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Evolve Security Academy Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Evolve Security Academy is a leading cyber security academy. It provides excellent security services to companies and reliable education to aspiring cyber security professionals. This Evolve Security Academy review will show you how to succeed at this institution.

What Is Evolve Security Academy?

Evolve Security Academy Quick Facts
Cost Online: $12,500, In-Person: $14,500
Start Dates June, August, October 2021
Locations Online, Chicago
Courses Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Cybersecurity Bootcamp
Available Programs Part-Time

Cyber security is one of the fastest-growing IT fields, and talented individuals are needed to fill open positions. Evolve Security Academy is committed to producing skilled cyber security employees. One of its main services is to provide employee training to companies, but its cyber security bootcamp program is a great way for anyone to learn information security.

Is Evolve Security Academy Worth It?

The Evolve Security Academy program on cyber security is taught by a group of instructors who are experts in the industry. By enrolling in the program, you are signing up to learn from people who have been working in the field for a long time. You will learn not only the fundamentals but also the best practices to apply in the real world.

Once you complete the program, you will receive the Evolve Security Certified Professional (ESCP) certification. Additionally, you also have the chance to be awarded a voucher for a CompTIA Security+ certification. This technical certification is a must-have for any cyber security practitioner.

Evolve Security Academy Job Placement

As of August 2020, 94 percent of Evolve Security Academy alumni who had been actively seeking a cyber security job were able to land one within six months. On average, graduates are able to get a job within 63 days. These figures can be found in the FAQ section of the academy’s website.

Salary is also competitive for cyber security graduates. As of August 2020, Evolve Security Academy reported that its graduates have a median salary of $65,000. Moreover, this median salary has increased by about 48 percent compared to the graduates’ previous jobs.

Evolve Security Academy keeps close contact with its alumni and follows their careers. One of the main factors that helps students is the ESCP certification, which is earned upon passing an exam at the end of the program.

Does Evolve Security Academy Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Evolve Security Academy does not offer a job guarantee. However, it is committed to helping its students through its job preparation program. The program is an initiative to help graduates prepare for their job search through different activities.

Upon completing the course, you are also entitled to career coaching. Evolve Security Academy also has an alumni network that you can connect with for advice or access to cyber security resources. You can also look for opportunities through Evolve Security Academy’s employer partners.

With an Evolve Security Academy education, you will be qualified to become an information security analyst, cyber security engineer, security sales engineer, and more.

How Much Does Evolve Security Academy Cost?

The full Cybersecurity Bootcamp costs $12,500 for its remote program and $14,500 for its in-person program. At the moment, only the remote program is offered due to the pandemic. You can enroll in the Cybersecurity Fundamentals prep program for free because it is intended for students who want to prepare for a full program.

How to Pay for Evolve Security Academy: Scholarships, Installments, Loans

There are several payment options available for the Evolve Security Academy cyber security program. Find out below which one fits your current financial position.

Upfront Payment

If you have enough savings, then upfront payment before classes start or on the first day of the program is recommended. If you pay your tuition in full, you will be given a discount of $250. Paying upfront saves you from further issues later on and you can just focus on your studies.


Evolve Security Academy allows payment by installments as well. You can pay the first half on or before the start date of the program. Then, you can pay the other half on the tenth week of class.

Loan Financing

You can apply for a personal loan if you want a different installment arrangement to finance your tuition. Evolve Security Academy has a partnership with Ascent Funding to provide affordable loans with interest. You may apply via Ascent’s website.


Scholarships to deserving students are provided on a merit basis. When you fill out the bootcamp application, there is an essay section where you can explain why you deserve a scholarship.

GI Bill

GI Bill benefits are accepted at Evolve Security Academy. Before the pandemic, GI Bill benefits were only allowed for in-person bootcamps. However, they are now accepted for the online version of the program.


While Evolve Security Academy doesn’t have an ISA program, the school may roll one out in the future. An ISA, or income share agreement, is an arrangement whereby students don’t pay anything until they’ve found gainful employment. At that point, they would pay a certain percentage of their monthly income until the tuition is covered.

Evolve Security Academy Locations

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Evolve Security Academy is only holding remote classes. Once normal operations resume and you would like to enroll in an in-person bootcamp program, you can do so at the Chicago campus.

  • Evolve Security Academy Chicago
  • Evolve Security Academy Online

Evolve Security Academy Courses

Cyber security is the specialty of Evolve Security Academy. Before attempting the main bootcamp, you are expected to have a background in coding as well as fundamental tech skills. If you would like to test your capability or have a refresher, then it is highly recommended that you take the Cybersecurity Fundamentals course first.

Evolve Security Academy Prep Courses

The Cybersecurity Fundamentals prep course by Evolve Security Academy gives you an idea of what to expect from the full course. You will develop your technical skills and learn how to secure your personal data.

The first part of the program is an introduction to cyber security concepts and what it is like to be a cyber security professional. You will then go into the technical aspects of Linux, the operating system that Evolve Security uses to conduct its lessons.

You will then delve into network security and learn how computer systems work. Finally, you will learn about the common tools and practices surrounding hacking. The goal is to help you get into the mindset of a cyber security professional so that you know how to combat security threats.

Access to CyberLAB will be given to you so that you can work on real-world simulations and solve security issues. You are also expected to set up your own lab environment at home to continuously learn outside of class.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp – Online | In-Person

The 20-week cyber security bootcamp at Evolve Security Academy provides you with part-time learning and hands-on experience. For 20 hours per week, you will learn the fundamentals of cyber security and work on lab activities. There are various modules and verbal competency assessments are regularly conducted to test your knowledge.

