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Nucamp Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Nucamp is a coding bootcamp with locations all over the United States. It offers a variety of programs for everyone, from beginners to more advanced professionals. Use this comprehensive Nucamp review to find the option that’s right for you.

What Is Nucamp?

Nucamp Quick Facts
Cost Beginners’ Course: $349, Advanced Course: $1,480 – $1,504
Start Dates Every 5 weeks
Locations Detroit, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Orlando, NYC, Denver, San Diego, San Antonio, Las Vegas, San Jose, Online, Various Other Locations
Courses Web Development Fundamentals, Front-End Web and Mobile Development, Full-Stack Web and Mobile Development
Available Programs Part-Time Online, Part-Time On-Site

Nucamp is a coding bootcamp offering three courses for varying experience levels. The courses range from four to 22 weeks and have a start date every month. Programs are hosted at various locations across the U.S. or can be attended online.

Is Nucamp Worth It?

Nucamp is one of the best coding bootcamps but only worth it if you are interested in this style of education. Remember, your education at Nucamp will be extensive, but it only focuses on coding.
You should be planning a career in web or mobile development if enrolling. If you are interested in other careers, such as software engineering or data science, Nucamp may not be a good fit.

Nucamp Job Placement

After graduating from a Nucamp program, 78 percent of alumni were able to find employment within three months. This is due to Nucamp’s prestige, education programs, and career coaching services.

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At Nucamp you will have access to guidance in finding employment upon graduation. Employers can even post job offerings on Nucamp’s website.

Does Nucamp Offer a Job Guarantee?

Unfortunately, Nucamp does not offer a job guarantee. However, with its career coaching services and constant interest from employers, employment should be easy to find.

How Much Does Nucamp Cost?

Its beginner course, Web Development Fundamentals, costs $349. Nucamp’s two advanced courses, Front-End Web & Mobile Development or Full-Stack Web & Mobile Development, cost $1,480 and $1,880 respectively.

How to Pay for Nucamp: Upfront Payment, Scholarships, FSAs

It can be confusing figuring out how to pay for coding bootcamps. Though there are not as many payment options available for Nucamp students compared to other bootcamps, there are still options.

Upfront Payment

If you are able, the most cost-efficient method is to pay the entire tuition upon registration. The beginners’ course costs $349. You pay $1,880 if you enroll in the most advanced course.


FSA stands for fair student agreement. This is a system unique to Nucamp, similar to an income share agreement (ISA) but without the overwhelming student debt. Regardless of the program or interest rates, Nucamp will never charge students more than $2,300.


Nucamp also offers a variety of scholarships if you need additional financial assistance. The Warrior Rising Scholarship offers between $50 and $376 off tuition to veterans or active-duty military. There is also the ReSkill America Scholarship, which offers similar tuition discounts to those who have been affected by COVID-19. A high school graduate scholarship and “Nu You” award offers tuition discounts for graduating students and those with low credit scores.

Nucamp Locations

One of the great things about Nucamp is its many locations. Nucamp has classrooms all over the United States as well as online options. You can find the nearest bootcamp using the Nucamp website.

It is important to note that the same material is offered at all locations, an upside of only having three courses.

Nucamp Courses

Though Nucamp only offers three courses, each is worth taking. These courses will suit you whether you are a complete beginner with little to no coding experience or an experienced professional looking for a refresher.

Web Development Fundamentals – In-Person | Online

Considered to be Nucamp’s beginner class, Web Development Fundamentals focuses on familiarizing students with coding and teaching them web development. This four-week course helps lay a foundation for future coding bootcamps and a career in tech. It focuses heavily on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages.

Front-End Web & Mobile Development – In-Person | Online

Front-End Web & Mobile Development is considered Nucamp’s intermediate course. The instruction focuses on front-end programming. This course is 17-weeks long and emphasizes using creativity to create a pleasant user interface design.

Full-Stack Web & Mobile Development – In-Person | Online

Finally, the most advanced course offered by Nucamp is Full-Stack Web & Mobile Development. This is a 22-week long course, building on Front-End Web & Mobile Development lessons. It teaches full-stack web development and how to build apps and websites from start to finish.

Nucamp Schedule: What to Expect

You can expect to follow the same schedule for both onsite and online Nucamp programs. However, due to COVID-19, Nucamp is currently only offering remote courses.

Nucamp is designed to be flexible for students. As such, it has developed a unique schedule. Sunday through Friday is spent working online at your own pace. You will have video lectures, projects, quizzes, and spend between one and three hours studying. On Saturdays, you will attend a four-hour workshop allowing you to work on your portfolio with peers.

The online course follows the same format, except for the Saturday workshops. The only difference is that these workshops are held in a live remote format. Currently, this is the only option for Nucamp programs.

How to Enroll at Nucamp

Unlike many coding bootcamps, Nucamp does not have an application process. Instead, simply go to the Nucamp website, browse through available programs, and register.

Registration Process

Nucamp has one of the simplest registration processes available for students.

  1. First, analyze your career goals, experience level, and the offered courses. Be sure to choose the right option or you will quickly fall behind.
  2. Next, select your course, start date, and location.
  3. You will next need to choose your payment plan and put down a deposit. If you opt for the upfront option, you will owe the entire tuition. If you choose to apply for an FSA, you will put down a $100 deposit.
  4. You must qualify for Nucamp’s FSA option. This involves choosing which payment structure you prefer and applying for a loan from Climb Credit.

Is Nucamp Right for You?

Nucamp is one of the most well-known and convenient coding bootcamps out there. With locations all over the United States, including smaller towns and big cities, you’ll likely have access to a campus. Or you can choose its online option and study from home.

This coding bootcamp only offers a few courses, but if you want a career in web development and design, it may be the perfect fit.

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