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Codesmith Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Codesmith offers both on-campus and online programs to those looking to become data scientists, software engineers, or cyber security engineers. With campuses located all over the United States, preparatory courses, and more, this is a coding bootcamp that anyone can attend.

What Is Codesmith?

Codesmith Quick Facts
Cost $17,200 to $19,350
Start Dates February 1st – February 16th, February 16th – March 1st
Locations NYC, Los Angeles, Online
Courses Software Engineering Immersive, JavaScript Under-The-Hood, HTML/CSS, Machine Learning, Fullstack JavaScript
Available Programs Online, Full-time, Full-time Remote, Part-time

Codesmith is a top coding bootcamp that will provide you with invaluable skills to start a career in tech. Absolute beginners, intermediate learners, or senior-level software engineering experts can all learn at a coding bootcamp like Codesmith.

Is Codesmith Worth It?

Coding bootcamps like Codesmith are a fantastic way to receive a comprehensive education in full stack web development or engineering. Codesmith offers a fairly solid core curriculum, and it also has promising, proven results when looking at Codesmith grads who went on to find employment.

Codesmith Job Placement

How good is Codesmith when it comes to job placement with tech companies? It actually has a fairly good placement record, and many Codesmith grads easily find work at famous companies like Netflix, IBM, and Microsoft.

Codesmith offers comprehensive job coaching and career services to graduates. This service includes mock interviews, bi-weekly check-ins, and there are also career experts to help Codesmith grads land tech jobs.

Does Codesmith Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Codesmith doesn’t have a job guarantee. A job guarantee provided by some coding bootcamps gives graduates the wiggle room to receive money back if they don’t find a job after completion of the program, usually after four or so months. But in this case, Codesmith does not offer such a guarantee.

How Much Does Codesmith School Cost?

The online courses provided by Codesmith cost $17,200 to $19,350.

How to Pay for Codesmith: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

Codesmith provides several options when it comes to financing your tenure as a coding bootcamp student. Let’s look at some of the ways.


Codesmith, fortunately, offers quite a few scholarships you can take advantage of.

  • Women’s Scholarship
  • Veteran’s Scholarship
  • Prior Bootcamp Grads
  • Codesmith Scholarship
  • LGBTQ Scholarship
  • Minorities in Tech
  • The Black Engineers scholarship
  • Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship


ISAs, or income share agreements, are prevalent financing methods for coding bootcamps. They allow a student to attend a bootcamp at a lower rate, or even completely free, without having to pay full tuition upfront. After graduating, the Codesmith grad gives a portion of their income to Codesmith until the tuition has been covered.

Loan Financing

Codesmith works alongside Ascent Funding to give bootcamp students the option of monthly or yearly loans. These loans are fairly flexible, allowing for living expenses, deferred payments, and paying only interest on the loan while attending the bootcamp.


Paying in installments is a great way to break up the financial burden of attending a bootcamp. Codesmith offers students the option to pay in monthly installments, you will need to pay a deposit of $2,300 or $2,400, along with 3 equal monthly payments for the balance of the tuition fees.

GI Bill

Codesmith, unfortunately, does not accept assistance from the GI Bill, however, they do offer a veteran’s scholarship for its programs.

Codesmith Locations

Codesmith has two primary physical locations, along with an entirely online curriculum for those who can’t make it to those cities.

  • Codesmith New York City
  • Codesmith Los Angeles
  • Codesmith Online

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, classes at the two physical campuses are being offered in a fully remote capacity. In addition to these circumstances, Codesmith also recently launched an entirely remote full-time program in 2021.

Codesmith Courses

Codesmith offers quite a few tech courses as part of its core curriculum. It specializes in computer science, front end web development, backend web development, full stack web development, and personal projects.

Codesmith Prep Courses

If this is your first time checking out coding bootcamps in general, it’s worth checking out the introductory courses and online prep that Codesmith offers new students.

  1. CS Prep. CS Prep, or Codesmith Prep, is a two-day long, all-encompassing course to prepare you to work within the software engineering immersive program. CS Prep aims to imbue the user with an excellent working knowledge of JavaScript and overall comfort with the technical aspects of the core curriculum.
  2. JavaScript for Beginners. Since students will likely be working in-depth with JavaScript, it’s beneficial for anyone to take this CS prep course, especially those without any prior coding knowledge. The course itself runs over two consecutive Saturdays and is entirely remote.
    Along with valuable coding knowledge, the JavaScript for Beginners core curriculum also tackles big picture concepts and how to work with others.
  3. CSX – Learn. Codesmith points would-be students in the direction of some free courses, too. CSX is a site that offers quite a few free prep courses for those interested in Codesmith’s core curriculum. You will take courses like CS Prep – Callbacks and Higher Order Functions, Recursion Institutions, CSPrep – Closures deep-dive, and Project: Chrome extension from scratch.