The curriculum includes an introduction to the concepts of cyber security, with an emphasis on the confidentiality, integrity, availability (CIA) triad. You will then learn how computer and network systems work, particularly with the Internet. Understanding the digital world is necessary as this is where most security threats originate.

There are different aspects of security to touch on, including risks, threats modeling, and security operations architecture. You will need to learn Python, which more developers are using as a tool for scripting for security. There is also an activity on social engineering where you will create security campaigns and prevent phishing.

A module on cryptography is included in the program. This is where you will learn how to establish correct encryption to protect your data and set secure protocols. Additionally, you will learn how to conduct penetration testing. In this module, you will set off attacks to see if your security defenses can withstand specific threats.

Finally, you will undergo a security apprenticeship where you can apply what you learned. You are also expected to know how to create defenses and understand where a threat came from instead of just fighting it when it arrives. You will receive an ESCP certification once you complete the program and pass the exam.

What Is the Evolve Security Academy Schedule?

The lone cyber security program of the Evolve Security Academy is only offered on a part-time basis.


During the weekdays, classes are held from 6pm to 9pm, Monday through Thursday. There are no classes on Friday, but there is a class every other Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Each week, you are expected to spend a total of 20 hours on your studies.

How to Get Accepted into Evolve Security Academy

Getting accepted into Evolve Security Academy can be challenging. You will go through a series of steps before you can qualify for the Cybersecurity Bootcamp.

Evolve Security Academy Acceptance Rate

There is no available data on the acceptance rate of Evolve Security Academy.

Application Process

To ensure a successful Evolve Security Academy application, you should go through the following step-by-step process.

  1. Complete your application online. The link to apply is easily found on the Evolve Security Academy website.
  2. Wait for a call from the admissions advisor. This interview can either be via audio or video call. You will be asked about your education, work, and why you are interested in the cyber security program. There will be a technical portion as well to see if you are knowledgeable about concepts in cyber security, network systems, and Linux.
  3. The admissions team will decide if you will be accepted right away or if you will have to be put on the waiting list.
  4. Once you are admitted, you will receive a notice via email. This notice contains the curriculum and expectations for the course. You must also attest to having basic knowledge of the fundamentals. If not, you must take the Cybersecurity Fundamentals course.
  5. Proceed to enrollment and payment of your tuition for the bootcamp program. You may also check other payment options if you cannot pay upfront.

Interview Questions

There are no available interview questions on the Evolve Security Academy website. However, below are some questions, based on the typical bootcamp interview, that you might encounter.

  • Do you have prior work experience or are you currently working in the IT field? Why are you interested in cyber security?
  • Can you describe a specific project that you worked on in the past where you needed to create security defenses for a client or for personal use?
  • What is the current rating of your cyber security knowledge, including Linux and network systems?
  • What is your career goal or plan over the next five years? How would Evolve Security Academy help you in achieving this goal?

Is Evolve Security Academy Right For You?

Evolve Security Academy has tried-and-tested experience teaching cyber security, and is one of the top bootcamps in this field. For the last 18 years, it has provided services for numerous companies, from setting up various security measures to training employees. Lots of experts have been tapped to teach the next several cohorts for the Cybersecurity Bootcamp.

If you are looking for a learning experience that combines a strong foundation and practical assignments, Evolve Security Academy is the right one for you. You will earn a certificate that attests to your expertise at the end of your program. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to expand your study and earn an additional certification via CompTIA.


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9 Reviews


  • Anonymous November 6, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    As a person who really thrives in a learning environment with instruction and support, I knew that it would be important for me to find a program that would offer me what I need. Initially, I was worried about the online learning environment and felt that it might be alienating. In fact, I think our... Read More
  • Anonymous November 11, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I started this cybersecurity Bootcamp not having much knowledge what so ever (I must admit I was pretty intimated at first). After just a few weeks into the Bootcamp, I was able to confidently and fluently converse with others using IT Jargon commonly found in the industry. I can't say enough about ... Read More
  • Anonymous November 24, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Want to get in cyber security career? Evolve Academy is the right place. Had and extensive training that covers most of cyber security industry topics. Trainers are experts in this domain so all my questions were answered at the highest leveI. Even if you don't understand something this guys will ma... Read More
  • Anonymous November 26, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I highly recommend Evolve to enhance cyber security expertise at any stage of your career. Personally, attending Evolve was pivotal for my sector switch into more hands-on work in cyber and incident response. In fact, Evolve instructors helped me identify IR as a potential professional path. Student... Read More
  • Anonymous November 29, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    The staff has an incredible way of taking complex concepts and breaking them down into digestible bits. Coming into the course without any experience in the field, I can attest to the initial difficulty of what is going to be learned. However, the staff is willing to put forth the time and effort to... Read More
  • Anonymous December 4, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Evolve Security Academy remote boot camp. A zero regret experience. I graduated from the 2018 remote cohort and also took the Practical Penetration Testing Course early in 2019. The latter? Excellent. In this review, I focus on the former. The boot camp had many strong points, including the jo... Read More
  • Anonymous December 13, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Learned so much! Course curriculum and all other covered topics were relevant and very applicable to mainstream trends and issues.
  • Anonymous December 20, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Evolve Security Academy is the #1 cyber security bootcamp in the world for a reason. The instructors are top-notch and often the ones who create the curriculum. Through the program, I was able to drink from the source, literally, and meet and learn from the pros in the industry in a casual, face to ... Read More
  • Anonymous December 20, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I was part of the PRO cohort (in-person) and it has changed my perception of the security industry. From someone with limited to no experience in the field before the bootcamp, it was fast paced and challenging, but even more rewarding when you finally understood the concepts introduced. The instruc... Read More

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