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DevPoint Labs Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Essential tech skills like web design, web development, and coding are the backbone of the tech industry and DevPoint Labs can teach you all of these skills. This bootcamp offers both full-time, part-time, online, and in-person courses.

Read our DevPoint Labs review to decide if this school is for you. In this review, we’ll go over the bootcamp’s courses, prices, payment options, and job placement rate.

What Is DevPoint Labs?

DevPoint Labs Quick Facts
Cost $3,500 – $12,000
Start Dates Rolling Start Dates
Locations Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah, Las Vegas, Nevada, Online
Courses Web Development
Available Programs Full-time, Part-time, Online, In-person (Currently not offered)

DevPoint Labs is a coding bootcamp that offers seven- to 11 week-long immersive courses in programming, full stack web development, and design. The school will give you the skills you need to build your own web application from scratch after just four weeks of study.

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DevPoint Labs also offers certificates in partnership with reputed schools like the University of Utah and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to prepare students for their careers in tech.

This coding school covers a multitude of tech subjects, including backend data management, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, ReactJS, and UX/UI design. Its bootcamps are an amalgamation of traditional lectures, hands-on projects, and career guidance.

Is DevPoint Labs Worth It?

DevPoint Labs is worth it for anyone who wants to learn sought-after web development skills. The coding school is one of the best-ranked bootcamps in Utah.

Additionally, its part-time evening courses are an excellent choice for those who are working full-time jobs but still want to switch careers.

DevPoint Labs graduates have found employment at successful companies like Oracle, Acima Credit, and Nav. So, if you want to pivot toward software development, or simply expand your skill set, DevPoint Labs is worth the time and money.

DevPoint Labs Job Placement

DevPoint Labs does not make its official job placement rate public. However, the school is confident that its curriculum, teaching methods, and one-on-one career coaching will leave students adequately prepared for a job in tech.

Does DevPoint Labs Offer a Job Guarantee?

DevPoint Labs does not offer a job guarantee but provides career training and resources to its students. It also brings in industry experts for career guidance and industry insight. At the end of the bootcamp, there is a launch day where students submit their project portfolios and meet potential employers.

How Much Does DevPoint Labs Cost?

DevPoint Labs’ prices differ from program to program. Location and schedule can also affect the total price. The cheapest is $3,500, and the most expensive is $12,000.

How to Pay for DevPoint Labs: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

DevPoint Labs offers multiple payment options for its students. Below are some financial plans you can choose from.

Upfront Payment

As the name states, this is an upfront, one-time payment of the entire course fee.

Income Share Agreement

DevPoint Labs does not offer an income share agreement payment plan.

Loan Financing

DevPoint Labs offers loan financing options, but the conditions and interest rates vary. You can learn more about the school’s third-party loan providers by contacting DevPoint Labs.


DevPoint Labs offers two scholarships for its part-time and full-time web development courses in Salt Lake City. One of these is the Women in Tech Scholarship, which covers 50 percent of the winning student’s tuition.

The second scholarship is the Opportunity in Tech Scholarship, which aims to promote diversity in tech. It also covers 50 percent of the tuition of the winning student.

This award is meant for students from a background that is underrepresented in tech, either based on religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental disability, or veteran status. To qualify, you must meet the scholarship criteria, and demonstrate that you are passionate about technology.

GI Bill

DevPoint Labs accepts the GI Bill, but only for its University of Utah courses.


In DevPoint Labs’ installment payment plan, the student must put down an initial deposit, then pay the rest of their tuition bit by bit before the end of their course.

DevPoint Labs Locations

DevPoint Labs offers in-person classes in downtown Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Provo. The school also offers free housing to its full-time out-of-state students on a first come first serve basis. However, all classes are currently online due to COVID-19.

DevPoint Labs Courses

DevPoint Labs offers courses that will prepare you for an entry-level position in full stack web development. The course curriculum ensures you learn HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, and how to use frameworks and libraries with these programming languages to create interactive software.

Additionally, the bootcamp hosts lean methodologies hackathons as part of its programs. In these, students will build web applications that they can later include in their professional portfolios.

DevPoint Labs Prep Courses

DevPoint Labs offers specific prep work for each of its programs. You must complete this work before your course begins. It’s a great way to get a grasp on the basics before you get into difficult coursework.

University of Utah Coding School – Full-time Web Development

  • Spring and Summer 2021
  • Online
  • Price: $11,000

DevPoint Labs offers this full-time course in partnership with University of Utah’s professional education department. This class meets Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm.

In it, you will learn everything about full stack web development. It covers all the coding, design, and data skills you’ll need to start a web development career. By the end of the course, you will be able to create web applications and will have a solid working knowledge of multiple programming languages.

Full Stack Part-Time Web Development – Online

  • Spring and Summer 2021
  • Currently offered remotely
  • Price: $5,500

This immersive part-time course is great for students with busy schedules. The class takes place live online every Monday to Thursday, from 6pm to 9pm.

In this course, you will learn programming essentials, such as code splitting, front end frameworks, and UX/UI design. The curriculum also includes a main project in which you will develop a web application to present to potential employers.