Software Engineering Immersive – Full-Time, Currently Remote

Codesmith’s full-time, intensive software engineering program gives you everything you need to become an expert software engineer. Available courses include Fullstack JavaScript, System Design, Non-Relational Databases, Machine Learning, and Programming Paradigms and Design Patterns

Software Engineering Immersive – Part-Time, Currently Remote

Codesmith’s part-time software engineering immersive course consists of the same course material as the full-time course. With the main difference being, obviously, only a part-time time commitment.

Although this program covers everything in software engineering, it is spread out over a number of months. Even though it is part-time, this program will imbue you with a strong foundational knowledge of software engineering, enhance your interview skills, and help you land a great software engineering role.

What Is the Codesmith Schedule?

There is a great amount of flexibility when it comes to scheduling options. Not everyone can make it to NYC or Los Angeles, so Codesmith has opened up a few great alternative options.


This is the software engineering immersive program. The program is designed to fully immerse the student in everything they need to know to become a software engineering expert. Learners in this program go over the nuances of computer science, front end development, back end development, and real-world engineering practices.


The part-time program is designed to take all of the main core curriculum found in the full-time program and spread it out over nine months. Codesmith guarantees that after completing the 38-week program, students will be ready for a solid role in engineering at various tech companies.

Full-Time Remote

This upcoming three-month intensive program is for those who want to dedicate their time and energy towards becoming a web developer. In 2021, Codesmith hopes to take everything that works in its full-time program and shift it to an entirely remote core curriculum. Everything that students enjoy about Codemith’s full-time and part-time courses will be made available in a remote capacity.

How to Get Accepted Into Codesmith

Getting accepted to Codesmith is not an easy feat, don’t let its low acceptance rate deter you from applying though. By taking its CS Prep course and utilizing other resources, you can easily nail both the non-technical and technical interviews.

By showing your potential to learn, and dedication to full-stack JavaScript web development, you can find a place at Codesmith.

Codesmith Acceptance Rate

Codesmith has an acceptance rate of around five percent. However, some Redditors doubt this figure and insist it is higher, placing it at around 20 percent. Regardless, this school is known for its competitive admissions process and students often prepare several weeks, sometimes months, in advance to ensure they earn a spot in the bootcamp.

About half of the students at Codesmith have studied engineering or worked in an engineering field before. However, the Codesmith admissions team doesn’t look for a particular background, so everyone is welcome to apply.

Application Process

Applying to a coding bootcamp like Codesmith is relatively simple. Below are the main steps involved.

  1. The first step in the application process is submitting your application online directly to Codesmith. After completing this step, the staff at Codesmith will review your application.
  2. After your application has been reviewed, the team from Codesmtih will get in touch to set up a non-technical interview. This is a good chance for both you and those at Codesmith to get together and see if you’re a good fit. This is also where Codesmith and its applicants go over prep for the technical interview.
  3. Next comes the technical interview. This is where applicants will exhibit their skills and progress with various JavaScript coding challenges. If you don’t pass muster on the first round, you will be able to attend a technical interview again.
  4. After completing the technical interview, you will receive a response from Codesmith within one week to further discuss your education plans and how you will fit into the software engineering immersive program.

Is Codesmith Right for You?

Codesmith could very well be the coding bootcamp for you, especially if you aim to become a software engineer. Codesmith grads enjoy a solid level of learned expertise, and it could make the difference between getting a tech job or not.


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5 Reviews


  • Anonymous February 11, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    A great and accurate descriptor for the experience I’ve had and the people I’ve met on this journey! There are three things that I think set Codesmith apart, and are things that I would like to highlight for people wondering why they should choose Codesmith over other programs. Curriculum ... Read More
  • Anonymous March 13, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Yes way! And it is all because of the curriculum, the hiring portion and the people. After completing Codesmith, I understand why the students are able to achieve the results Codesmith speak of. I had the chance to attend another competing coding program free of charge, but I decided to pay $18k ... Read More
  • Anonymous June 16, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I graduated from Codesmith in July, but my journey here isn’t over yet. I was asked to stay on for another 3 months as an engineering fellow. I’m going to update this review once I move on to my next job outside of Codesmith, but I figured I’d mark this spot in time with my current thoughts an... Read More
  • Anonymous July 22, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    Dear Prospective Software Engineer, I was in your shoes for the first half of 2018, looking for a Bootcamp to fast track myself towards a career in software development. I finally decided on Codesmith (for reasons I will describe below), and got admitted into the program in November. Six life-... Read More
  • Anonymous August 21, 2020
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance
    I graduated from Codesmith LA back in May and have been working for a few months as a Frontend Developer. I got my first job from their hiring day, which is actually one of the things that set Codesmith apart from other bootcamps. Towards the end of your bootcamp, Codesmith invites a handful of tech... Read More

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