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Codeworks Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Codeworks offers intensive coding bootcamps to help aspiring software developers and web designers get their dream jobs. With carefully thought-out curriculums, Codeworks deliver courses that are bound to develop your much-needed tech skills. This Codeworks review will help you decide whether you should join Codeworks’ fully immersive bootcamp.

What Is Codeworks?

Codeworks Quick Facts
Cost $0 – $8,900
Start Dates July 26th, September 20th, November 8th
Locations Remote (United States)
On-campus (Barcelona, Berlin, London)
Courses Introduction to JavaScript, Software Engineering Immersive, Web Development Immersive
Available Programs Online, Full-time

Codeworks offers remote classes and on-site sessions at its campuses in Barcelona, Berlin, and London. Its software engineering and web development classes are only available online for students in the US. It offers immersive, full-time programs to make sure that students gain an in-depth understanding in the shortest time possible.

Is Codeworks Worth It?

There are several reasons why Codeworks is a great bootcamp for becoming a software engineer or web developer. Its immersive programs ensure that you are focused on learning and building your portfolio. For 11 to 12 hours a day, you learn through lecture sessions, exercises, discussions, and reviews.

The curriculum at Codeworks covers everything from the basics to advanced concepts. You can learn programming languages like SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also has career support to help its students look for a job after completing the program.

Since Codeworks only offer immersive or full-time programs, you might need to arrange time off from work or quit your job. There are no part-time schedules available, except for the admissions challenge.

Codeworks Job Placement

As of 2021, 100 percent of people Codeworks graduates have been hired within six months of completing a course. 98 percent of the graduates are working in the software engineering field.

Codeworks graduates typically secure jobs with salaries that are 12 percent higher than the industry average. Codeworks reports that its graduates in the US earn an average of $120,000 per year, according to LinkedIn findings.

What’s more, nine out of ten students get a job sign a job offer within three months. Codeworks graduates are provided with highly competitive skills and trained to actively seek opportunities from major tech companies.

Does Codeworks Offer a Job Guarantee?

Codeworks does not offer a job guarantee. However, it provides career support to its students. As part of your program, you will be supported to prepare your portfolio. You will also be trained for the types of tech interviews you might face during your job hunt.

How Much Does Codeworks Cost?

The cost of Codeworks’ programs varies by course and location. For US students who are not looking to relocate to Europe, your only option is remote learning.

A full-time software engineering program costs $8,900 by remote learning. The web development immersive program costs $6,500. Codeworks also offers a free introduction to JavaScript course.

How to Pay for Codeworks: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

Paying for tuition can be financially challenging. Codeworks offers a few financing options to help you continue with your studies. These include deferred payment plans and loan financing. Below, we cover in detail all of the payment options offered by Codeworks.

If you have enough to pay upfront, then you should consider paying for your tuition all at once. When you pay early, you’ll usually be rewarded with a discount based on the grant of the admission team.


Codeworks does not currently offer scholarships.


While Codeworks does not offer an income share agreement (ISA), it does offer deferred payment plans. This is slightly different from an ISA because the amount you pay does not depend on your salary.

Under this scheme, you only start paying for your tuition after you find a job, but the payment amount per month is fixed. Deferred payment is only available for students enrolled in the software engineering program.

Loan Financing

You can apply for a personal loan to pay for your Codeworks tuition. Through a loan option, your payment will be divided into smaller monthly payments. Keep in mind that the interest will change depending on the number of months in which you choose to pay back the loan.

Student loans are available for both software engineering and web development programs.


If you prefer to pay in monthly installments, your best option is to use a personal loan or the deferred payment plan. These are both paid back in installments, for those who can’t pay the full tuition upfront.

GI Bill

Codeworks does not currently accept GI Bill benefits.

Codeworks Locations

Remote learning is available for students based in the US. If you are already living in Europe or are happy to relocate, there are three Codeworks campuses in Europe.

  • Codeworks Barcelona, Spain
  • Codeworks Berlin, Germany
  • Codeworks London, United Kingdom
  • Codeworks Online

Codeworks Courses

If you are an aspiring software engineer or web developer, these coding bootcamp programs are made for you. Codeworks only offers a full-time schedule because it wants to make sure that students are entirely focused on completing their studies. Going into a Codeworks program, you need to have some basic coding knowledge.

