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Flockjay Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Flockjay offers live online classes and expert instruction to teach the fundamentals of tech sales. At this bootcamp, students become specialists in technical sales software. Flockjay emphasizes graduates being lifelong learners who have the tools to stay up-to-date in the industry.

Flockjay is a tech sales bootcamp that offers great learning opportunities and specialization in managing sales roles with cutting-edge technology, both in hardware and software. Its innovative study program streamlines and promotes professional engagement with the effective use of sales training to generate added value in tech companies.

You will develop very useful skills in the management of information technology for corporate sales. You will be able to become a tech salesperson in only 10 weeks. Flockjay offers an opportunity for you to break into tech. Find out more in this complete Flockjay review.

What Is Flockjay?

Flockjay Quick Facts
Cost $6,000 or $7,650
Start Dates Every month
Locations Online
Courses Tech sales
Available Programs Part-time

Flockjay is a sales training bootcamp that allows you to venture into the fascinating world of tech sales, thanks to its innovative educational system. Flockjay has a wide range of information technologies specially adapted to guarantee strategic learning.

This course prepares students for outstanding performance in tech companies. It offers training programs for individuals and job training for companies.

Is Flockjay Worth It?

Yes, Flockjay is worth it because it offers comprehensive and high-quality training in tech sales. If you work or worked in sales, this tech sales bootcamp is a great option. Flockjay is a window into the vast world of current technology. If you are looking for professional growth backed by profitability and prestige, this is the best option.

Flockjay Job Placement

While Flockjay does not guarantee job placement after graduation, it provides students with intensive prep courses on resumes, job interviews, and preparing for a career in tech. Flockjay also has an option for companies to become hiring partners and offer careers to new graduates at high-profile companies like Zoom, Slack, and Validity.

In addition, Flockjay offers the students the option of paying no tuition upfront. They only have to pay for the course after they’ve been hired for a position earning more than $40,000 a year. While this isn’t a job placement guarantee, having this option available speaks to Flockjay’s confidence in their graduates getting hired at top companies.

Flockjay equips its students with strategic sales skills. Flockjay has provided personal and professional development experiences to hundreds of people. Students improve their tech sales skills in Flockjay’s online program.

Does Flockjay Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Flockjay does not offer a job guarantee.

How Much Does Flockjay Cost?

If you live in any US state other than California and can pay the full tuition upfront, Flockjay’s online course costs $6,000. For California residents, the upfront tuition is $7,650. In addition to upfront tuition payment, Flockjay has the option to defer tuition.

How to Pay for Flockjay: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

Flockjay only offers a few different financing options. Read below to learn more about how to pay for your bootcamp.


Currently, Flockjay provides bootcamp scholarships to only a couple of students per cohort. To be eligible, you must specify the reason in your application letter during the application process.


Flockjay does not currently offer income share agreements (ISAs).

Loan Financing

Flockjay does not have any loan financing options. However, you may be able to secure a private loan outside of the bootcamp.


The deferral agreement allows students to pay in installments of $425 per month for 18 months. These payments only begin after the student has graduated and started a job with a salary of $40,000 or more.

Flockjay also offers a two-installment payment plan. Students must make the first payment during the first week of the course and the second payment during the sixth week. This is a great option for those who cannot afford upfront tuition but aren’t interested in an 18-month agreement. However, it is not made available to California residents.

GI Bill

Currently, Flockjay does not accept GI Bill benefits.

Flockjay Locations

Flockjay is headquartered in California, and it is considered one of the best tech companies in San Fransisco. However, their program is only offered online.

Flockjay Courses

Flockjay offers only one course, and it covers a tech sales curriculum. It offers high-quality online salesforce training and software management for sales in information technology.

Tech Sales | Online

This 10-week program is broken into five different modules. The course teaches you the skills and resources necessary to enter the world of sales and technology. You will use software and different tools to manage ecommerce businesses. The course intends to teach you how to generate profits using tech sales.

This course was designed by sales experts from Google, Salesforce, and Facebook, ensuring a professional experience. The instructors are experts in this field, so you can receive strategic advice to succeed in any related job.

What Is the Flockjay Schedule?

To offer its students the possibility to study and work simultaneously, Flockjay offers its tech sales bootcamp only in a part-time format. Classes take place from 5pm to 8pm PST, Monday through Thursday. Lessons are taught live online, with office hours available to schedule one-on-one sessions with your professors.

This schedule offers a balance between study time and putting into practice the knowledge acquired in class. Flockjay provides specialized communication techniques with clients for the closing of corporate contracts.


The part-time schedule is the only one available in the Flockjay tech sales syllabus.


Flockjay does not offer a full-time program.


Flockjay does not offer a self-paced scheduling option.

How to Get Accepted Into Flockjay

You can get accepted into Flockjay by completing its basic application process. If you demonstrate the right motivation for online sales, you will be able to get in. Read below to learn more about the steps to apply to Flockjay.

Flockjay Acceptance Rate

Currently, Flockjay does not have a specific post on its acceptance rate. However, Flockjay starts a new 10-week program every month, making it accessible for lots of students to be accepted.

Application Process

The process to apply in Flockjay is quite simple. You can complete the process in five steps. Your success in this section will determine your chances of succeeding in the bootcamp, so pay attention to the pace of work, the programs, and the student profiles. We’ve outlined the step-by-step application process below.

  1. The online application has four sections. You’ll provide personal information, discuss your level of commitment, and write a short essay. There is also an optional diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) survey. Anyone can apply.
  2. If your application is accepted, the admissions team will contact you and schedule a video call to discuss your professional goals, learning needs, your capabilities, and the added value that you could bring to a tech company as a Flockjay graduate.
  3. The Flockjay team will give you a complete interview with various technical aspects that you must study and review beforehand before the call. This step shows that you have the skills to take the course.
  4. After the interview, you will know if you have been admitted or not in a few business days by email.
  5. If you passed admission, then you are officially a Flockjay student.

Interview Questions

Flockjay asks its applicants a series of questions related to their technical skills, their commitment, their motivation, and their ability to organize themselves to achieve optimal academic results throughout the course. Below is a list of some common bootcamp interview questions.

  • What goals do you have for your career in tech sales?
  • Why did you choose Flockjay?
  • What priorities are fundamental in a tech sales career?
  • What motivates you to participate in the industry?
  • How well do you work in a team?
  • Do you work well under pressure?

Is Flockjay Right for You?

Yes, Flockjay is an excellent opportunity for your personal growth and future economic well-being. It provides practical, useful, and highly in-demand tech sales knowledge. In just 10 weeks, you will receive high-quality training with a special focus on tech sales. They are highly valued skills by large companies in the tech industry.

This is the most viable, accessible, and modern alternative to traditional education within the wide network of bootcamps in the country. If you are interested in knowing and taking advantage of the enormous benefits that technology education will bring to your life, Flockjay is the ideal bootcamp for you.


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