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Makers Academy Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Makers Academy is a high-quality coding school for people who want to start a tech career. It has unique, holistic learning options for alternative learners. Like many other bootcamp programs, Makers Academy has moved online for the foreseeable future.

This means that you can take the course from anywhere. Below is everything you need to know about Makers Academy, including tuition, courses, and job opportunities upon graduation.

What Is Makers Academy?

Makers Academy Quick Facts
Cost £8,000
Start Dates February 1st, April 26th
Locations London, Online
Courses Software Engineering
Available Programs Online, Full-Time, Part-Time, Apprenticeship

Makers Academy is a London-based coding bootcamp that teaches students how to code in Ruby and JavaScript. It has a unique teaching system that pairs you with another student so you can help each other learn.

Makers Academy provides free daily guided meditation and twice-weekly Vinyasa yoga classes. Its ‘Chief Joy Officer’ Dana leads these courses, which are designed to help with the stress that coders face.

Is Makers Academy Worth It?

Makers Academy is worth it if you’re looking for a couple of specific things from your bootcamps. Makers Academy provides a learning experience outside of the traditional higher-education setting. If you also want a bootcamp that puts your mental health needs front and center, it’s a good option. This bootcamp is also cheaper than some other options.

If you’re looking to start a career in data science, cyber security, or any other computer science field, you should look elsewhere. This bootcamp is only for software developers.

Makers Academy Job Placement

Makers Academy has several hiring partners around the UK, including Tesco, Financial Times, BBC, and more. Its career coaching team offers one-on-one support for your job hunt. Graduates find a job within one to three months on average.

Because the school is based in the UK, its career teams operate in Europe. You’ll still get training and support that you can apply anywhere. The Makers Academy alumni network can also provide tips and help you find employment after graduation.

Does Makers Academy Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Makers Academy does not offer a job guarantee. The organization used to offer one, but faced different job rates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Makers Academy decided that it would be unfair to offer a guarantee with so many variables.

How Much Does Makers Academy Cost?

The Makers Academy program costs £8,000, which is $10,979.44 (USD). This price not only includes training in Ruby and JavaScript, but access to meditation and yoga services. If the holistic method is important to you, you’re getting extra bang for your buck.

How to Pay for Makers Academy: Scholarships, Loans, Apprenticeship

Makers Academy does not offer income sharing or installments like some other bootcamps do. However, it provides multiple financing options and even an apprenticeship that pays students from day one.


Makers Academy offers a partial £500 ($686.22 USD) scholarship for women and gender minorities. This scholarship is part of its efforts to make tech more inclusive. Although it’s not a full scholarship, this money can help you pay less upfront.


Makers Academy offers loans for its courses through its official loan partner Coursebud. Though you’ll still have to pay the £800 deposit, you can pay the rest of the tuition over a few months. Only UK residents with a valid UK debit card are eligible for this option.


With the apprenticeship program, you can learn practical on-the-job skills over a 12-month period. You’ll start getting paid once you are enrolled and start working. This program has a different application process than the general school, but it’s worth it if you can commit. Not many bootcamps offer apprenticeship options.

Makers Academy Locations

Makers Academy is based in London, but it offers online courses as well. It has moved its apprenticeship program to remote status due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means you can attend Makers Academy from anywhere. Whether you want to work for a tech company in San Francisco or Sao Paulo, you can get your education from Makers Academy.

Makers Academy Course

Makers Academy courses can teach you Ruby and JavaScript. These courses are also designed to teach you how to code in a way that lets you easily pick up other languages. Makers Academy is a great option if you know you want to learn more coding languages in the future.

Makers Academy Prep Courses

Makers Academy has a prep course of its own, but it only comes after you’ve been accepted into the bootcamp cohort. Luckily, the academy also recommends a few courses to teach you the basics of Ruby. Below are some coding prep courses that can help you get ready for Makers Academy.

  1. CodeAcademy Ruby Tutorial. This can help you get started in Ruby. Ruby is an object-oriented programming language that you’ll use throughout the course. Ruby is a great programming language to learn because it’s popular in tech right now.
  2. Codewars. This website helps you learn new coding languages by pairing you with other students to complete challenges. If you want a more interactive course instead of videos and step-by-step lessons, this is a good option.
  3. Learn Ruby. Learn Ruby provides interactive tutorials and free courses in Ruby. This is a great option for complete beginners.
  4. Makers Academy Pre-Course. The Makers Academy pre-course is a one-month part-time course. It takes around 25 hours per week, so you can also complete other prep courses while you learn. You’ll learn the basics of the command line and git before moving on to three Ruby challenges.

