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Grace Hopper Program Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

The Grace Hopper Program is made for women who aspire to become software engineers and work in the tech industry. This initiative aims to empower women and non-binary individuals who want to excel in technology. Through this Grace Hopper Program review, find out what you can learn from its offerings and more.

What Is the Grace Hopper Program?

Grace Hopper Program Quick Facts
Cost $17,910
Start Dates August 13, October 1
Locations Online, New York City
Courses Software Engineering Immersive
Available Programs Full-Time

Considered one of the best coding bootcamps for women, Grace Hopper Program is a fast-paced training option licensed by the New York State Education Department. Its program is held via Fullstack Academy, and it is only offered to women, non-binary, and trans individuals. With the tech industry dominated by men, this program aims to propel women who are just as talented to tech career paths.

Is the Grace Hopper Program Worth It?

Yes, the Grace Hopper Program is worth it. It offers scholarship opportunities and other helpful options to pay for your tuition. The programs are taught via Fullstack Academy, which is a competitive programming bootcamp.

The Grace Hopper Program has a comprehensive curriculum that will build your strength and skills in handling both front end and backend development. This program is taught by experienced instructors who will guide you from classroom learning to hands-on project guidance.

Grace Hopper Program Job Placement

According to its official website, there are more than 840 companies in New York City and Chicago which have hired Grace Hopper Program graduates. The salaries are competitive, too, with a $72,000 median starting salary in Chicago and a $90,000 starting salary in New York.

Does Grace Hopper Program Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, the Grace Hopper Program does not offer a job guarantee. However, it does provide career prep to its students so that they will be more confident in their job search. A portfolio of applications can be compiled during the run of the program as each curriculum includes team and individual projects to work on.

There is a career success team that will help in building your resume to highlight your skills for prospective employers to see. The team will also assist in transforming your LinkedIn profile to showcase your new tech skills.

Finally, your GitHub profile will also be prepped to attract employers. GitHub is an open resource for coding and software development needs, as well as a hub for people who work in tech. Improving your GitHub profile could help your potential employment.

How Much Does the Grace Hopper Program Cost?

The Grace Hopper Program costs $17,910. These tuition costs cover the entire program curriculum and career support for graduates. Although this is a high number, there are many different ways to pay for the Grace Hopper Program.

How to Pay for Grace Hopper Program: Scholarships. ISAs, Installments

Coding bootcamp programs like the Grace Hopper Program can be costly, but they are typically cheaper than university tuition. Check out below how you can pay for your bootcamp tuition.

Upfront Payment

If you happen to have enough savings before applying for a bootcamp program, then you can pay upfront. You can think of this as an investment because the skills that you will learn from the program can immediately land you a job. It will also save you from having to pay loans with interest.

Employer Payment

By any chance that you are taking this program because of your company’s initiative, then your employer can cover your tuition. If completing the bootcamp can improve your skills at your current job, you can also ask your employer to cover the tuition.

Government Assistance

You can look into different programs from your local government to see if they cover tech education. Sometimes, there are scholarships as well that your government can provide for students who are struggling financially.

Personal Loans

The Grace Hopper Program works with loan providers like Climb and Ascent to fund your bootcamp education. Personal loans can be paid back via installment for a specific number of months with interest.

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

You can opt to pay for your tuition after graduation if you find a permanent full-time job. This payment option is known as the income share agreement (ISA), where a portion of your salary is used to pay back your tuition. You can try applying for an ISA via a well-known lender called Leif.


The Grace Hopper Program offers three types of scholarships. A half-tuition discount is offered to LGBTQ+ individuals via the Edie Windsor Scholarship. The Ada Lovelace Scholarship provides a $1,000 discount for students who pay upfront. Finally, military veterans can use their GI Bill benefits or a $1,000 discount if they pay upfront.

Grace Hopper Program Locations

Currently, only online remote learning is offered due to COVID-19. Once in-person classes resume, courses will be offered in New York City. Along with in-person classes, the bootcamp prep course is always remote.

  • Grace Hopper Program New York City
  • Grace Hopper Program Online

Grace Hopper Program Courses

Courses at the Grace Hopper Program are available for now via online remote classes. The software engineering immersive can only be taken full-time. Find out what you can expect from the program below.

Grace Hopper Program Prep Courses

The Grace Hopper Program offers a bootcamp prep for candidates who want to know more about programming or are not that confident with their skills.

  1. Bootcamp Prep Course – This bootcamp prep course focuses on programming, with a lot of attention on learning JavaScript. You will learn various functions, data types, objects, and more. The prep course usually costs $199, but you can choose a self-paced option for free.