What Is The DevPoint Labs Schedule?

DevPoint Labs’ full-time courses run for eight hours a day, five days a week. Its part-time option runs three hours a day, four days a week.

How to Get Accepted Into DevPoint Labs

The bootcamp accepts all skill levels into its courses, although it is essential that you go into the programs with basic computer skills.

DevPoint Labs Acceptance Rate

DevPoint Labs does not make its acceptance rate public. However, it accepts almost everyone, as its courses are designed for beginners. All you need is a passion to learn tech.

Application Process

DevPoint Labs’ application process is simple. You just have to fill in the online application form with your contact details, and a DevPoint Labs representative will get in touch with you to schedule an interview.

Interview Questions

The bootcamp interview at this school is pretty straightforward. Questions will include general information about your ambitions and why you’re interested in learning software engineering.

Is DevPoint Labs Right for You?

DevPoint Labs is right for anyone who wants to learn full stack web development. The 11-week immersive programs are a great alternative to a four-year college degree in computer science.

The school will leave you prepared for an entry-level job in web or software development. These courses are not self-paced, so you must be committed to keeping up with the curriculum.

If a fast-paced learning style isn’t right for you, we recommend you choose a self-paced web development course, such as those offered by Flatiron School and Noble Desktop.

Price Range
Programs Available
Programs Pace
Financing Options

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5 Reviews


  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    My favorite part of developing was the team aspect. I found out that one of my favorite things when it comes to web development is working with a group of people and problem-solving solutions together. My time at DevPoint Labs has helped me reach my potential. This course has given me a good foundation on how to excel in a career. I am very excited for the future, and I am incredibly thankful for everything that DevPoint has given me.
    My best advice for future students on how to stay a head of this course is to do and know all the pre-course work that they give you prior to the beginning of the course specially when you know little about coding and what was very helpful for me was to go over the class video lecture. It will help slow things down in a high accelerated course environment, specially when working a full time job.

    September 3, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    What I got out of this bootcamp far exceeded my lofty expectations going in. It provided the structure and support that I was looking for, and they have adapted exceptionally well to running this bootcamp remotely during COVID. The teachers were excelllent, and the TA’s were helpful and available every time I had a question. I felt that I was able to get plenty of “1-on-1” time with the teacher and TA’s as well.

    The bootcamp focuses on ReactJS and Rails in a very practical way. I have graduated feeling like I am able to build web applications and have a very solid foundation to continue building on. Like any other educational endeavor, you get out of it what you put in, but if you enroll and are serious about the classes, assignments, and hackathons I think you will surprise yourself at the level of coding proficiency you achieve by the end.

    October 13, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    Going into DevPoint Labs was extremely challenging for me as I had no prior coding experience besides a few html and css lessons. Yes they do require you to complete a pre-course before starting which I did, but I recommend giving yourself a couple of months to get familiar with the basics by working through FreeCodeCamps HTML, CSS and JavaScript courses because once you start the actual bootcamp it goes very fast and you will feel lost. Having said that I still had a wonderful time getting to know my class mates, working in a team environment and learning a LOT of new skills. The instructor and TA’s were extremely helpful if I had questions on anything they were always there to help guide me in the right direction. The other nice thing about DevPoint is that once you’ve completed the entire course you still get to keep all the course information to go back and look through. You also have the ability of sitting in on lectures after the course is over which awesome. I’m glad to have completed this bootcamp and i’m happy to say I’m now a DevPointer for life.

    November 18, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    Web development is one of the fastest-growing careers in today’s economy! Enrolling in DevPoint Labs was the smartest thing I have done so I can make a career move into technology. DevPoint is designed to help busy adults like me who had a full time job, while raising my daughter so I could develop the skills and professional network needed to capitalize on this high demand career track, through a convenient online format. I absolutely loved learning from our very knowledgable teachers and TA’s. I would highly recommend attending DevPoint Labs if you want a fast track into web development.

    December 10, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    I just finished the course with DevPoint Labs about 2 weeks ago. My experience was fantastic! The team did an awesome job at providing a course that was professional and challenging while also creating an atmosphere that was relaxed and personal. If you take this course you will for sure learn how to code, but you will also learn a ton about the culture and world of programming.

    Our instructor, James Yeates was an amazing teacher! Our lessons were never (and I repeat NEVER) dry or boring or repetitive. Every day I learned something new, and something practical that I was able to use in my assignments later on that day. The curriculum moves quickly but not so much that you can’t understand what is going on. Our class was also small enough that we were able to slow down or go a little faster depending on our collective learning speed.

    I really can’t say enough about this course. I was on the fence before I signed up about whether I should do the part-time or the full-time course and I can’t express enough how glad I am that I did the full-time course. It’s a sacrifice of time and money, but the payoff is more than worth it. This course literally changed the direction of my life. The amount of knowledge I gained in 3 months is enough to give me the confidence to go out and truly be a web developer. I definitely would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to change career directions and become a developer. You WILL NOT regret your decision.

    December 16, 2020

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