Codeworks Prep Courses

One of the requirements for starting a Codeworks program is that you need to be familiar with coding. If you are not, then you might want to enroll in a coding bootcamp prep course first to prepare. Codeworks offers a free introductory course to JavaScript and programming.

Codework’s free Intro to JavaScript class is a self-paced course that you can complete within 10 to 20 hours or two weeks if you study for two hours every weekday. Through this program, you will learn the basics of coding JavaScript, which is commonly used in web development and software development.

The JavaScript course is divided into theory and practice. In the theory part, you will learn fundamental JavaScript concepts such as variables, objects, and data structures. In the practice part, you will work on several exercises to test your new knowledge of JavaScript programming.

Remote Software Engineering – In-Person | Online

The focus of this software engineering immersive is to help you create complex but intuitive web and mobile applications. Over 12 weeks, you will gain advanced knowledge of JavaScript and other topics. The course includes live lectures, group coding sessions with your classmates, and constant feedback from your instructor.

The first half of the program is dedicated to building your knowledge of JavaScript and other programming languages like SQL. You will also discover a more advanced approach to HTML and CSS coding. Aside from programming, the curriculum includes how to understand web security threats and how to combat them.

The second half of the program is about applying what you have learnt to real-world projects. You have two group projects where you need to create programs and test them to find out which aspects to improve. Your final week will be dedicated to preparing your portfolio, tech interview training, and career support.

Each day is filled with opportunities to learn during lectures and testing your knowledge through various exercises. The sessions always end on a review session to recap what you learned for the day.

Web Development Immersive – In-Person | Online

With this program, your goal of becoming a full stack developer can be achieved within eight weeks. Through this immersive web development program by Codeworks, you will learn all about full stack web development. You will gain an advanced understanding of JavaScript and more to create powerful applications.

In full stack web development, you are dealing with web interfaces and web servers. The program is divided into backend and front end development to make sure that your app is functioning properly and has an optimal design. You will learn Node and React, which are iterations of JavaScript intended for backend and front end programming.

As well as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you’ll also discover how to understand algorithms and network systems. You will be familiarized with preparing for security threats. You will also work on several personal projects during this program.

This immersive program prepares you for your job search through job interview practice and portfolio preparation. This program runs for 11 hours per day, six days a week.

What Is the Codeworks Schedule?

Codeworks only offers full-time schedules for both of its immersive programs. If you are currently employed, you might have to find a way to work around your schedule. As for its part-time schedule, Codeworks only offers this for its coding challenge as part of its admission process.


The schedule of Codeworks classes consists of full days from Monday to Saturday. For each day, your class will run for 11 hours and include lectures, exercises, speaker sessions, and a review.


Before being enrolled on a Codeworks program you will need to pass an admissions challenge. For the coding challenge, you are allowed to complete it part-time. You are not expected to do it in one sitting.


The prep course for JavaScript is self-paced. While it is recommended to complete it within two weeks, your learning strategy will still depend on you. The only requirement for the prep course is that you finish it before the start of your chosen immersive program.

How to Get Accepted Into Codeworks

Codeworks is known for its strict admission process. Since Codeworks holds a 100 percent hiring rate, it wants to make sure that it is accepting competitive students who are determined about their future. You can be one of these students if you make sure to prepare for the admissions process and interview.

Codeworks Acceptance Rate

Codeworks does not have a published acceptance rate on its website.

Application Process

Are you determined to get into Codeworks to enjoy a competitive and challenging program? Follow this step-by-step application process below and make sure to prepare adequately to guarantee your acceptance.

  1. First, you submit your online application. You need to start your application by providing relevant details to Codeworks. Visit their website and look for the ‘Apply’ button where you will be directed to a live chat.
  2. Once you complete your initial application, you will be tasked to complete an admissions challenge. This challenge intends to test your knowledge of JavaScript and coding. If you are not confident with your coding background, make sure you take the Codeworks prep course first.
  3. If you pass the admissions challenge, Codeworks will contact you for an introductory interview. You will be asked about your background in coding, why you are interested in the program, and your goals. The purpose of this interview is to assess if you are fit for a Codeworks immersive program.
  4. After the initial interview, you will complete a technical interview. The goal is to check your knowledge in programming. You will also be tested on your capability to learn new tech concepts.
  5. The admissions team will have you answer a coding assignment that you need to finish within two weeks. This is a strategy by Codeworks to see how capable you are in learning to code independently.
  6. If you are accepted, your final step is to enroll and pay your tuition. You will be contacted if you have passed your interviews and challenges. Once you receive a confirmation, you have to pay for your tuition to secure your slot or connect with the admissions team for other financing options.