Software Engineering – Remote

This Makers Academy’s program is designed to transform you into a software engineer. This 12-week, full-time course teaches you the latest technologies to help you land a job in the modern working environment. Besides resources for Ruby, JavaScript, and stress relief, they train coders to work in a test-driven development cycle.

The academy doesn’t offer grades during the process. Instead, the project-based work curriculum teaches you hands-on learning. By not giving you grades or a certificate, the school gets you ready for your first web development job. After you complete your final project, you’re sent out into the job market, ready to start earning.

What Is the Makers Academy Schedule?

Makers Academy offers three separate programs: a full-time course, a part-time course, and an apprenticeship.


This course takes place over 12 weeks and can get you ready to work over that short period of time. This is your quickest path to a career in software development. You just need to have the time to immerse yourself in the coding world.


This course slows the curriculum into a seven-month process. This option only requires 22 hours per week. If you are already working and can’t afford to commit to the full-time bootcamp, this is a great option.


This year-long course teaches students on the job instead of putting them through the classroom environment. This is perfect for people who want to get paid to learn to code that may not appreciate a classroom structure. Coding apprenticeships are hard to come by, so you should apply for Makers Academy.

How to Get Accepted Into Makers Academy

Makers Academy is a highly-selective bootcamp with plenty of benefits. It has a thorough application process for selecting potential candidates.

Makers Academy Acceptance Rate

According to their FAQ, Makers Academy only accepts 10 percent of applicants for its paid programs.

Application Process

The Makers Academy application process has four steps. It’s designed to test your aptitude with coding, your teamwork skills, and your personality.

  1. Fill out the application form. If you’ve had any experience in coding, including the prep courses listed above, you’ll be invited to a pair programming session.
  2. You might do a pair programming session with a member of the Makers Academy admissions team. This step is repeatable in case you don’t pass on the first attempt. This is how they gauge your coding skills.
  3. After a successful interview, you can pay the deposit. They’ll send you materials to prepare for the course.
  4. You’ll receive your pre-course materials the day that the pre-course starts, then move on to your full-time or part-time class.

Interview Questions

There’s no official list of interview questions for Makers Academy. However, according to a graduate’s blog post, there are a few things they look for during your pair programming session.

  • Knowledge of the program
  • Problem-solving strategy
  • Attitude
  • Preparation
  • Coding skills

Is Makers Academy Right for You?

Makers Academy is right for you if you’re interested in a holistic learning atmosphere. This program is hard to get into, but they care about your well-being during and after the bootcamp.

The Makers Academy apprenticeship option lets you get paid to learn to code, which doesn’t happen often. If you want more than just a bootcamp, you should apply to Makers Academy.


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5 Reviews


  • Anonymous August 25, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    The coaches are excellent and there's always somebody available when needed, but figuring things out yourself first is encouraged. I became more self-sufficient and learnt more than I thought I'd have been able to in 12 weeks. Most importantly, it was fun. The time flew by and I'd do it all again if... Read More
  • Anonymous September 15, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    It is really challenging but I think that is the fun of it. The things you are doing in your final weeks you would never conceive of doing 12 weeks before. The speed of growth is absolutely incredible. The makers community is also so great, everyone is so keen to help each other even years after the... Read More
  • Anonymous October 30, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Pros: - Women and Gender Minorities Discount to promote diversity - A holistic approach learning process meaning that I have to be very clear with my learning goal in order to progress - Emotional curriculum that ensures the progress of inner development - Great post bootcamp career support wit... Read More
  • Anonymous November 25, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Overall this was one of the best things I have ever done. I met some amazing people, learned some amazing things, and now just starting my new job as a front-end dev. Short-sighted me sometimes wondered why I was learning a less in-demand language than other Bootcamps, but now I am working I totall... Read More
  • Anonymous December 21, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Signing up to do Makers was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I got stranded in the UK because of coronavirus and lost my job because I couldn't return to China. After some months without work I decided I need to do something, so signed up to start Makers in August. Now 6 months late... Read More

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