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Per Scholas is a tech training institute that provides employer-specific training for direct assimilation into the workforce. Classes are customizable, allowing you to choose the subjects you need to meet your career goals. Per Scholas courses are free and the school even covers the cost of materials and certification.

All classes are online, but there are learning centers in different parts of the United States. Per Scholas offers programs on cloud engineering, cyber security, data engineering, software engineering, and systems support. Keep reading to find out if Per Scholas is a good option for you.

What Is Per Scholas?

Per Scholas Quick Facts
Cost Free
Start Dates Rolling start date
Locations Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Newark, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Washington
Courses Application Development, Data Engineering, Amazon Web Service Development, Azure Development
Available Programs Full-time

Per Scholas has gained recognition for its free tech training. The school was founded in 1995 and has trained more than 11,000 people to date. It was launched in South Bronx, New York City, by John Stookey and Lewis Miller, two tech gurus. It has now expanded to over 17 cities in the United States and has a large online platform.

Graduates are encouraged to work with the school’s partners. Its extensive network of hiring partners include names like Barclays, Alkami, Google, Capital One, Infosys, Spotify, TEKsystems, and Ricoh.

Is Per Scholas Worth It?

Yes, Per Scholas is worth it for unemployed or underemployed people who cannot afford to upskill. All the courses are free, and about 80 percent of Per Scholas graduates are employed within the first 12 months after graduation. You should expect to earn an average starting salary of $42,000 upon graduation.

Per Scholas has a flexible curriculum that changes depending on employer needs, so you will get a personalized schedule right after you enroll. Classes are held all year round

Per Scholas Job Placement

Students with excellent track records in the program are employed almost immediately by Per Scholas’s hiring partners. If you don’t like the offers you’re getting or you don’t get any offers right away, the career services team will work with you to find your dream job in tech.

Does Per Scholas Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Per Scholas does not offer a job guarantee. However, there is a strong chance that the employer who sponsors your course will want you to join their company.

How Much Does Per Scholas Cost?

Per Scholas is free. It is a non-profit program that was designed to promote economic equity in tech.

How to Pay for Per Scholas

Per Scholas is free, so there are no payment options available. Not only you won’t have to pay any tuition, but the computers and other equipment you need for the program will be provided after enrollment.

Funding for Per Scholas comes from many sources, including tech foundations, corporations, and public donations from people who want to contribute to bridging the skill gap in tech.

Per Scholas also relies on employer sponsorship for funding. Tech companies reach out to the school and offer to cover the cost of a particular course. In exchange, these companies get to pick graduates right after training.

Per Scholas Locations

Per Scholas has centers in 17 cities in the United States. These cities are listed below.

  • Per Scholas Atlanta
  • Per Scholas Baltimore
  • Per Scholas Boston
  • Per Scholas Charlotte
  • Per Scholas Chicago
  • Per Scholas Cincinnati
  • Per Scholas Columbus
  • Per Scholas Dallas
  • Per Scholas Denver
  • Per Scholas Detroit
  • Per Scholas Newark
  • Per Scholas New York City
  • Per Scholas Philadelphia
  • Per Scholas Phoenix
  • Per Scholas Pittsburgh
  • Per Scholas Seattle
  • Per Scholas Washington
  • Per Scholas Online

You will find the same quality of education at every location, and the zero-tuition rule applies across the board. However, it is important to note that the employer-sponsored courses may vary across locations. Classes typically take place in learning centers as well as online, but due to Covid-19 all classes are currently being held remotely.

Per Scholas Courses

Courses vary depending on location and time of year. One center might be offering information technology, software engineering, and data science courses, while another may have cloud computing, cyber security, and quality engineering programs.

Per Scholas Prep Courses

Per Scholas doesn’t offer prep courses. Its programs are primarily meant for people with programming experience. Those with no prior experience in tech are encouraged to take introductory online courses for the subject of their choice.

Application Development | Online

This is an 18-week program that covers all the core programming languages. You will master HTML, Java, and CSS for full stack application development. It also covers data structures and algorithms.

The first six weeks are dedicated to introductory coursework where you learn the basics of computer programming. Weeks seven through 12 are for more advanced training and projects that allow you to apply the skills you’ve gained.

Data Engineering | Online

This intensive course runs for 12 weeks. You will learn how to handle big data for mega-corporations. Students use real-world datasets during classes for a better understanding.

Courses usually cover Python, NoSQL, PySpark, MongoDB, and MariaDB for solving data-related problems. You will learn the ins and outs of data engineering, from extracting the data to spotting trends.

Amazon Web Service Development / Azure Development | In-Person

This is an 18-week program offered to women who want to master Amazon Web Services. To enroll, you must know Python, Java, HTML, CSS, .NET, C++, and C#. The goal of the program is teaching students how to use cloud-based applications. Successful students get AWS/Azure certifications, which are paid for by the school.

This class is normally held in person. It may not be available in your city if the Per Scholas learning center there is yet to resume in-person classes.

What Is the Per Scholas Schedule?

Per Scholas offers full-time schedules for all its courses.


Classes run Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. It’s a full-time program, so don’t expect to hold on to your regular day job.


There are no part-time courses at this time.


There are no self-paced courses at this time.

How to Get Accepted Into Per Scholas

To get accepted into a Per Scholas course, you need to be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma or GED.

Most applicants are workers who want to upskill, but anyone interested in learning a tech skill is welcomed, even if they don’t have prior tech experience. You must have complete authorization to work in the United States without visa sponsorship.

Per Scholas Acceptance Rate

Per Scholas does not publish its acceptance rate.

Application Process

Per Scholas offers classes all year long. Make sure to apply for just one course at a time to avoid complications. Follow the steps below to apply to Per Scholas.

  1. Visit the official site of the Per Scholas center closest to your location.
  2. Browse through the available courses and choose the one that best matches your needs and goals.
  3. Fill in your details and submit your application. You will get an email acknowledging that your application has been received.
  4. After five to seven business days, a representative will reach out to you to schedule a test and an interview.
  5. For the test, you have the option to be assessed on Java, C#, or Python.

Interview Questions

After your test, you will have an interview with a Per Scholas representative. You have the option to schedule a telephone or an in-person interview. The interviewer will ask personal and technical questions, so make sure to prepare for anything. Some common question topics are listed below.

  • Problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills
  • Experience in the tech industry
  • What you intend to achieve long term
  • Best programing language for general-purpose development
  • Why Per Scholas is a good fit for you

Is Per Scholas Right for You?

Yes, Per Scholas is a great option for anyone interested in accelerated tech training. It offers a host of employer-sponsored courses that increase your likelihood of getting a full-time job if you excel throughout the program.

Another reason you should consider this school is its in-field job placement rate, which stands at 80 percent in the first 12 months after graduation. Most free coding bootcamps don’t boast such high placement rates.

Finally, Per Scholas has over 500 hiring partners across the United States. Their network includes industry leaders like Google and Infosys. Plenty of Per Scholas graduates have landed a job in these companies, so you can rest assured that the curriculum is top-notch.


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