber security engineer.

You will receive hands-on networking experience. You will learn web technologies, risk management, programming and scripting, and offensive cyber security. Once you complete this bootcamp, you will be able to successfully conduct risk and vulnerability assessments using Metasploit.

Digital Marketing Boot Camp – In-Person

This 18-week digital marketing bootcamp will help you cover all the modern technologies in the digital landscape. In this program, you will learn Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, and WordPress. This will give you a real-world perspective on digital marketing tools and how to use them.

This course will cover all major concepts in digital marketing. The curriculum will teach you basics in marketing strategy, paid search advertising, marketing automation, link building, and conversion tracking. By the time you graduate, you will be a well-rounded digital marketer.

You will learn to retarget advertising campaigns, identify brand position and growth, optimize content, and implement automated workflows. It’s a highly recommended program for professionals looking to change or start new careers. You do not need any prior experience in digital marketing to enroll in this program.

Technology Project Management Boot Camp – In-Person

In this program, you will learn project management in operations, hybrid project management, Agile methodologies, and the business side of software development. This program will take you through the entire software development and project management lifecycle. This will give you a broad range of tools for different working environments.

You do not need any experience to take on this bootcamp program. However, having a bachelor’s degree or two years of experience in business, management, or finance could be helpful. You will also be well-prepared to take the Scrum Master Level I certification exams.

Fintech Boot Camp – In-Person

The relevance of machine learning, big data, and algorithms has never been more vital. Financial services firms and investment banks leverage these tools for business growth. Rice University Boot Camp designed this fintech program to ensure students learn the best practices for the financial industry.

If you sign up for this program, you will learn financial fundamentals, cryptocurrency, machine learning, as well as programming and financial libraries. In only 24 weeks, you will have mastered Tensorflow, linear regression, Python, Pandas, and Amazon Web Services.

What Is the Rice University Boot Camp Schedule?

Rice University Boot Camp provides different learning schedules to accommodate students from different backgrounds. Take a look at the bootcamp schedule offerings listed below.


You can attend Rice University Coding Boot Camp full-time. This is an excellent choice if you want to complete the program early. However, the bootcamp only provides a full-time learning schedule for coding students.


All of the courses provided by Rice University Boot Camp are available part-time. You can easily attend the courses in these programs three times a week. This is a popular option amongst working professionals and busy students.

How to Get Accepted Into Rice University Boot Camp

If you want to get into Rice University Boot Camp, you must demonstrate your passion for and commitment to learning. You must also demonstrate the ability to work in a team. You must complete an application and an interview.

Rice University Boot Camp Acceptance Rate

Rice University Boot Camp hasn’t published an admission rate.

Application Process

The Rice University Boot Camp application process is simple. Take a look at the application process below.

  1. You must first fill out the contact form. In this form, you will submit basic personal information for the admissions team to reach you. You can also list the course you are interested in to receive more details.
  2. Once you submit your application, a member of the admissions team will contact you. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the course you selected. You will also fill out a short application form at this point.
  3. You will take an assessment to demonstrate your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  4. If you qualify for the program, you can choose your financing option and sign your enrollment agreement. You must pay an initial deposit to secure your position.

Interview Questions

Rice University Boot Camp features an interview session for aspiring students before enrollment. We have provided some of the main topics discussed in the interview below.

  • What are your career goals, and why did you choose a bootcamp to help you achieve them?
  • What is your past experience in the industry?
  • Are you an organized and motivated person?
  • Why did you choose Rice University Boot Camp?

Is Rice University Boot Camp Right for You?

Yes, Rice University Bootcamp is suitable for you. Rice University Boot Camp provides a comprehensive student support service. The bootcamp features an instructional team, tutor network, student success, career services, and a peer network. The bootcamp is well-staffed with industry professionals to give you the support you need to succeed.

You will also have access to an online tutor through this bootcamp. You are entitled to a one-hour session with a skilled tutor each week. These sessions are useful to gain career insight and support.

Your career director and profile coach are constantly on standby to ensure you are job-ready. These professionals will help develop your portfolio, resume, and social media account to attract hiring managers. You will have the opportunity to attend industry events to network with peers and experts from your line of work.

Rice University Boot Camp boasts a large network of skilled alumni. You will have extensive support from classroom peers that will last beyond graduation. This community of alumni is ready to welcome new professionals. If you want to enter the coding industry, this bootcamp is a great choice.

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