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CareerFoundry Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

If you are looking to become a web designer, data analyst, or web developer, then attending a CareerFoundry program might be for you. To help you decide whether this online bootcamp is for you, read our CareerFoundry review. This guide will cover CareerFoundry tuition, job placement, and programs.

What Is CareerFoundry?

CareerFoundry Quick Facts
Cost $690 to $6,900
Start Dates Rolling start dates
Locations Online
Courses Data Analytics, UX Design, UI Design, Full Stack Web Development
Available Programs Online, Part-Time, Self-Paced

CareerFoundry is a coding bootcamp that offers technical training programs in UX/UI design, web development, and data analysis. The bootcamp offers online part-time and self-paced advanced and introductory courses to get you job-ready in as little as five months.

CareerFoundry also offers several free courses that teach you about sketching wireframes, user interface design, and foundational coding. Bootcamp graduates today work at companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Accenture, and Volkswagen Group Services.

Is CareerFoundry Worth It?

Yes, CareerFoundry is worth it for anyone looking for an entry-level job in software development, product design, or data analysis. CareerFoundry is a great alternative to a traditional college degree. Coding bootcamps are shorter, more affordable, and career-oriented with many different services.

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However, if you want to learn other tech subjects such as software engineering, digital marketing, and cyber security, you are better off attending other bootcamps. Instead, you can try bootcamps like Flatiron School, Kenzie Academy, Thinkful, and General Assembly.

CareerFoundry Job Placement

CareerFoundry reports that 96 percent of its graduates secure a well-paying job within 180 days of graduating. This is an incredibly high job placement rate, and it is partly due to the school’s comprehensive career support services. The career coaches work with each student to come up with a personalized job training and job search strategy.

They include resume critique, interview prep, and hands-on training on in-demand skills. CareerFoundry further reports that graduates receive a $13,725 average pay raise from their previous jobs, with 47 percent reporting an increase of between $10,000 and $20,000.

Does CareerFoundry Offer a Job Guarantee?

Yes, CareerFoundry does offer a job guarantee for all its courses. However, you need to complete the entire program, apply for a minimum of five jobs per week post-graduation, and live in a metropolitan area with a population of over 200,000 to be eligible for this offer.

The school guarantees a job within six months of graduation. If a graduate does not receive a job within that timeframe, they are eligible for a full tuition refund.

How Much Does CareerFoundry Cost?

CareerFoundry courses tuition ranges between $690 for introductory courses and $6,900 for more in-depth programs. The prices vary depending on the course and its schedule. The school also offers several free online introductory courses that you can take to prepare for the advanced bootcamps.

How to Pay for CareerFoundry: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

CareerFoundry offers several financing plans to aid the payment process. They include upfront payment plans, loan financing, and monthly agreements. You can contact the school’s admissions team to find the best payment plan suitable for you.


CareerFoundry does not offer any scholarships or funds to its students at the time of writing.


CareerFoundry does not offer income share agreements. However, it does offer deferred repayment for some of its loan financing options.

Loan Financing

Loan financing is a great option for those who cannot afford the upfront tuition rates and are looking to pay back in installments. CareerFoundry partners with lending institution Ascent Funding to assist its students with the financing process.

You will have to pass a credit check to be eligible for an Ascent Funding loan. Ascent Funding offers three repayment plans to all CareerFoundry students. They include beginning payments one month before starting the courses, paying low interest during the program, or deferring paying until after graduation and until you get a job.

The payment deferral option comes with higher interest rates compared to the other two repayment plans. Make sure to consult with the admissions team to find if the loan financing option is the best-suited plan for you.

Month-to-Month Installments

CareerFoundry offers a month-to-month installment payment plan where you decide upon a monthly payment plan for your entire tuition. The school allows students to complete their monthly installments after 10 months of enrolling in the course. The installment plan requires you to pay a deposit of $1,400 and a rate of $550 monthly for 10 months.

GI Bill

CareerFoundry does not accept GI Bill benefits.

Upfront Payment

If you can afford the entire program tuition at once, then the upfront payment plan is the ideal payment plan for you. If you opt for the upfront plan at CareerFoundry, you will be eligible for up to a five percent discount on your tuition.

CareerFoundry Locations

CareerFoundry’s headquarters are in Berlin, Germany, but it is a global coding bootcamp that offers its programs online.

  • CareerFoundry Online

CareerFoundry Courses

CareerFoundry offers plenty of part-time and flex courses to prepare students for a career in UX design, UI design, web development, data analytics, and front end development. The programs are suitable for everyone regardless of their tech background. The school offers introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses.

CareerFoundry Prep Courses

If you are new to coding and tech in general, it is a good idea to learn the basics before jumping into advanced programs. To further aid your learning process, CareerFoundry offers introductory prep courses for all of its programs. All introductory courses cost $690, and you can choose the payment plan that suits you best.

  1. Intro to UX Design – This introductory course on user experience design will teach you UX essentials within a month. You will learn the UX design process, principles, user-centered design, information architecture, and design thinking. You will also design an application focusing on UX design.
  2. Intro to UI Design – The UI design introductory course covers fundamental UI design principles also within a month. The course covers how to use typography, color, and imagery to enhance the user interface. You will also use pixel precision and visual hierarchy to design your own application.
  3. Intro to Front End Development – This introductory course is perfect for those wanting to gain foundational knowledge of front end development. The course covers HTML, CSS, responsive building, and debugging. You will work one-on-one with a mentor to develop a functional website from scratch.
  4. Intro to Data Analytics – This is a month-long course that teaches basic data science subjects. They include the data analysis process and descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytical approaches. You will also learn how to analyze data to find optimal business solutions and intelligence.

