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Fullstack Academy Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Fullstack Academy is a New York-based program offering on-campus and online training in web development and cybersecurity. In this Fullstack Academy review, we highlight a few unique aspects that make this particular bootcamp stand out.

What Is Fullstack Academy?

Fullstack Academy Quick Facts
Cost Online: $17,910, Campus: $15,980 – $17,910
Start Dates February 22, March 12
Location New York City, Online
Courses Software Engineering, Grace Hopper Program, Web Development Fellowship, Cybersecurity Bootcamp, Summer of Code
Available Programs Online, Full-Time, Part-Time

Fullstack Academy is a coding bootcamp in New York City that teaches coding and cybersecurity through specialized courses. Fullstack Academy offers a unique combination of workshops and programming classes designed to teach teamwork. Unlike many other schools, it focuses solely on JavaScript. After all, websites like Gmail, Trello, and Facebook are built exclusively with this programming language.

Besides software engineering and one of the best cybersecurity bootcamps around, it offers three notable career training opportunities. The Grace Hopper Program helps more women and nonbinary people break into tech. The Web Development Fellowship allows students to take a 24-week bootcamp for free. And the Summer of Code teaches young people how to code over their 11-week summer break.

Is Fullstack Academy Worth It?

Fullstack Academy is worth it for New Yorkers who want to become software engineers or cybersecurity professionals. After graduating you’ll have higher earning potential without the cost of a traditional college. Many of Fullstack Academy’s opportunities cater to the underrepresented.

But if you’re interested in a data science career, a career in UX/UI design, or some other computer science field, then Fullstack Academy isn’t the right option.

Fullstack Academy Job Placement

Fullstack Academy has a 59 percent job placement rate within 180 days of graduation. The median starting salary for a Fullstack graduate is $75,000. There are over 840 companies that partner with Fullstack Academy to hire its graduates in New York and Chicago, including Google, Facebook, Spotify, and American Express.

Fullstack Academy also offers career-coaching services to further help bootcamp grads. The career success team assists with interviews, resumes, networking, and negotiation.

Does Fullstack Academy Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Fullstack Academy does not offer a job guarantee. You should contact Fullstack Academy directly to determine the percentage of graduates that find jobs. Though it may not offer a guarantee, it has partnerships with several companies that hire software engineers and cybersecurity experts. These partnerships, along with Fullstack Academy’s career services, should facilitate a fruitful job search for grads.

How Much Does Fullstack Academy Cost?

Fullstack Academy’s online coding bootcamp costs $17,910. The on-campus programs cost anywhere from $15,980 to $17,910. You can prepare for the bootcamp by taking a prep course, which costs up to $200. Tuition may vary based on your program and eligibility for financial aid.

How to Pay for Fullstack Academy: Scholarships, ISAs, Loans

Fullstack Academy has a few options for students to get learning for less. It has unique programs, loan options, and income share agreements.


Scholarships are the best option when it comes to paying for a bootcamp. Fullstack Academy offers several scholarships for underrepresented students:

  • The Edie Windsor scholarship pays half the tuition of gender-nonconforming individuals and LGBTQ+ women
  • Women and nonbinary individuals who choose to pay upfront are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship
  • African-Americans and other members of the Black community are eligible for full scholarships
  • The VET TEC scholarship covers up to $1,000 for eligible veterans


Income share agreements are payment structures that several bootcamps use to ease the financial burden for students. Instead of paying upfront or with installments, students use their income once hired. Usually, if the income is under a certain threshold, no payment is required. Fullstack Academy, however, requires an enrollment deposit of $2,000 for ISAs.

Loan Financing

Fullstack Academy offers loans through partnerships with Climb and Ascent Funding, well-known in the bootcamp industry. The loans start at $336 per month. Ascent Funding offers deferred, interest-only, and immediate options for qualifying students. This is a good option for those who struggle to pay the full tuition at once.


Fullstack Academy is considered one of the best coding bootcamps for veterans, and for good reason. This is a VA-approved coding bootcamp and, as such, army vets can finance it through the Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC).

Fullstack Academy Locations

Fullstack Academy has a campus in New York City and offers online options for the software engineering program. Due to COVID-19, all courses are only available online.

Fullstack Academy Courses

Fullstack Academy’s offerings center around software engineering and cybersecurity. It also has a couple of prep courses at low prices.

Fullstack Academy Prep Courses

If you have no coding experience, you’re going to want to take these prep courses. Finishing these before your bootcamp starts will bring you up to speed. Fullstack Academy claims those who pass their prep courses are around two and a half times more likely to be accepted into a bootcamp.

  1. Intro to Coding – This self-paced, free course provides a look into the basics of coding. With over 15 hours of videos and challenges, you’ll develop a beginner’s understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the three major front-end programming languages.
  2. Hacking 101 – This self-paced, free course is an introduction to coding for those studying cybersecurity. You’ll learn about hackers and how they operate.
  3. Bootcamp Prep in a Week – This week-long, immersive course builds on your coding knowledge. You’ll learn more about coding concepts needed to pass the Fullstack and Grace Hopper assessment courses.
  4. Bootcamp Prep in a Month – This course follows the same basic principles as the weeklong course, but at a more moderate pace. This option is good for those that want a deeper dive into each subject.
  5. Online Bootcamp Prep – This course is the same as the previous two, but with an online, self-paced structure with pre-recorded videos.
  6. Cyber OnRamp – This free, online course is designed to prepare students for the Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp by teaching them the basics of Linux. You’ll learn from one of Fullstack’s best instructors during this 25-hour class.