Interview Questions

Your Codeworks interview is your opportunity to demonstrate your passion for the course and capability to deal with an immersive program. We’ve compiled some questions that might come up during your initial interview with the admissions team to help you prepare.

  1. What is your prior experience in programming?
  2. Have you worked on a programming project before? Please describe your process and achievements.
  3. What made you interested in pursuing a bootcamp program instead of a university degree?
  4. What are your career goals after completing a program at Codeworks?

Is Codeworks Right For You?

Codeworks has one of the most difficult admissions processes, but its programs prove to be effective for its graduates. With a 100 percent hiring rate, Codeworks prepares its students to immediately gain an advantage over other applicants through strengthened coding and tech skills.

Within eight to 12 weeks, you can become a web developer or software engineer. Codeworks curriculum includes a combination of theory and practice. An emphasis on practice develops your capability to put your learning to good use through individual and group projects.

With Codeworks, you are assured of a fruitful learning experience. Though challenging, you can be one of the 98 percent of graduates hired in the software engineering field.


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10 Reviews


  • Anonymous November 3, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I'll try and keep this as succinct as possible: Is it worth the 10k? Yes/no- Do you want to completely change your career and get started as a full stack developer? Yes, worth it. Do you want to learn this so you can return back to your current job and be able to work better with developers as a PM... Read More
  • Anonymous November 4, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I graduated Codworks 1 year ago and I can tell you that my life changed completely from that moment on. This bootcamp is not only an amazing experience, but of an excellent level: - The course curriculum is everything you're going to need to succeed in a full stack position. - The teachers ... Read More
  • Anonymous November 6, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    After a year I finally write my review, Codeworks was a fantastic experience, not so much for the instrument as for the mentality, the team is really incredible Arol, Alessandro, Leo and Marco are excellent instructors, always available to give you a hand . I decided to do this review after having ... Read More
  • Anonymous November 8, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    After over one year, it's time for me to write my review about Codeworks. Almost one and a half year ago, I terminated my studies in software engineering in Italy, and the big plan was immediately to find a place where I could specialize myself in a programming language I liked. There were many o... Read More
  • Anonymous November 12, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I attended this course on 2017. I wanted to switch career as I studied Finance. It was an excellent investment because at Codeworks I found great teachers and amazing classmates. Thanks to them I learnt things that would require probably years of hard work. Codeworks gives you the right tools in ord... Read More
  • Anonymous December 2, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    TL;DR Excellent curriculum, great outcomes, passable lectures, fun experience overall. Be prepared to study hard and teach yourself. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. If you put in the time and effort, you will succeed. The jobs are out there, and if you can get through Codeworks, you will ... Read More
  • Anonymous December 4, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I'm a graphic designer who decided graphic design wasn't enough and decided to learn something new. I started learning how to code by myself and, after a while, decided to join a bootcamp. Codeworks was the best decision I could have made. It is a hard bootcamp, I'm not gonna lie, but my effort was ... Read More
  • Anonymous December 8, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Summary: Codeworks is an excellent program if you know what you are paying for. Don't expect knowledge to be uploaded to your brain, instead think of it more like a mental "gym" with an intense workout plan, guided by lectures and TAs. If you put in the work, you'll learn a tonne, have a lot of fun... Read More
  • Anonymous December 12, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    It's hard to find the words to review Codeworks. The course is really engaging, advanced and on point, the staff is exceptionally competent and well composed between roles. And they make sure, beforehand, that you will meet amazing peers, too. The main thing that made me choose Codeworks betwe... Read More
  • Anonymous December 20, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I completed the Codeworks program a little over a month ago. I decided to wait a bit before writing this review because I wanted to see the validation of the market on my preparation and skills first. This validation has come in the form of job offers that demonstrated me, once again, how well Codew... Read More

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