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Divergence Academy offers immersive technical programs in data science, cyber security, and cloud engineering. With flexible scheduling options and a focus on hands-on experience, this is a solid option for those interested in a tech career. This Divergence Academy review delves into the school’s program offerings, costs, financial aid availability, and robust career services.

Divergence Academy provides comprehensive career support, including resume reviews, interview preparation, and networking opportunities. The comprehensive data science curriculum delves into Python, statistical modeling, and machine learning, while the Cybersecurity Penetration Tester course hones skills in threat analysis and defensive strategies.

What Is Divergence Academy?

Divergence Academy Quick Facts
Cost $3,500 – $18,000
Start Dates July 12th, August 16th, September 13th, October 2nd, October 4th, November 29th, December 11th
Locations Dallas, Online
Courses Cyber Security Penetration Tester, Cyber Security Core Technical, Cyber Security Risk Management, Data Science Immersive, Cloud Computing Consultant, Net+ Online, DevOps Engineer
Available Programs Online, Full-time

Divergence Academy is a bootcamp based in Dallas. They specialize in cyber security and data science courses online. If you’re willing to put in a lot of work and invest the time, their immersive curriculums will help you develop your skills and get job ready in a matter of weeks.

They have programs for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced professionals. They offer both 10-week intensive programs as well as weekend learning formats for people who can’t study during work hours.

Is Divergence Academy Worth It?

Yes, Divergence Academy is worth it if you’re interested in data science and cyber security. If you want to learn this field, their immersive curriculum includes both theoretical and practical training to get you ready to enter the workforce.

They also offer an introductory course to people who have no prior experience. So whether want to become a data analyst, a cyber security expert, or a data scientist, their online programs will help you get a step closer to your goals.

Divergence Academy Job Placement

Currently, Divergence Academy does not publish job placement figures. However, the school offers career services and a job assistance program during your time as a student to help you during your job search.

They also offer a virtual career fair to help you connect with potential employers from the best tech companies in Dallas and beyond. According to their website, Divergence Academy graduates work for companies like IBM, AT&T, Saber, and Elevate.

Does Divergence Academy Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Divergence Academy does not currently offer a job guarantee.

How Much Does Divergence Academy Cost?

The cost of attending Divergence Academy varies depending on the program. Programs with more lab hours and lessons cost up to $18,000. On the other hand, shorter programs can cost as little as $3,500. You can find up-to-date information about tuition prices on the Divergence Academy website.

How to Pay for Divergence Academy: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

Divergence Academy offers different payment and financing options. These include scholarships, installments, GI Bills, and loan financing. Below you can find out more details on each of Divergence Academy’s payment options.


You may be able to apply for a scholarship to attend Divergence Academy through the Workforce Solutions Office. This is an organization that helps minority groups find opportunities in the tech industry. Visit your local Workforce Solutions Office website for more information.


For now, Divergence Academy does not offer an income share agreement (ISA) plan.

Loan Financing

Divergence Academy is partnered with Skills Fund to provide students with a loan financing option. This lending partner helps students get started on their career paths without having to pay full tuition upfront. You can pay as little as $450 per month, depending on the course you choose. Bear in mind that you will have to pay interest if you choose this option.


Divergence Academy students can choose to divide their tuition into three payments. They will need to first pay an initial deposit fee to reserve their spaces at the school. For now, this service is only available to students in the United States.

GI Bill

Divergence Academy accepts GI Bill benefits. If you are a veteran or in the military and want to start a tech career at Divergence Academy, you can use your GI Bill benefits to pay for some of their full-time programs. Veteran or military spouses may also be eligible to pay using GI Bill benefits.

You can find out more about how much tuition costs are covered on the US Veterans Affairs’ website. If you’re a veteran, it’s also worth finding out whether you are eligible for Vet Tec, a scheme that helps veterans retrain for technology jobs.

Divergence Academy Locations

Currently, Divergence Academy offers classes via its online platform. However, they also have headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

  • Divergence Academy Dallas
  • Divergence Academy Online

Divergence Academy Courses

Divergence Academy offers multiple different programs, depending on your experience level, goals, and time availability. Below you can find more details of the programs currently available at Divergence Academy.

Divergence Academy Prep Courses

If you are new to tech, Divergence Academy offers a couple of shorter courses designed to help you upskill quickly. These programs are ideal for people with less experience hoping to get up to speed with basic concepts in cyber security and programming.

  1. Cloud Computing Consultant – This unique course from Divergence Academy looks at the fundamental tasks of a cloud computing consultant. You will learn the skills to create reliable applications with providers such as Microsoft Azure, GCP, and AWS. The course consists of three modules, divided across six weekends. This includes 60 hours of instruction and 60 hours of practical work in laboratories.
  2. DevOps Engineer – This three-module program is ideal for learning the basics of programming tools. To become a software engineer, you must use DevOps functions like Jenkins, Git, and Docker. This course also requires 60 hours of lessons and 60 hours of laboratory practice.

Cybersecurity Penetration Tester – In-Person | Online

This program teaches you how to become an ethical hacker. The classes are led by professionals from the tech industry. Topics covered include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cyber security from a professional perspective.

The Cybersecurity Penetration Tester program is divided into four modules. You’ll be required to attend 120 hours of lessons and 240 hours of laboratory practice. A huge benefit of this program is that you will receive training and support to pass the CompTIA certification exams. Being CompTIA certified is extremely valuable to future employers.