Software Engineering Immersive – Online

The software engineering immersive program can be completed within 13 weeks on a full-time schedule. The program boasts an advanced curriculum and is mostly driven by JavaScript programming. Its project-based structure prepares future software engineers for demanding roles in tech companies.

There are three phases in this program. The foundation phase covers the basics of web design and web development via coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript. The junior phase goes deeper into front end and backend development, with database management using SQL.

The last one is the senior phase composed of three projects. You will work on a guided team project with three to four members and will be tasked to build an ecommerce site. Then, your project is to come up with an idea for and build a web or mobile application. Finally, your last requirement is a capstone team project to create an app.

What Is the Grace Hopper Program Schedule?

The Grace Hopper Program is only offered full-time at over 30 hours per week. Read below to learn more about this immersive bootcamp schedule.


The software engineering immersive course takes 13 weeks to complete, not including the bootcamp prep portion. Although you will need to commit all of your time to the program, it is a great way to learn to code with JavaScript quickly.

How to Get Accepted Into the Grace Hopper Program

To get accepted into this bootcamp, you will need to go through online applications, assessments, interviews, and enrollment. Follow the application process below to make sure that you are on the right track.

Grace Hopper Program Acceptance Rate

The Grace Hopper Program acceptance rate is not available.

Application Process

To help you prepare for your admission into the Grace Hopper Program, below is a step-by-step process that you can follow.

  1. Fill out your complete online application form and make sure that all details, especially contact information, are correct.
  2. Prepare for an online assessment. For the software engineering immersive, you need to check out the bootcamp prep course.
  3. If you pass the assessment, then you will be subjected to a behavioral and technical interview.
  4. Once a decision has been made and you are accepted, you will receive instructions on how to enroll in your program.

Interview Questions

There are no specific interview questions published for the Grace Hopper Program. Nonetheless, below are some common questions that you might encounter during the interview.

  • Why are you interested in taking a programming course?
  • What are some of the programming languages you know, and which one do you feel most confident about?
  • Have you tried working with a group on a project such as building an application?
  • Why did you choose the Grace Hopper Program?
  • If you do not qualify for the program here, what will be your next step?

Is Grace Hopper Program Right For You?

Yes, the Grace Hopper Program is right for you. This bootcamp provides a competitive, safe, and unique learning environment for women, non-binary people, and trans individuals. Its programs aim to uplift women in tech who are overshadowed due to gender bias in the industry.

Aside from the outstanding curriculum, you will feel a sense of feeling cared for, especially with the number of scholarship opportunities. This goes to show that the Grace Hopper Program is committed to making tech education accessible for all. If you happen to share the same perspective, then the Grace Hopper Program is made for you.


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7 Reviews


  • Anonymous February 10, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” David Yang, one of Fullstack/Grace Hopper’s co-founders, brought up this quote during his parting words to my cohort as we graduated. It resonated so strongly with me and sums up how I feel about attending Grace Hopper.... Read More
  • Anonymous February 17, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I had some computer science background from school and had just graduated, but there was a 2 year gap between my last front-end engineering internship, so it was hard to talk about an experience from so long ago, without more recent work experience or projects having to do with web development. I de... Read More
  • Anonymous March 10, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Why I LOVED GHA – I made some amazing friendships in my cohort. Since graduating, I’ve hung out at least one of my classmates every week, and we have monthly get togethers where most of our cohort shows up. They’re the most amazing group of women. I love them so much! The curriculum – The... Read More
  • Anonymous March 15, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I attended the Grace Hopper (all women) division of Fullstack Academy. I couldn’t imagine a better environment to not only to learn but to completely change careers. I had a huge support network, between my three dozen classmates, half a dozen fellows, the instuctors, directors, and career success... Read More
  • Anonymous April 9, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy changed my life. One month after I finished bootcamp, I found my dream job as a Full Stack Software Engineer. Corey and Geoff were the best instructors I could’ve asked for — they made the rigorous curriculum fun and interesting, and were always happ... Read More
  • Anonymous April 15, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    The Grace Hopper program has been absolutely one of the most unique learning environments I’ve been in. It is fast-paced, and they expect you to work hard. The first six weeks were FULL of lectures and it was a bit of information overload. But the remainder of the course was much more project-base... Read More
  • Anonymous July 18, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Prior to the Grace Hopper Program, I was in a position where my job has become stagnant and going to work was a drag. I had interests in coding but never thought it would be possible to become an engineer. I thought to myself, people go to school for 4 years to learn this stuff. However, after atten... Read More

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