UX Design – Online

The UX Design online program costs $6,900 and is a 10-month design training course that prepares you to become a UX designer. The course covers all the essential UX design tools and principles. They include usability testing, end-to-end design, and three specialization options at the final module.

You can choose to specialize in UI for UX designers, front end development for designers, or voice user interface design. This program is ideal for someone with a basic understanding of UX design.

The UX design program provides you with a career counseling mentor and offers plenty of hands-on experiences that allow you to build an impressive portfolio. If you don’t have a background in UX design, you can take CareerFoundry’s short online free course in the subject.

UI Design – Online

CareerFoundry’s user interface design program trains you to become a UI designer in nine months. The course is offered online and provides a flexible schedule that is perfect for full-time employees looking to learn UI design.

You will learn UI design processes, mobile app design for Android and iOS, animation, branding, and UI skills required by the industry. Just like the UX design program, you will have the regular guidance of an industry professional who will assist you in your job preparation and portfolio enhancement process.

The program’s final module offers two complementary learning options. You can either choose to learn voice user interface design or front end development for designers.

Full Stack Web Development – Online

The web development program trains you for an entry-level career in web development within seven months. You will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript basics, server-side programming, Node.js, client-side programming, and React. The course also covers test-driven development processes, native app development, React Native, and Angular.

The course offers ample projects on web development, and you will develop a website and work on projects that cover full stack web development. This program is ideal if you want to learn both front end and backend web development.

Data Analytics – Online

The data analytics program is best suited for those wanting to become data analysts. The course will teach you critical skills needed for data analysis with regards to the business sector and data immersion. You will also learn data interpretation, data visualization, storytelling, databases, and SQL.

The course also covers Python for data analysis, dashboards, data mining, and ethical data usage. If you are completely new to the field, you should enroll in CareerFoundry’s free five-day online introductory course on data analytics.

Voice User Interface Design – Online

This advanced course will teach you the basics of voice design in two months while studying 15 to 20 hours per week. The course teaches voice design skills and theory, and you will create three projects for your portfolio. You will learn the fundamentals of Amazon’s Alexa and AWS Lambda services.

UI for UX Designers – Online

This two-month advanced course will make you an expert in visual design and pair you with a mentor to give you extra support. During the course, you’ll learn about layouts, grids, UI design patterns, typography, color, and imagery.

Front End Development for Designers – Online

This expert course will teach you how to build a website from the ground up. You’ll learn basic coding skills with HTML and CSS. You’ll also receive training in JavaScript. At the end of the course, you will have built a fully functioning portfolio website.

What Is the CareerFoundry Schedule?

CareerFoundry offers all its classes online part-time. Read below to learn more about the different schedule options you can choose.


CareerFoundry currently does not offer any full-time programs.


CareerFoundry offers all of its courses at a part-time schedule and recommends that you only commit 15 hours per week. This is ideal for every busy individual with full-time university classes or full-time jobs. Depending on your pace, it can take you an additional two months to complete the course.


CareerFoundry also offers self-paced and flexible courses perfect for those with uncertain schedules. This schedule allows you to commit however much time per week you’d like, depending on your schedule.

How to Get Accepted Into CareerFoundry

To get accepted into CareerFoundry, you must be passionate about tech and pass the admissions interview. The entire admissions process is online, and you can take the school’s free introductory courses to determine if the subject and the school are for you.

CareerFoundry Acceptance Rate

CareerFoundry has not released its acceptance rate.

Application Process

The application process for CareerFoundry is relatively simple. All you need to do is complete an online application and participate in a phone interview with the school’s advisor.

  1. The first step to getting into CareerFoundry is filling an online application and choosing the program that you want to study.
  2. Once your application is reviewed and you are selected, you will receive a phone call from the school’s admission counselor. You will get more information regarding the program and have a short phone interview. You will also discuss the different payment plans and find the one that suits you best.
  3. If you pass the interview, the school will offer you admission to the program.

Interview Questions

CareeFoundry’s interview questions are simple and aim to learn about your passion for tech and your reasons behind applying for the bootcamp. Below are some questions the interview might cover.

  • Why are you interested in the program you applied for?
  • What is your background in the program’s subject?
  • What are your career goals, and what do you hope to achieve from our program?
  • How do you plan to pay for the program, and which financing options work best for you?

Is CareerFoundry Right for You?

Yes, CareerFoundry is right for everyone looking to get ready for an entry-level position in data analytics, UX design, UI design, and web development. The school’s impressive 96 percent job placement rate and job guarantee are perfect for everyone looking to secure a lucrative job right after graduation with help from tutors, mentors, and student advisors.

In addition, CareerFoundry offers plenty of payment options and flexible schedules to accommodate different schedules and financial situations. Today, CareerFoundry graduates work as researchers, consultants, web developers, and product designers at top companies. You can land your dream tech job by attending CareerFoundry.

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