Data Science Immersive – In-Person | Online

Divergence Academy’s data science program prepares you for a career in data science, machine learning, or data analysis. You’ll learn to use SQL and NoSQL tools for data science applications. The curriculum will cover commonly-used data analytics techniques, such as data analysis expressions (DAX).

It will also look at how to analyze and visualize data with tools like Power BI and Power Query. You will be required to take a capstone project as part of the program, which will be a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Cybersecurity Core Technical – In-Person | Online

If you’re a beginner or have limited experience in cyber security, this intensive program is the ideal foundation to build your career from. This weekend program requires 200 academic hours and 200 hours of laboratory practice. Classes take place on Saturday and Sunday, from 8am to 6pm.

You will work with PowerShell, CLI, and Bash scripts. You will also use Linux and Microsoft resources to manage clouds. The program prepares you to take certification exams including the Microsoft Azure Cloud Administrator (AZ-104), CompTIA Linux+, Azure DevOps (AZ-400), Azure IoT Specialty (AZ-220), Certified IoT Security Practitioner (CertNexus).

Cybersecurity Risk Management – In-Person | Online

Risk management is an interesting and growing area of tech. This program is designed to give students specialized skills to identify and manage risks to cyber security. During the program, you will have the opportunity to learn about IT systems, strategic combinations, and resources to protect user information.

The program consists of 160 teaching hours and 240 practical lab hours. You’ll learn specifically about the Zero Trust model. The program includes prep for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam.

CompTIA Net + Certification | Online

This program helps beginners in the tech industry receive a professional certification. The program consists of five modules, 40 hours of practice, and 40 hours of theoretical content. It includes support from staff and career coaching.

After completing the program, you will have the necessary skills to obtain the official CompTIA certification, a common requirement in many tech jobs.

What Is the Divergence Academy Schedule?

Before selecting a Divergence Academy program, you should take a look at the available schedules to make sure you can commit to it. The bootcamp offers both full-time and weekend programs.


A full-time schedule is most common for their long program. Usually, programs with more than three modules take place Monday through Friday classes, from 8am to 6pm. These programs require about 400 hours for completion.


Some of their programs are available to take as weekend classes. This weekend-based schedule is more flexible because it does not interfere with business days, allowing the student to work and study simultaneously.

How to Get Accepted Into Divergence Academy

Divergence Academy follows a strict admissions process. If you want to study at this institute, you’ll need to pass their application and interview process. You’ll also need to attend an induction before the program begins.

Divergence Academy Acceptance Rate

Divergence Academy does not publish official acceptance rate figures at this time.

Application Process

  1. Select the best program for you, depending on your needs, objectives, and availability.
  2. Register on the Divergence Academy platform and fill out the admission form. This is a good time to take a look at your financing options.
  3. You will then be invited to an admission interview, if they like your application. This will be your first contact with the Divergence Academy staff and is an opportunity for you to showcase your passion and skills.
  4. If you pass the admission interview, you must sign up for an induction session. This is designed to introduce you to the basics, such as course tools and teaching style, before the first day of class.
  5. Finally, you’ll need to confirm your payment method to secure your place on the program.

Interview Questions

Bootcamp admissions staff look for determined and prepared students. If you’re invited to an interview at Divergence Academy, below are some common bootcamp interview questions to prepare for.

  • Why do you want to study at Divergence Academy?
  • What is your experience in data science/cyber security?
  • What are your goals as a Divergence Academy student?
  • Tell us about a time you have demonstrated self-motivation.

Is Divergence Academy Right for You?

Divergence Academy is right for you if you are an aspiring data scientist or cyber security expert wanting to upskill in a short amount of time. Divergence Academy offers some of the best data science bootcamps led by experienced teachers. They also offer a wide range of career services to help you get the job you want on completing the program.

If you want to work in the field, it’s definitely worth considering their cyber security and data science courses available online. Take advantage of the financial and career support, and start your career path today.


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6 Reviews


  • Anonymous April 3, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Trying to enter the Data Science world with a Master's degree and a few online courses is not quite enough, as it cannot enable a new graduate to think like a domain expert who could help formulate the right questions. Even with the right questions, students like me have to demonstrate the ability t... Read More
  • Anonymous May 21, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    This Data Science course spearheaded by Vish and Scott ticked a lot of boxes for me unlike the other data science courses available online. The telling difference was in the way the instructors helped me get my foundations right and gave me the ability to analyze the problems in an effective way. A ... Read More
  • Anonymous June 10, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I took the data science short course. As a no technical background student, I found it is very useful for people who want to get in the industry with a little analysis knowledge. It gave me the knowledge as well as practice of many needed skills for data scientist from the industry prospective. The ... Read More
  • Anonymous June 12, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    As an aspiring data scientist and a recent graduate, I had decided to complete numerous data science courses online. I presumed I was quite proficient at data science and even marketed myself to recruiters as one. I could not have been more wrong. Data science is not something which can be learned b... Read More
  • Anonymous June 15, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    The experience I have here is awesome. Vish does not only cover normal python and ML algorithm but also scala and cloud platform. He also provides a lot of helpful insights about how the industry works and how the data scientists approach the problem. The classmates here are also from many different... Read More
  • Anonymous July 5, 2021
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Practical and Theory combined together give a very good perspective of Data Science for anyone who wants to learn this field. Classwork/labs + Homework greatly help, but make sure that you invest the time to do them with due dilligence.

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