Software Engineering – In-Person | Online

Fullstack Academy’s software engineering course teaches you how to think and build like a software engineer. Both the full-time, 17-week course and part-time, 28-week course teach students how to build a site using JavaScript.

Its Grace Hopper Program helps women and nonbinary people enter tech while its Web Development Fellowship offers this curriculum to an underserved subset of the population. The Summer of Code is an even more accelerated program for students on their summer break.

Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp – In-Person

Cybersecurity engineering is one of the fastest-growing careers in the United States. This 17-week program will give you all the tools to start your career in cybersecurity. You’ll learn about networking, virtualization, Linux, automation, Python, and more.

What Is the Fullstack Academy Schedule?

Fullstack Academy has a couple of options to work around students’ schedules.


The full-time program requires the most commitment, but it’s also the fastest way to complete the program. Both the software engineering and cybersecurity bootcamps take a little over four months to complete at 45 hours a week. Students usually study from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm with a break for lunch and fitness around 1 pm.


The part-time program is taught at a much slower pace in order to accommodate students’ schedules. The software engineering part-time camp takes 13 hours per week for seven months and the cybersecurity camp requires 10 hours per week for 27 weeks.

How to Get Accepted Into Fullstack Academy

Taking the bootcamp prep courses for your chosen field is the easiest way to get accepted into Fullstack Academy.

The cohorts, especially those in the Web Development Fellowship and Grace Hopper Programs, tend to fill up relatively quickly. Fullstack Academy will generally roll people into the next cohort in the event they’re accepted into a cohort that’s full.

Fullstack Academy Acceptance Rate

Fullstack Academy does not publicize its acceptance rate. For what it’s worth, some in the industry have speculated that Fullstack accepts around 10% of applicants. You should take this figure with a grain of salt.

Application Process

The application process for Fullstack Academy is a simple three-step affair.

  1. Submit an application.
  2. Take an online coding assessment.
  3. Participate in one or two behavioral and technical interviews via Skype.

After your interviews, you’ll learn if you were admitted within a few business days. If you’re thinking of starting the admissions process, check out their prep guide and read up on how to ace your interview.

Interview Questions

The Skype interview focuses on a few key elements. Its goal is to ensure you’re prepared to succeed in their unique environment and to carry the Fullstack Academy name into your job hunt after graduation.

The interviewer will ask you about:

  • Your background
  • Programming fundamentals
  • Your career goals
  • Your motivation
  • Your willingness to work as part of a team

Is Fullstack Academy Right for You?

Fullstack Academy is right for you if you’re looking to break into the world of software development or cybersecurity. This boot camp especially gives women, nonbinary people, and minorities an opening into the world of tech.

Full-time and part-time students have options that cost less than the average college tuition, with a high chance of landing a job in your field. If you’re a New Yorker who likes the idea of coding for a living, give Fullstack Academy a shot. Fullstack Academy is considered one of the best online coding bootcamps in the market, so we also recommend any of its remote programs.


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7 Reviews


  • Anonymous May 13, 2019
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I couldn’t have learned this much information this fast without Fullstack Academy. The instructors were incredibly helpful not only in teaching the information, but also getting you to think like a software engineer. I learned the most useful technologies and also “learned how to learn.” I was... Read More
  • Anonymous November 18, 2019
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I always thought coding seemed cool, so I thought I’d pay the super resonable fee take Bootcamp Prep on-campus and just see what happens… 8 months later I am nearing the end of my fellowship, having accepted a life-changing job offer, and I can now officially define myself a software engineer. T... Read More
  • Anonymous March 20, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Fullstack Academy is a fantastic program that took me from knowing little to nothing about coding to having a skillset good enough to get me a job as a software engineer. Their program is a great educational balance of practicality and theory. I cannot recommend it higher. It truly turned my life fr... Read More
  • Anonymous June 11, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Great instruction and curriculum by Priti, Ben W., Collin, and Finn. With only a few technologies, FSA spends more time teaching what is harder to learn on your own, teaching high-level concepts with practical application. Excellent career support by Holly that does not make unrealistic promises or ... Read More
  • Anonymous June 19, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I found my love for programming very late in college, and as a result was unable to pursue it very far while I was still in school. I weighed the option of a masters vs. a boot camp, and ultimately decided that a boot camp made more sense for me both professionally and financially. When it came to c... Read More
  • Anonymous July 23, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    When I first heard about the phenomenon of coding bootcamps, I was incredibly skeptical. However, after completing Fullstack Academy’s Software Engineering Immersive, I am a true believer that a good bootcamp can change your life (and career ). Initially I chose to attend Fullstack for two reas... Read More
  • Anonymous October 15, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Fullstack Academy has great instructors and career team that wants you to succeed. The course content is valuable and the career team is always just an email away with help. Highly recommend.

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